March 06, 2010

It's really magic!

What magic?
it's what internet and technology bring to us!

I can say, I have to make big decision in my life, I'll never do it before. Maybe, I'll quit from my job, because I felt tired, powerless every time. Some loyal readers must understand, how much time should I spend every day, and weekend, just for working. So, I decide, yes, I need time for myself, and this is it! Be bold, be brave! And, for you, who's still anxious about my job, you can see here for information. :)

And, the magic is.. not my braveness, or something, but I had received some nice comments in this blog and my Facebook accounts. My last two post is exactly tell what I felt, and here they come. From nowhere, suddenly, i read many nice replies, nice suggestion, which even makes me cry. :) I even don't know them face to face, but after all, they were there. They read my writings, and thanks God, they put their selves in my shoe. I am a bit confuse, why some of unknown people could be so friendly, but my own trust-able friends become so annoying.

Well, it's technology! Never feel so connected til know, and i am really grateful about that. Thanks for your caring and attention. You can open my blog, read, and just go away, but instead you share your minutes to keep a good comment here. You have no idea how it means to me. Sweet! :)

So, readers, if I say your comments make my day, it really is. I hope you never get bored. wish me luck, and hope you have great life! See you!!


  1. i hope the decision you make is for the best :)

  2. there u go, my beloved blogger friend :)

    wish u all the best, wish u get what u want for ur life ^_^

    have a nice day...

  3. nice blog! :D I LIKE IT!!!

    Follow my blog and I follow your blog:O)

    i`m happy if you follow me toooo with bloglovin ;)

    KISS ;*)

  4. tetep smangat ya Dela...
    Smuanya sayang kamuu..

  5. tetap semangat ya bu dela..
    aku ikut merasakan apa yang sedang kamu alamin sekarang. sebuah keputusan berat tapi pada akhirnya akan melegakan...

    semoga Allah senantiasa memudahkan langkah dela kedepan.. amin

    tetap semangat ya....:-)

  6. dela dela... you can always make your own decision gal... and you know what, it`s not just the baravery at all, but you have to think it maturely. And all u have to prepare is the consequence of ur choice. ANd I`d be glad that you think the best life is not only earning much money but its prefer to your comfortable in working and you have to enjoy. If you dont enjoy anymore there is no reason at all to delay the resigness. BUt dont forget to ask the bless from ur family...They will give much support I think

  7. I'd like your pic..
    Iphone... :)

    support technology improvement to better live

    Keep connect

  8. Hai...

    apa kabar sahabatku... Semoga hari mu menyenangkan...

    Aku ada award untukmu.... silahkan diambil...

    disini nih :

    sebarkanlah sebanyak yang kaau mau sahabat.....

    aku mengasihimu....


  9. Della.. I was so busy the past one month.
    Sorry I missed ur updates and weariness..
    Hence.. Online friends may not meet u up but as d relationship grow through the writing, yes indeed it can make up your day (and my day too!)

    cHeerz Della!
    PS. I've followed ur twitter ;)

  10. heyy..baru baca ttg kerjaan kamu..sptnya kamu membuat keputusan yg tepat :)..lakukan pekerjaan yg memang kamu suka..jd kalaupun hrs kerja 15 jam sehari atau ttp hrs masuk di hari libur kamu msh bisa menikmatinya..aku bisa blg ini krn aku alamin sndri..kerjaan aku skr cukup menyita waktu dan melelahkan,tp krn aku suka ya dinikmatin aja :)

    good luck yaaa!!

  11. delaaaaa,,,, keinginanmu sederhana, tapi kemampuanmu ga sederhana ^^