May 04, 2010

Are You Out of Mind???

I was so annoyed when I was watching evening news today. I really expect DPR could do better then spending a lot of money for constructing new building. 1.8 trillions! What ashamed! I mean, there are many homeless people outside there, what have they done about it? Disaster in Porong, Sidoarjo, which haven't been completed until today. And, houses, which are destroyed by meteor in Duren Sawit Jakarta? They even have no idea where to ask some compensations. As people's representative, I am not pretty sure they have idea of things that should be prioritized.

And, when a reporter interviewed one of DPR's member, he only said, "The old building doesn't have appropriate bathroom. We have problems to take a bath when we sleepover here." WTH? You think it's hard for taking a bath, Mister? You have problems of it? Be grateful, you still can use clean water, you even don't have to work hard for getting it. You just open water faucet, and here they are. Think of other people, YOUR PEOPLE, who must walk miles for gaining clean water. Have you thought about them, Mister? Before you spend trillions to simplify you for bath, please think about those people.

By the way, I remember a TV program, called "Tukar Nasib". In this program, rich people should live poor people's live, and vice versa. I really hope, maybe producer of this will kindly engage some of DPR member to follow this show. Maybe, it'll open their eyes. Or not.  I don't know.


  1. awww that's such a nice idea, Dela! org2 DPR emg harusnya lulus uji moral! ;)
    btw iyaa ni aku ntar jaga stan di fX.. hehehe kalo ke fX mampir yaaa ;p 12-16 Mei...

  2. Yep, I agree with you.
    That's why our country left behind others from education, social, economy because it's the official who spend the fund which must be allocated for their people.
    I don't know what they are thinking about!

  3. Some people would have it hard when it's just so simple. Life is unfair, get used to it. We don't live in a perfect world and you know that.

  4. Eeeuuuw.. sumbody got pissed off :D
    ah me toooo....

  5. yups.. :-) setujuh

    1,8 T itu mencerminkan ketidakpekaan euy

    antara bingung dan malu..

  6. hahahha i remember that show tukar nasib ! hahaha..
    iya btul sy stuju org dpr harus ikut uji moral.. mreka suka se-enak jidat aja mao enak ndiri -__-"


  7. hahaha..kamu yg nonton dr tv aja kesel kan?gimana aku yg ktmu langsung dan nanya langsung ama mrk..rasanya pgn ditabokin satu2 anggota dewan yang terhormat itu..hahaha
    stiap liputan di DPR bawaanna emosi terus..apalg klo ud liat aksi2 walk out dan komentar2 mereka yg so' pintar -__-"..kasian bgt deh indonesia..

    nice writing anw ;)

  8. yups..setuju..

    1,8T itu mencerminkan ketidakpekaan euy..

    antara bingung dan malu