May 14, 2010

Dear God

Thanks you. Sorry, sometimes I forget to be grateful for my blessed life. Everything were inappropriate, and I felt incomplete. I forgot of You. You give me very nice life. Maybe I don't have perfect family, but You give me best mother in the world, who always love me unconditionally. I don't have a lot of best friends, but some of them are so caring. You still give me time to breath, time to live, time to think how lucky I am. Sometimes, I envy with other people, who are wealthier, prettier, happier. I forget that happiness is coming from inside of us. And, prettiness, we all have it, right? We are most perfect creatures that You have ever made. And, we should take a look to people among us, who still have difficulty in financial, if we talk about money.

I still learn to love my life, indeed. I won't pretend that sometimes I questioned my life. Why this, why that? But, that's human. I am trying to be satisfied with all of this God, but please apologize me, sometimes I think it's not enough. I want more. It doesn't mean I don't appreciate of your gift, but I really want better life. Is it wrong, God?

Sometimes, I feel so sad. I don't understand with these whole life things. Why should it happen to me? Is it mean that I blame you, God? Sorry, I really never mean it. Maybe, I am required to be remind. That we can't always get what we want in life.

Whatever it is, God, I really thank that You give me very grateful mother. She teaches me about powerful praying. She always believe that You will give the best for our life. She believes that You love me. I love You, God. And I still learn to love You more than everything in the world.

God, thank you for still accompanying me for this time.


  1. Great praying. yeah it's human. Nobody is perfect. Thing that can make us happy all time is 'grateful'. People never feel satisfied with what they have even they own the whole content of this world.
    I love your post! always.

  2. nice post..
    ini bukan lagunya avenged sevenfold kan..!?!? hehe...


  3. ah. sudah lama saya tak bersyukur. alhamdulillah..

  4. sometimes I moan about my life, but God always be fare.. God always shows me the thing I got is enough...

    Tapi memang susah,la...manusia nggak pernah cukup... yang penting terus ikhtiar

  5. nice post :)

    have a nice day,

  6. great postt :)
    thanks much for dropping by at my blog.. <3

  7. Apa yang dirasakan juga kerap kali gue rasakan.
    Kadang gue juga lupa bersyukur akan apa yang udah dikasih oleh-Nya.
    Kdang gue terlalu banyak menuntut...

  8. hmmm....
    sometimes we just pray when we're in troble or something...

  9. God has our blue print Del :)
    Just trust Him...

  10. setuju sama ceritaeka. :-)

    slalu ad sesuatu yg berharga dr sebuah proses.

    berdoa, menurut saya, hanya sarana supaya kt bs persistnce dgn ap yg kt kejar, ap yg kt butuhkan dan kemudian ap yg kt perlu syukuri.