May 22, 2010

Is it too shallow if I am discussing about SHOES?

Is it? well, I actually didn't care. Maybe I am not fashion admirer, I never been into it, but one thing I obviously realize. I LOVE SHOES. Oh my God, I feel so happy if surrounded by beautiful shoes. I know you are too, ladies. Say yes, please?

From many kinds of shoes, wedges, espadrilles, slingback, flats, mary jane, what i love most is peep toe. It's a kind of shoes with open-pointy shape in the finger. Of course with heels, because I have short body. Back to peep toe, it feels so comfortable, and most of my collections are peep toe. I don't have any closed pumps. Can say that I hate closed one. It makes my feet breathless, sweating, I hate it.

So, what if one day, one of my HRD officer says that I might not able to wear any peep toe again, and I HAVE TO wear closed pumps? Well, chaos. Maybe, for you, it's not a big deal, but I really could feel discomfort even when I haven't used it.

So, yesterday me and my boyfie went to nearest mall to find a nice shoes. closed one, of course. It didn't go easy, because I was too picky, and still I can' take it. Hell. Walking, searching, fitting, one by one, on and on. After few hours, I found a pair of cute pumps, it was so simple, made from leather, it was brown, one of my favorite color. And, weirdly cozy and fits for me. Instantly, I fell in love with it. Felt glad because finally I found match one, I asked a shopkeeper to bring me its pair, so I could fit both.

Oh, I really wish I could tell happy ending. I was happy, so happy, but suddenly the shopkeeper came and told me that they didn't have its pair. Oh, what the hell? I mean, how come they don't have its pair??? Hello, how come? It really disappointed me, and well, I felt very upset. My boyfie soon found another black pumps, but I didn't even care. Oh, and that night, I had a dream about the shoes.

Hahaha. Ridiculous. I even didn't love closed pumps before, but now I am getting upset, very annoyed, because of not getting this shoes? Ahahahaha, should I say that woman's heart is easily changing if it is related with fashion? :)

May 14, 2010

Dear God

Thanks you. Sorry, sometimes I forget to be grateful for my blessed life. Everything were inappropriate, and I felt incomplete. I forgot of You. You give me very nice life. Maybe I don't have perfect family, but You give me best mother in the world, who always love me unconditionally. I don't have a lot of best friends, but some of them are so caring. You still give me time to breath, time to live, time to think how lucky I am. Sometimes, I envy with other people, who are wealthier, prettier, happier. I forget that happiness is coming from inside of us. And, prettiness, we all have it, right? We are most perfect creatures that You have ever made. And, we should take a look to people among us, who still have difficulty in financial, if we talk about money.

I still learn to love my life, indeed. I won't pretend that sometimes I questioned my life. Why this, why that? But, that's human. I am trying to be satisfied with all of this God, but please apologize me, sometimes I think it's not enough. I want more. It doesn't mean I don't appreciate of your gift, but I really want better life. Is it wrong, God?

Sometimes, I feel so sad. I don't understand with these whole life things. Why should it happen to me? Is it mean that I blame you, God? Sorry, I really never mean it. Maybe, I am required to be remind. That we can't always get what we want in life.

Whatever it is, God, I really thank that You give me very grateful mother. She teaches me about powerful praying. She always believe that You will give the best for our life. She believes that You love me. I love You, God. And I still learn to love You more than everything in the world.

God, thank you for still accompanying me for this time.

May 04, 2010

Are You Out of Mind???

I was so annoyed when I was watching evening news today. I really expect DPR could do better then spending a lot of money for constructing new building. 1.8 trillions! What ashamed! I mean, there are many homeless people outside there, what have they done about it? Disaster in Porong, Sidoarjo, which haven't been completed until today. And, houses, which are destroyed by meteor in Duren Sawit Jakarta? They even have no idea where to ask some compensations. As people's representative, I am not pretty sure they have idea of things that should be prioritized.

And, when a reporter interviewed one of DPR's member, he only said, "The old building doesn't have appropriate bathroom. We have problems to take a bath when we sleepover here." WTH? You think it's hard for taking a bath, Mister? You have problems of it? Be grateful, you still can use clean water, you even don't have to work hard for getting it. You just open water faucet, and here they are. Think of other people, YOUR PEOPLE, who must walk miles for gaining clean water. Have you thought about them, Mister? Before you spend trillions to simplify you for bath, please think about those people.

By the way, I remember a TV program, called "Tukar Nasib". In this program, rich people should live poor people's live, and vice versa. I really hope, maybe producer of this will kindly engage some of DPR member to follow this show. Maybe, it'll open their eyes. Or not.  I don't know.