March 29, 2011

Image is all around

So, when a friend tagged me some good photos in facebook, I was tempted to edit them, and I included some old photos too. :)

OK. Have to go work, will continue it when I got time. Photos are belong to Sonny, Sri, and Novi. Edited by me. :)

March 16, 2011

Smoking or No Smoking?

Seseorang pernah berkata,"Motivasi datang dari sendiri. Sekeras apapun "orang lain" memotivasi anda, apabila Anda tidak tergerak hatinya untuk berubah, maka motivasi itu akan sia-sia".

Saya hidup diantara orang-orang perokok. Keluarga saya mayoritas perokok. Teman-teman terdekat saya perokok. Waktu SMA dan kuliah, sering kali saya bertanya,"Kenapa merokok?", "Apa enaknya merokok?", "Gak sayang kesehatan?", "Gak sayang duit?" and bla... bla... bla...

Dan respon yang saya dapatkan juga bermacam-macam.

"Merokok bisa membantu gue berpikir dengan jernih.."

"Kalo gak ngerokok, gue gak bisa kerja."

"Banyak kok orang yang gak ngerokok, tapi tetep gak bisa nabung beli mobil sendiri kayak gw."

"Coba lihat, mana ada orang meninggal pas lagi ngerokok."

"Banyak kok orang sakit bukan karena rokok."


The thing is I really don't give a damn whether you are smoker or no. I love you just the way you are (hehehe..), as long as you don't smoke in front of me, or among people who don't smoke. It's your own choice to keep smoking, but please, please, please, don't let other people also suffer its consequences.

Thank you.

*postingan yang dibuat karena ada bapak yang merokok di angkot seenak jidatnya, padahal jelas-jelas di pintu angkot ditempel stiker "Dilarang Merokok di Tempat Publik". What a moron*

March 10, 2011


It always hurts when you don't get what you've expected. When you are a bunch of hopes, and suddenly.. bam! You are struck by reality, and reality's bitter.

And you're ended by complaining, being sad, stressful. You are falling apart from sky which has been created by your own imagination, to the deepest disappointment.

You've heard for a lot of times that you can always get what you want. You recognize it very well, but it turns that you have no idea to apply it. We, human, can be so pathetic one time, and be very wise another time. when we grow older and older, we'll feel mixed complicated feelings. Denial. Letting go. Sacrifice. Selfish.

By writing this, I realize that myself is one of most selfish annoying creature in this world. I keep grumbling, criticizing, differing right and wrong to other persons, while I rarely do it. keep thinking that I am one of pitiable person, that other person always get better than me, even when I've tried harder than them. God, I really have no idea how I could be such a hypocrite.

But will do better day by day. At least I'll try. Because, even I see myself as bad person, there will be people who love me unconditionally. Being around me, give their love and prayer, receiving me as who I am.

And you? How about you? Have you ever felt so hurt? So, let's wake up, and try something. Change! I wish we all can be better person. :)

PS. It's been rough week. Farewell, new place, adapting, and something under my expectations. For everyone who also have it, let's struggle together facing this life. You're not alone!

March 04, 2011


So, I was mellowed yesterday night, couldn't sleep, and decided to edit some old pics from my batch-mate. It was fun, indeed, and sad, realized that we will separate in long time. So, here the result, hope you enjoy!

Well, I did mistake while editing pic above. It's me, had been sleeping. I should insert "Rubi", she is one who wear purple clothes. too lazy to re-edit it. :)

As I said, before you realize, there are many people, who have leaved footprints in your life, whether you like it or not. Someday, when we get older and older, and keep busy with our own business, hope we will see their prints once again, and remember that they are real. They were there, and always be there. :)

March 03, 2011

Simple Happiness

It's been a while since I was picnicking to somewhere else. Well, I used to be a traveler, but once again, I think I am too tired to do anything, because of full hectic weekday, and all I want to do is sleeping in my boyfriend's arm, watching some good movies at home, and having yummy meals. Am I missing going outside, traveling somewhere new, doing something extraordinary?
Yes.. but life happens.

When I first took this job, I really knew its consequences. Building career means you will be very very busy. When you are trying to reach a direction, you have to be focused. I often wonder, is it worth it? Am I sacrificing my life to be good, to be perfect in this job?

And, when I am going home early, I sleep early, I will think the way around. Am I  not good enough for this job? Have I tried hard?

For me, it's bit confusing to measure how hard you've tried to do your best. I want it work for both way. Some people say it's impossible to WOMAN, to get a good family life, and good career. Well, I'll try. I'll do my best for both way.

And friend asked, "If you're asked to choose? What will you choose? Job? Family?"

I am not going to make any judgement. Everyone should create their own happiness, decide what's matter for them. And for me, family comes first. I've thought it, even when I haven't built my own family. :) But again, it will be different for other people. For you, who choose career as your life choice, it's good for you. (and I am not being cynical). Screw them, who tell woman is created to be home, and take care family. It's a happiness for me, but you.. yeah, you, should decide and grab your own choice.

I see many happy career woman around me. I see many working mother, struggling hard to feed their family, and also are happy. And also, I see many happy housewives. So, everyone could be happy, right? :)

Well, wish the best for you all, have a happy life. Don't forget to be happy, because happiness matters!!!