November 30, 2009

monday and princess

long live long weekend!

i admit, i really love weekend. especially long one. i just hope, i can stay on my mom's hug forever and ever, but too bad, here i am again.
bad city, bad work, good money.
well, what's on Monday?
things happen.
i spent my morning by watching Heroes, can you imagine? i was stealing an hour before going to office, just for motivating and increasing a bit mood. puff, it's so hard to like Monday, my mindset is so hard to change, i keep it in " I hate Monday ". somehow, i'd like Matt Parkman pushing me to think Monday is cool enough. :)
well, then i had boring noon, had freaky crap conversation about fire stop. i really had no idea, what people think. i didn't even know what fire stop is, why they think i could imagine how it stands, and its detail?
yeah, however that's my job. i found new stuffs every day, and make me as stupidest people ever. don't worry, i love my partners at work, but sometimes they overestimate me, and expect too high. they think, by "cumlaude" hang on me, it means i know about EVERYTHING.
oh, c'mon, that's not the way it is.

and i got my 2nd day of menstruation. miraculously, i didn't feel hurt at my stomach anyway. got mad, okay, but i thought my boss is more devastating that me. he got mad all day long, and made me scared. a bit.
ng, okay.
a lot.
what a life.

you know, i didn't expect more, but don't you think living as Disney Princess is so pleasant?
i was wondering, if i were Belle, i must haven't think about real things, just enjoy life by reading all books at my wonderful library (remember? the one which gifted by Beast). Playing with cute danceable things, moving clocks and chandelier, happily ever after?
or, if i were Ariel, i just can sit all day long, singing, maybe sometimes i can visit Neptune and my sisters under the sea.

don't you think we are too spoiled by our bedtime stories? when life is so easy, nothing too hard to get, and we can live life joyfully? yes, childhood must be our most beautiful times, but maybe we should insert a bit reality, so they don't get shocked someday, when they face a REAL life?
REAL life, without magic, princess charming, palace, and fairy mother. maybe, life will get easier when you can call your fairy mother every time you're in trouble.
i want it deadly. i was hoping, my godmother could come, and help me solve some equation. or maybe, she could spell some magic, which can make my building stands for a second?

i envy Disney princess. they do nothing. they just get hurt. where is justice, when all you have to do in world, is having bad ugly step mother, so you can get everything you want in the end? Being an orphan is pitiful, but c'mon, in the fact, being an orphan can't make you helped by cute little dwarfs who live in the forest. the reality is, whether you are having complete parents or not, treated as servant or lady, you must act hard to achieve your actualization. there's no fairy mother, there's no magic, there's no way, but work hard. and God, of course.

am i too cynical?
i just think, maybe we can start to change our childhood stories. changing it from too-good-to-be-true story become near-reality story.

November 23, 2009

wondershoe (part 2)

remember it?

my wondershoe is comiiiiiing!!!


how cute are they, huh?

i really love the blue ones!

i can say i am satisfied with my first double wondershoe.
i don't think they can serve as fast as this.
they are so fit in me, comfortable, lotsa kisses for wondershoe.

so, what are you waiting for?



okay, everyone.
i got great and perfect weekend.
it's simple one, exactly, i just crawled and spent whole day with my bf, watched some old good movies, craved pizzas, and did nothing!
but, i think it was so enjoyable, beside i had pretty busy and hectic week before, and i felt so mad about it, so i decided movies would be good refreshment for me.

and it worked!

here the movie list i watched yesterday.

1. The Core (2003). i've already watched it almost 5 years ago, but i want my bf watch it too. the movie is infamous, less than any disaster movie, such as Deep Impact, Armageddon, or 2012, but i think, it's pretty good, and presented different plot from any other.

2. Shakespeare in Love (1998). i thought it will be boring, but surprise! we laughed almost whole time! it's funny, tragical comedy, however Joseph Fiennes is so cute! :D

3. B-13 (2004). you maybe have watched the sequel, B-13 Ultimatum.

4. Pay It Forward (2000). i remember i had read the novel when i was in high school, and i cried all day long! i was so mad about unhappy ending, but it was beautiful novel. and surprisingly, so was the movie.

5. Ghost Town (2008). it should be comedy, but i slept in half movie, so had no idea about its ending. haha...

6. Heroes Season 3 Volume 4: Fugitives, all series! it spent 8 hours to finish it! ahaha, i love these series sooooo much! it had unexpected ending, something did happen to Sylar, i don't want to spoil it all! i can't wait til i can continue with volume 5. be patient!

haha.. it's so unimportant post, i am sorry for spamming it.
i was so happy yesterday.
how about you, people?

November 17, 2009

Him and mine

it's rainy November.
i found it was raining almost every day.

it's boring to keep staying inside, when you found you had nothing to do.
i keep myself be patient, and wait until the sky get clearer.

i am okay with the coldness, okay with all gloomy things around, but i can't stand with this boredom. i wish i could go and do something else, something meaningful, beside just sitting here and listening some old song from Iwan Fals.

thinking about incumbency,humans do have duty for being grateful to every God's gift. Rain, for example. there's no other way we must be regretful for it. even, if it make us do some cancellation, or something annoying that ruin our perfect plan.
God must have any other purpose to refract it.

but, is it alright?
is it true that He always have any kindness behind all refraction He did?
i am hoping so, i believe that He loves us. always.
but, somehow, i am kinda hesitate, and i am not shy to confess it.
what i don't want is keeping my hesitation, on and on, and breaking all my belief for Him.
i am hoping for loving and keep trust on Him. no matter what He ruins my plan, no matter what rain falls and destroys my work, i hope i can stand tough.
and i hope He'll show the way.

too many hopes in a day, huh?
remember, God is online, but he's always invisible,he..

November 13, 2009

November 12, 2009

en la lluvia, cuando le recuerdo..


saya terpaku melihat hujan di luar yang begitu deras, sambil membayangkan bagaimana keadaan di proyek saya yang berjarak kira-kira 50 meter dari kantor saya.
jalan dua lajur di depan tergenang air, nyaris seperti banjir.
saya ngeri membayangkan proyek yang pasti akan begitu becek, sehingga akan sayang sekali jika saya kesana dengan memakai flat shoes kesayangan saya ini. mungkin memang sudah saatnya untuk mempertimbangkan membeli sepasang bot. yang kuat, yang tahan air.
saya paling benci kalau kaki saya terkena air.

belum lagi telinga saya yang terus berdenging.
ini adalah sakit terparah saya sejak saya hijrah ke jakarta.
biasanya, setiap saya sakit, saya cukup istirahat sehari penuh, lalu bengun keesokannya dengan badan yang segar bugar.
tapi, sudah empat hari ini badan saya gak keruan.
telinga saya berdenging, sakitnya bukan main.
saya bahkan mempertimbangkan untuk pergi ke spesialis THT hari ini.

saat-saat seperti inilah, tanpa memperdulikan umur saya yang sudah menginjak 21, saya sangat membutuhkan mama.
sepertinya obat terampuh di dunia, jika saya bisa tidur beristirahat di pangkuan mama.
mendengar mama menasehati saya, sambil memijat punggung saya lembut. membuatkan saya susu hangat. membujuk saya minum obat.
sangat tidak bijaksana, mengingat saya seharusnya sudah mampu berdiri sendiri, membuang semua kemanjaan saya. tidak menyusahkan mama.
kadang, seperti ada pertentangan batin. antara mengabarkan mama keadaan saya sekarang, atau tidak. berkata saya sakit, atau berbohong bahwa saya baik-baik saja. saya takut membuat mama khawatir. takut membuat mama merasa bersalah karena tidak bisa menemani saya disini.

saya kangen mama. tak perduli baru hari minggu kemaren saya bertemu.
saya tidak tahu, kapan saya bisa melepaskan mama. untuk selamanya saya akan menjadi seorang anak. anak mama.

November 05, 2009

aku ga mau jadi orang kuat. aku ga mau jadi spesial. aku ga mau jadi luar biasa. aku mau jadi orang biasa-biasa aja yang menjalani hidup dengan bahagia.

November 04, 2009


who knows WONDERSHOE angkat tangaaaaan????

jaman sekarang, siapa yang nggak tau WONDERSHOE. online shop ini menjual sepatu flats hand made (100% asli indonesia!) yang modelnya ga kalah lucu dengan brand luar negeri. dan dengan harga yang terjangkau. 135k per pair! it's awesome, huh?

saya tau online shop ini sudah sejak lama. kalo ga salah dari Woro Pradono. Mbak yang gila sepatu ini sering banget nyebutin WONDERSHOE di blognya (wondershoe must thank to her! you got your free promo, sis!).
dan liat katalognya bener2 bikin saya salivating!!! apalagi bulan oktober kemaren, ketika Diana Rikasari secara khusus mendesain tiga buah sepatu untuk Wondershoe. they are so cute! sayang sekali edisi itu limited hanya bulan Oktober. saya terpaksa gigit jari karena kehabisan.

Ingin sekali memiliki sepatu wondershoe dari lama. Cuma pada saat itu saya belum pede dengan belanja online, baik itu melalui web, blogspot, multiply, atau facebook. cuma dengan beranjak waktu, semakin menjamurnya online shop, dan semakin menipisnya waktu saya untuk keluar belanja, mulailah saya browsing-browsing online shop kembali, termasuk wondershoe ini.

and, you know what??
i've already ordered my first wondershoe shoes!!!
two pairs of them!
(karena ada hadiah IPOD NANO 16GB di akhir November ini. Wish me luck! :) )
can't wait until it's ready, i'll show you them! of course!
wait, wait, wait!! :)