July 30, 2009


i am turning 21..

update at July 31th.

that was my birthday which i was waiting for.
i've been so busy all long day (i was at office almost for 24 hours! at my birthday! can you imagine that?)
i was like gonna crying and whimpering as if i could remove my birthday to another day. hahaha..
but, however, there were always rainbow, rite?
at middle of the day, i got a cute surprise! someone gives me fancy ice cream cake! It was so cute in pink, even i didn't want to eat it. i just stared it, and suddenly felt so "uh-wow"...

everybody came and said happy birthday and i was so glad! this is my first birthday at office, and i didn't expect they will remember it.
(or they did because of tart,hm? :) )

after all..
thanks Allah for giving me such as nice and beautiful live for this 21 years..

thanks for "tambah usia"nya juga ya... ;p

July 18, 2009

sekelumit pikiran bodoh di malam hari. jangan dibaca, karena ini hanyalah pandangan skeptis dari orang yang sedang gundah dan khawatir setengah mati.

saya nggak ngerti terbuat dari apa hati manusia, sehingga bisa merasakan beribu perasaan tumpang tindih seperti ini.

human is complicated creature.

kadang saya berpikir akan lebih baik jika saya terlahir tidak sebagai manusia.
yang selalu dipusingkan dengan beban perasaan.
saya ingin menjadi makhluk yang tidak ambil pusing.
hidup berdasarkan hukum alam.
dengan hanya dibekali naluri untuk bertahan hidup.

menjadi manusia sangat melelahkan, bukan?
tumbuh dengan begitu banyak pikiran.dengan hidup yang begitu kompleks.
dengan embel-embel "makhluk sosial" dimana kita harus juga memikirkan orang lain.
terikat pada begitu banyak aspek kehidupan, sehingga sampai pada satu titik. dimana pada dasarnya manusia hidup untuk orang lain.
pikirkan saja.
segala niat, segala perbuatan, selalu didasari oleh keterkaitan dengan orang lain. saya mulai bertanya-tanya, kapan terakhir kali saya melakukan sesuatu untuk diri saya sendiri. kapan saya berbuat, demi kepentingan diri saya sendiri.
tidak dengan embel-embel untuk keluarga, saudara, teman, atau orang lain yang ada di dunia ini.

saya hanya ingin egois sesekali.
berbuat semau saya.
hidup sendirian.
tanpa harus memikirkan apa konsekuensi dari segala perbuatan saya terhadap orang lain.
tapi, tampaknya tidak mungkin ya?
tidak di dunia ini.

July 14, 2009


liat, liat, liat deh!

kemarin iseng-iseng posting question di the pradonos.

taunya dijawab sama mbak woro!

dan dibuatin satu posting sendiri!

baca deh!
klik DISINI YA!!!

July 13, 2009

creamy yummy sunday!

how's your holiday guys?????

mine was great!!!!!!!!!!
at first, i planned for going home to Sukabumi, but suddenly Wulan told me that she will come!

i totally miss her so much!
it has been long time since we met each other and hanged together. i canceled my homecoming plan, and wondered what will i go with her.
first, we went to Cheese Cake Factory in Tebet. that was our first time going there, and it was great!
i love the place, it's so cozy, so that you can't take off your step from there! hahaha..
we ordered pizzas, barbecue beef, and cheese extravaganza, super yummy delicious! i do even feel that tastes until now. and its blueberry cheese cake! it's so crunchy, so you can eat it on and on and on and on!!!! he, you better taste it by yourself, i am not paid for telling you this. they were really yummy!
i even took their cake brochures, maybe i will get their cakes for my birthday. ;p
strawberry cheese cake seems cute, and delicious of course!

The Great Blueberry Cheesecake!

Barbecue Beef Pizza.

Cheese Extravaganza Pizza.... with parmesan, cheddar, blue cheese,,,hmmm..yummy!

after hanging there for long time (it's so hard to leave, it feels you can stay there forever! we got nice place in the corner, where we could laugh aloud, took photos as many as we can), we leaved and went to Grand Indonesia.
Wulan hadn't saw The Fountain Show before, so i was going to show her, and i was so excited to see how impressed she is!
yayaya, she was impressed! a lot! we were like such two little girls who watched kinds of fairy tale come true! best part was when bubbles drooling down, falling from the ceiling. wonderful!
we also took some pics in Grand Indonesia, what a beautiful interior. i never get bored there. we also bought Krispy Kreme, curious of its taste ( wulan exactly attracted of its shape. the sell Spongebob doughnut!).

after all, weekend must over..
haaah.. get back to reality.. i hate monday a lot, guys..
get a solution for it?

July 07, 2009

someone's crying

i've been issued to post at last three days, but i don't know, maybe something went wrong on this blogger, so i couldn't post anything, i even couldn't give any comments. but, however, i found it have worked again, so taraaa.. here my new post, hehehe..

nothing special in this few days, except one. i found someone cried. sounds ordinary?
it's a man.
still sounds nothing.
i told you, the man whom i'd like to tell you about is a tough man. strong enough. rigid one. i've known him for five years, and i always found him as a great man.
and one day, bum! i saw him crying.

crying with fragile. such as a boy who lost his sweets or candies, whether he has prepared to eat them. i saw him bursting into tears until i found myself get harder to breath. it's so unusual. it's unbelievable.

and the caution is..


i should guess it before.
why love can't bring happiness as it should bring, but only confusion, sadness, and any other unthinkable things that shouldn't exist on earth, for heaven sake?
i will never understand.

July 03, 2009

welcome, july!

finally july is coming.

i'd like to tell you that i am relieved. june is over, dear, and my heart beat faster, impatiently, to know what will happened in july.
this month i am turning 21 (hwaa.. 21, people? can't you imagine that? i feel sooooo old!), and there are many things that hopefully change.

have i told you that lately i've been becoming movie-freaker?
it shouldn't happen, i always be busy, no times for myself, and you must not believe. i did no shop previous month! at all! (uh, well..that body shop sale, but can we miss it? it's sale, and the thing is i didn't buy any shoes or dresses or some wardrobe thingy! i really had no time!)... but, there was always spare time to new movie. i even sacrificed my bedtime only for going to cinema! incompétents, non?
i've realized it when someday, my girlfriend asked me hanging to cinema, and i was such as "eh-what should i watch? i've already watch this, this, and this..". hellow...??? huhuhu, it's so ridiculous if you can't go to cinema just because you have no idea what to see!

after all,
Suddenly, wanna eat pizza!
ngidam, huh?

anybody? who want to deliver pizza with extra cheese for me?