October 01, 2010

Should Be Happier

Life is full of grievance lately. Disappointed but sure, nothing will gonna run straightly, won't it? Now it's time to try to be happier, more positive. It's hard to recognize your fortune, be grateful of what you've achieved. But, not bad if we try. Remember, there are always people who love our existence, even we're doing nothing for them. For example, mother. How could she love us genuinely and unconditionally, where sometimes we can't reply her as much as it should? So, be grateful. Not easy, but worth to try.

Gonna share you a picture from my reunion week ago! They are my elementary schoolmates. It feels good meeting old friends, you see, no matter how far they've gone, no matter how long we've lived our own life, there's an invincible boundaries who can't be erased by time. :)

Happy October everyone!!!

September 30, 2010

Saya Nge-Tweet maka Saya Ada

Jadi, seharian kemarin timeline Twitter sudah berubah menjadi ajang pertempuran yang berdarah-darah. Denotatif dan konotatif. Sedari pagi, tweet tentang tragedi Tarakan bermunculan, disusul bentrokan di kawasan Ampera, Jakarta. Seolah belum cukup dengan susunan kata-kata yang membuat bulu kuduk merinding, banyak juga orang yang me-RT foto korban Ampera yang berdarah-darah.

Iya, Twitter adalah social media dimana orang BEBAS mengutarakan apapun pendapatnya. Menulis apapun masalahnya. Sarana pengekspresian diri sendiri. Sarana komunikasi dengan orang lain. Gak ada batasan dalam hal itu (kecuali kalau kita seorang public figure, dimana dengan men-tweet kata-kata yang menurut orang lain kurang pantas, hukuman penjara bisa menanti).

Tapi, seandainya Anda adalah salah satu keluarga, teman dari orang yang wajah berdarah-darahnya terpampang di tweetphoto yang Anda RT, apakah Anda akan tetap semangat menyebarkannya ke seluruh follower Anda? Belum lagi ditambah kutipan bercanda, yang menurut saya tidak pantas diungkapkan, pada seorang yang meninggal seperti itu. Bayangkan apabila Anda adalah anak, keponakan, kakak atau adik dari orang itu. Belum cukup duka yang Anda dapat, kengerian yang didapat dari foto yang disebarkan, ditambah dengan komentar-komentar yang menyudutkan.

Sore harinya salah satu menteri kita muncul dengan tweet yang (menurut saya) offensive terhadap satu pihak tertentu. Tidak salah, memang tidak salah, Twitter adalah sarana mengekspresikan pendapat kita. (lagipula Indonesia "katanya" adalah negara demokrasi, dimana kebebasan berpendapat dilindungi oleh negara). Pro kontra bermunculan kepada menteri itu, mulai dari bahasa halus, sinis, sampai ke kasar menyerang. Saya akui saya termasuk yang kontra, walau tidak sampai menyerang.

Ada yang berkata, kenapa harus diacuhkan? Kenapa tidak membiarkan orang lain nge-tweet seenak dewenya, apabila tidak setuju, ya sudah, tidak usah mencak-mencak, reply, atau malah memulai perang tweet. Saya setuju. Tapi, ada beberapa orang yang berpikir kalo Twitter adalah semacam sarana komunikasi, dimana kita bisa berkomunikasi dengan orang-orang yang sebelumnya tidak dapat kita sentuh. Artis. Penulis. Penyanyi. Menteri. Bahkan Presiden.

Jadi, orang yang setuju, menyanggah, menyangkal, atau "berperang" di Twitter itupun sebenarnya tidak bisa disalahkan. Fungsi dari Twitterlah yang membuat mereka (termasuk saya) "gatal", tidak mampu berdiam diri, me-reply si menteri, dan berharap si menteri mau membaca pendapat kami yang bertentangan dengan pendapatnya. Apakah itu berarti kami melarang si menteri berpendapat? Oh, tidak. Sekali lagi, Twitter hanyalah sarana berkomunikasi. Pendapat orang boleh berbeda kan, setiap orang berhak menyanggah atau menyetujui.

Membalas atau mengacuhkan. Dua-duanya tidak dapat dibilang salah. Setiap orang punya hak kan? Kalau misalnya Anda merasa terganggu, as simple as clicking "unfollow" button on your twitter. :)

PS. I am not following the minister. I know his tweets from someone that I've followed, and I don't feel doing any mistakes by spreading it to my followers. Lebih banyak orang tau, lebih bagus kan, karena akan lebih banyak orang yang berpendapat. Lain hal dengan foto korban Ampera. Akan lebih bagus kalo kita stop menyebarkannya, atau menyebarkan lewat media pribadi. Sedikit empati gak akan menurunkan follower segitu banyaknya, kan? :)

September 28, 2010


When should we know that it's time to stop and give up? I know we shouldn't give up as easy as that, but there must be limit, right? We're human being, anyhow. So, when we know that we don't want into this anymore? How can we differ time to stop and time of whining ourselves?

What's wrong, dude?

It drives me crazy. Nothing annoys me more than bad mood, unfinished report and task, and this crazy gadget!

So, it's my first time purchasing netbook online in Bhinneka.com. No worries, although it's first time, but I've heard many good testimonial from their customer. Beside that, Bhinneka is one of leading computer webstore, so I should have no worries, right?
So, my boyfriend purchased this HP Mini Vivienne Tam edition for me. Weird, after three days, my netbook started beeping weirdly. And, after that, it freezed, and went black. I only opened two office windows, not tough application, so I had no idea what's going wrong.

It happened on and on, and at least I was so annoyed and I almost cried in office, because I should undo my job continously because of its failure.

After that, I asked my boyfriend to go to Bhinneka, and ask my notebook to be exchanged with new one. New one,of course, I didn't any services, I've just bought it for 3 days! So, there he went, and I didn't know if he checked that they really give a new one or no.

I received my "new" netbook.Strangely, when I started to browse, it had my previous history in Mozilla Firefox. Completely. It was my habit to not signing off any accounts if I open it in my personal PCor laptop, and when I tried to open twitter, it directlyopened into homepages. Without sign-in page. Weird, huh? I know, they moved all my datas and document to my "new" netbook, but I don't think it can be applied to password too. As I know, if we change our netbook, we'll receive clean history, and we should re-enter id name and password. Correct me if I am wrong.

So, was it mean that Bhinneka didn't change my netbook? I have no idea, but then my netbook started beeping again like previous "old" one, and went black again. similar like"old" one. My boyfriend tried to contact Bhinneka via phone, messenger, but he turned to be ignored and thrown one to another.

I was running out of time, there are many deadlines to be caught up,and they didn't even want to listen. I didn't know what's wrong with my netbook, one thing I am sure of that it'll be my first and last time purchasing things in Bhinneka.

September 23, 2010


This morning, like my daily habit everyday when I arrive at the office, I opened my twitter timeline (yes, I always open twitter first EVERY DAY, so? it's good chance to see what's interesting today. Example, i found very recent trailer from Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows! check it!), I read a friend's tweet which tickled my mind. The point is, is it true when we're growing up, our best friends will begin to go away from us, and we start our own life, separated, limited communication?

It makes me thinking. Am I? And I realize that it's true. When I am growing up, older, and older, there will be several things, come in life, and become new priority. Job, yes it is. Boyfriend, who will gonna be my spouse, of course I should take care of him seriously. Future planning, what I am gonna do for living, financial planning for my financial kids. Sooner or later, whether you want or no, you have to think all of them.

It doesn't mean that I forget my friends. Our togetherness. Fun. I was having good times with them. Without them, I couldn't be who I am today. It would totally be different me. But when I should arrange new priorities now, it'll be different of 5 years-ago me. Yes, it's annoying to be adult, we aren't as free as before, there are many responsibilities to be handled, but it's all life process. One day, when we have lost our capability to work, we'll face those free days again. Watching our grandchildren playing, gardening, maybe? Every human is living their own process.

And, yes, we're different to another. Maybe, I am kind of person who have this perspective, prioritize one thing above another. But, maybe there are people who can live their life with having fun while working. But I try to balance every aspects in my life. And I do hope that each friendship who have existed in my life, will last forever. Maybe we don't have good quality like it was, but, we can keep it living, right? Gloomy light will be better than darkness at all.

Everyone who has been involved in my life, of course have important role. They play their own part to bring me to this day. No matter how small they contribute, I always know that they have butterfly effect in my life.

I love my friends! Wherever they are, whatever they do, and however long we don't keep contact, I still love you!!!

September 22, 2010

Red and White

Well, when my country is having bilateral problems with nearest neighborhood country, and everyone develop their rage and nationalism, I should be honest that I don't know what's wrong in my head. I am not proud of being Indonesian. Truly. Should I say that if another country offered me its nationality, it will be very possible that I will nod and say yes.

Am I wrong? When everyone compete to perform their nationalism, hold several demonstration, attack the ambassador of our "enemy", I do think that they shouldn't do that way. People act vandalism everywhere, and fighting, as they know what it's all about. Yes, I know, many people were getting killed in order struggling our independence, but still. Never give respect to a country who isn't able to protect their own citizen. Country who doesn't have proper government, and representative parliament whose job is spend our taxes for having fun and shopping abroad. Yes, you maybe say, "Hey, never ask what your country has given to you, but think what you have given to your country", but I don't care. I live here, I work here, I work in government body, I pay taxes to country. Would it be too much, if I ask few kindness from my own country?

September 20, 2010

Anger and Impatience

Should know from beginning, that anger and impatience wouldn't bring any good to our life, but sometimes, in meantime, although we never mean it, it happens. For example, today. I am a kind of people who always complain when Monday comes, hopes that weekend could be little bit longer, and hard to move my body out off bed, because of cold weather and comfort blanket. Imagine how lazy I am today, very not in good mood, and suddenly something's going wrong with my netbook. I  don't know what happen, my netbook keeps restarting on and on. It's annoying, my boyfriend just purchased it three days ago, now, we've already faced problems? So, I start to find someone to blame, and there he is. Okay, he is the one who purchased it, but maybe, who knows? There is always one in a million chance that you are given bad product, but it's not his fault. But all I think is, Oh my God, how could he be so sloopy, and didn't check the product first? So, I become angry, and angrier when I found that I've lost the task I've done before.

He says he's worried, and will try to come back to my place to see what's wrong with my netbook. I say no, but he insists. Now, he aren't able to be contacted, and I feel so much guilty. Where are you exactly?

So, see, once again my emotion beats me. I should think logically,not release irrational rage. At least, rage only bring regret to me.

September 06, 2010

One More...

... good news. My friend from Jeddah has already told me that she's finally pregnant. Alhamdulilah ya Allah, but why do I feel, there are many lucky and happy couple around me? No, I am happy enough, living my personal life, but it feels like something should be changed...

September 02, 2010

White Wedding

Feel nice to know that I still have some spare times to update a little bit post here.

So, here it is. One of my friends is getting married. Make it two. She will get married with one of my close friend too. :)

I am glad. Relief. If only you knew how he was struggling to get her heart, maybe you're going to give him standing ovation. How come? The girl always refuse, say no, even ask him to get away from his life, but no, no, the boy kept insisting (in good way, of course), waited patiently, until now..

Hmm.. I always love happy ending, don't you?

So, when will my time come? I hope as soon as possible. Somehow, I used to think a lot, how can we afford a party, or get life after marriage. What will we do if we are separated because of our job, and do we have any choice to solve expense problem. We save, but still there are a lot things to be thought. Where are we gonna stay? When will we have a baby? Should we plan it or just let it happen?

But sometimes, I think the opposite. Why it took so many consideration? Why can we go on and let Allah do the rest? Human make efforts, but finally God will decide. At least we're trying, aren't we?

Let time answers. And when the answer comes, I do hope it'll be best answer for all of us. :)

August 30, 2010

Uncomfort Zone

Now I suddenly feel like life's stabbing me from the back. Time besieged from all directions, exhausting, asphyxiating. I often find myself mad at something unreal, gloomy every seconds, and sometimes it's really hard to define happiness. Have you ever wanted to exchange your life, into a totally different life? Wanted to be surrounded by someone else that you are not familiar with, and having contrast life from what you're having now? Imagine that you're someone else, with other identity, other family?

I can't imagine that I have this feeling now,when I am near with my family.  Sometimes your closest people can turn become stranger, that maybe will be your nightmare. You are supposed to be safe, comfortable, but all you want to do is get out of here. You feel that you don't belong to here. Then you start to think how to make time flies fast, how to spend more times outside home, and how can you bring your beloved one near to you, so you can bring your comforts back.

Here, supposed to be my comfort zone, but I feel the way around.

July 28, 2010

Reminding You..

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July 13, 2010

Night Intense

Suddenly i feel strong power encouraging me to write this night. Honestly, I have no idea what to write, and I am too busy to prepare for exam tomorrow, but the power has been so intense lately, so I give up, and start writing.

I miss Yogya. When did last time I visit there? A year ago? Two years ago? Yogyakarta will always be my favorite holiday spot. I always feel kind of eternal tranquility just with entering the town. Even when I was just sitting and enjoyed windy weather, I could smell nice and exotic-scented around me. Yogya's surroundings is calming me. Never too old. Never too crowd. Never be bored.

Mom, I miss you like crazy. My perfect fan, best friend, half of my life. Life's getting hard, mom. On and on. Being far with you is always be hardest part in my life. I always miss the time when I can lean on your shoulder, hug you, kiss you. How I miss your talkative talks, your strong thoughts. It's me mom, trying to make you proud. Always. I know, I'll never could stand up for these whole time if you weren't there for me. But, there you are. Happy and sad. Far or near. I love you, I love you, I love you, Mom. Let's fighting together, Mom.

Grandma, yesterday I was dreaming of you. It's been long time since you visited me in my last dream. How are you, Grandma? Are you happy with timeless life? Does He keep you well? I believe He does, for a sweet and nice grandma like you were. Sometimes I was remembering time we had spent together. They were beautiful, weren't they? But, sometimes I regret because you can't see me growing up. That's what you always want to do right? See your grandchildren growing up, graduating, married, and starting new life. I really, really, really hope you are able to see me passing those phases. I really wish you could see me on my wedding days. Taking care of my pregnancy. Accompanying me on my delivery date. You were so good on those things, even better than mom. :) How could I do it without you? But I believe you are happy now Grandma. See you later, I love you so much, so deep.

July 03, 2010

Different Perspective

It's nice when I am able to spare sometimes for just sitting in front of my laptop, writing something while accompanying my boyfie watching Germany vs Argentina. I am on Germany team, of course, but too nervous to watch it by myself, scared if my favorite team lose, so I order my boyfie to watch it for me, although he is on Argentina team. :)

My life is okay. Rushing, yes. But I am happy. Meet many new friends, learn new things.

I'll tell you something. Some of my friends regret my decision to start working here. Just because it's totally different from my major. Well, if I don't appreciate them, maybe I'll just go and say, "Mind your own business, please." But, they are my friends. And I love them. so here it is, from the deep of my heart.

I have no regret in my life. For choosing this job. I believe life is learning process. It's a honor for me to be given chance for learning something new. And I believe, any major we've chosen, any lesson we've studied, and wherever you applied it, it'll be good for you if you do it completely. Sincerely. There no wasted knowledge. If I were cumlaude on my major, then I decide to be a house-wife, it doesn't mean I neglect my title, right? we have our own role, different in good way. So, maybe we have own perspective to see it, but you must know it. I never regret it. :)

July is finally coming!! Hehehe, July is my favorite month of the year. I love it so much, so I decide to give you SEVEN free books!!! Wanna join?? CLICK HERE!!!

June 16, 2010

Too tired, too lazy

No, I am not doing any hiatus or anything similar, but actually I am having my busiest week ever after two months of "vacation time" at home. It's been a week, and I can say that I should get my body adapting to my new condition.
First adaptation is getting busy of course. No infotainment time (but still I know what's going on between Ariel, Luna, and Farhat Abbas. And by the way, I miss watching Luna Maya on TV). No internet time (almost, I still able to steal time with my mobile). Well, I miss tweeting. I miss reading everyone's blab. I miss blogwalking. And I miss writing.

OK, I'll tell you. I am now officially employed! Hahahaha.. finally after two months of seeking. Well, this is my second company, so without underestimating my first company, I'll start making comparison. It's kinda hard, because my education background is completely different, so I have to begin all, everything from very first beginning, but it's alright. Learn something new, it's tiring, but honestly I don't even think that it'll be very interesting. Satisfied for this result, I'll try to get my best in my position now.

Can't talk much, because I have to prepare for tomorrow exam. Yes, exam, like old days, college days. But, once again, it's very interesting. Wait until I tell you more.
I'll visit your blog as soon as I have enough time. I predict that I'll be busy in next 2 weeks, so if I don't read yours, please apologize me. I promise, I'll come soon.

I miss you all. How's your life going? I wish you enjoy life. :)


June 02, 2010

Disappointing Part of GSS Race

So, maybe some of you had heard that Diana Rikasari and Hanzky from Fashionese Daily are Indonesia's representative to participate in Great Singapore Sale Shopping Challenge in Singapore of course. I am a bit lazy to describe the mechanism, but you can read about it here and here.

What makes me so upset is when I read @fashionesedaily timeline at the race day. It mentioned about unfair play, cheating part, and incomplete solution. But, there was no more explanation, so I waited impatiently until both of Diana and Hanzky came back to Jakarta, and explain what had occurred there.

Uh-oh. It's really annoying. I won't tell full story here, but you can read it from Diana's blog and Fashionese Daily. Read it. I am suggesting you to read it. I can even feel their upset, anger, and sadness.

Well, for you, I really hope you can spread this story. You can write in blog, twitter, facebook, or other media. We have to prove that we are not weak country, whether it doesn't only related to Indonesia as one of participant, but the other participants who have followed race fairly. So, if you are person with integrity, honesty, and morality, please feel kindly to spread about the story. :)

June 01, 2010


too lazy to write in English, what would you say if now I am writing in Bahasa?

Gapapa ya, sekali-kali. :)

What's life, what's life? Mine is gorgeous. Thanks God for blessing me every day, for giving me time to living my life well and appreciating every breath that I take. I really know that You won't let me down, will you?

(Tuh kan, balik lg ke English. Plin-plan deh gw)

Jadi gini. Kemarin waktu gw browsing suatu brand yang lumayan ternama di negeri kita ini, okelah gw sebut aja, tapi bukan iklan, ZARA, gak sengaja Google membawa gw ke thread di salah satu forum yang lumayan ternama juga di negeri kita. Judulnya yang catchy, dan ditulis dengan huruf kapital semua makin membuat gw penasaran. ZARA = PEMBODOHAN KONSUMEN.

??? Makin penasaran, gw buka thread itu, baca satu persatu posting dan replynya. Intinya, orang yang buka thread itu (istilahnya apa sih, gw belum terlalu familiar) berkata kalo ZARA Indonesia itu:

1. Absurd. Karena waktu ada sale, pihak tokonya menutup semua fitting room, dan tidak mengizinkan setiap orang masuk dan mencoba barang yang akan dibelinya.

2. Salenya adalah baju sisaan DUA musim lalu. Sedangkan si penulis bilang dimana-mana kalo sale itu harusnya LAST SEASON, bukan LAST TWO SEASONS.

3. Salenya tetap mahal. Misal dari 299.000 hanya turun ke 229.000 saja.

4. Terlalu diagungkan kalo di Indonesia. Menurut pengalaman penulis yang pernah di Belanda, disana lapak ZARA berada di basement apartement orang, bukannya di mall mewah seperti di Indonesia.

Lalu gw baca replynya lagi, dan makin mengerutkan kening. Ada yang bilang Zara itu produk jelek, lebih baik beli produk Indonesia. Ada yang bilang kalo konsumen Zara itu bodoh, karena hanya mengutamakan brand saja. Ada juga yang berpendapat para pemakai ZARA gak usah songong, karena sebenarnya di luar itu produk ZARA adalah barang murahan. Bahkan disetarakan dengan Ramayana di Indonesia.

Langsung sisi evil gw mencuat. Hehe, mungkin opini gw bakal sedikit parah, tapi ya ini yang gw pikirin waktu pertama baca thread itu. Gw sih setuju sama poin nomer satu, dimana sedikit keterlaluan kalo tidak mengizinkan konsumen untuk menggunakan fitting room, meskipun dalam keadaan sale. Gw juga amat sangat setuju bahwa sebaiknya kita membeli produk Indonesia. Gw suka Zara lho, jangan salah, tapi gak memaksakan aja untuk beli walaupun affordable. Toh, kalo sepatu gw lebih suka eye-ing ke Wondershoe. Murah, produk dalam negeri.

Tapi makin ke bawah, gw makin menemukan komentar-komentar yang amat sangat menyudutkan, bahkan cenderung menjelek-jelekan. Gw bukan penggemar forum sih, jadi gak begitu terbiasa dengan bahasanya. Mungkin memeng bahasa yang dipakai seperti itu, gw gak tahu. Tapi sepertinya makin lama thread ini makin gak fair buat Zara. Dan beberapa brand lainnya yang tersebut. Intinya penyerangan satu arah.

Bisa dilihat pola pikir kebanyakan orang, yang masih terlihat picik menurut gw. Oke, itu kan pendapat mereka, gw hargai, tapi gw juga mau menyuarakan pendapat gw. Gw gak bela Zara lho, jangan salah, tapi kalo kasarnya gw bilang, "Kalo misalnya gak bisa beli, ya gak usah beli. Jangan berakhir dengan menjelek-jelekan merk seperti Zara. Kalo misalnya gak affordable, ya cari aja barang buatan dalam negeri yang sesuai dengan kantong kita. Jangan paksa beli barang bermerk pada waktu sale, dapet produk yang gak sesuai, dan pada akhirnya misah-misuh gak keruan di thread."

Manusia kurang bersyukur dengan apa yang dia miliki. Selalu melihat ke atas, melihat pada barang yang tidak dimiliki, dan akhirnya berujung pada rasa iri. Dengki. Dan pada akhirnya, cara yang pas untuk menyalurkan kedengkian itu adalah dengan menjelek-jelekan sesuatu yang tidak tercapai itu.

Gw sendiri suka melakukannya. Iri sama orang yang bisa beli sepatu jutaan. Dan kadang-kadang membatin, "Buset, satu sepatu bisa gaji gw setaon." Tapi pada akhirnya, gw inget, they do have the money, and their way to splurge it. Salah bagi kita kalo menjudge orang dari sejumlah uang yang dikeluarkannya. Dia beli tas 10 juta, mungkin juga dia mengeluarkan 10 juta untuk sedekah misalnya. We'll never know.

Intinya, gak usah deh sirik-sirikan sama orang. Dengki gak bawa hasil kok, apalagi sampe menjelek-jelekan sesuatu. Kalo memang gak suka, biarkan orang lain menyukai dengan caranya sendiri. Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, kan? :)

Jadi ngelantur kemana-mana. Parah gw kalo uda cerita. Yah, silakan deh dimaknai dengan persepsinya masing-masing. :)

May 22, 2010

Is it too shallow if I am discussing about SHOES?

Is it? well, I actually didn't care. Maybe I am not fashion admirer, I never been into it, but one thing I obviously realize. I LOVE SHOES. Oh my God, I feel so happy if surrounded by beautiful shoes. I know you are too, ladies. Say yes, please?

From many kinds of shoes, wedges, espadrilles, slingback, flats, mary jane, what i love most is peep toe. It's a kind of shoes with open-pointy shape in the finger. Of course with heels, because I have short body. Back to peep toe, it feels so comfortable, and most of my collections are peep toe. I don't have any closed pumps. Can say that I hate closed one. It makes my feet breathless, sweating, I hate it.

So, what if one day, one of my HRD officer says that I might not able to wear any peep toe again, and I HAVE TO wear closed pumps? Well, chaos. Maybe, for you, it's not a big deal, but I really could feel discomfort even when I haven't used it.

So, yesterday me and my boyfie went to nearest mall to find a nice shoes. closed one, of course. It didn't go easy, because I was too picky, and still I can' take it. Hell. Walking, searching, fitting, one by one, on and on. After few hours, I found a pair of cute pumps, it was so simple, made from leather, it was brown, one of my favorite color. And, weirdly cozy and fits for me. Instantly, I fell in love with it. Felt glad because finally I found match one, I asked a shopkeeper to bring me its pair, so I could fit both.

Oh, I really wish I could tell happy ending. I was happy, so happy, but suddenly the shopkeeper came and told me that they didn't have its pair. Oh, what the hell? I mean, how come they don't have its pair??? Hello, how come? It really disappointed me, and well, I felt very upset. My boyfie soon found another black pumps, but I didn't even care. Oh, and that night, I had a dream about the shoes.

Hahaha. Ridiculous. I even didn't love closed pumps before, but now I am getting upset, very annoyed, because of not getting this shoes? Ahahahaha, should I say that woman's heart is easily changing if it is related with fashion? :)

May 14, 2010

Dear God

Thanks you. Sorry, sometimes I forget to be grateful for my blessed life. Everything were inappropriate, and I felt incomplete. I forgot of You. You give me very nice life. Maybe I don't have perfect family, but You give me best mother in the world, who always love me unconditionally. I don't have a lot of best friends, but some of them are so caring. You still give me time to breath, time to live, time to think how lucky I am. Sometimes, I envy with other people, who are wealthier, prettier, happier. I forget that happiness is coming from inside of us. And, prettiness, we all have it, right? We are most perfect creatures that You have ever made. And, we should take a look to people among us, who still have difficulty in financial, if we talk about money.

I still learn to love my life, indeed. I won't pretend that sometimes I questioned my life. Why this, why that? But, that's human. I am trying to be satisfied with all of this God, but please apologize me, sometimes I think it's not enough. I want more. It doesn't mean I don't appreciate of your gift, but I really want better life. Is it wrong, God?

Sometimes, I feel so sad. I don't understand with these whole life things. Why should it happen to me? Is it mean that I blame you, God? Sorry, I really never mean it. Maybe, I am required to be remind. That we can't always get what we want in life.

Whatever it is, God, I really thank that You give me very grateful mother. She teaches me about powerful praying. She always believe that You will give the best for our life. She believes that You love me. I love You, God. And I still learn to love You more than everything in the world.

God, thank you for still accompanying me for this time.

May 04, 2010

Are You Out of Mind???

I was so annoyed when I was watching evening news today. I really expect DPR could do better then spending a lot of money for constructing new building. 1.8 trillions! What ashamed! I mean, there are many homeless people outside there, what have they done about it? Disaster in Porong, Sidoarjo, which haven't been completed until today. And, houses, which are destroyed by meteor in Duren Sawit Jakarta? They even have no idea where to ask some compensations. As people's representative, I am not pretty sure they have idea of things that should be prioritized.

And, when a reporter interviewed one of DPR's member, he only said, "The old building doesn't have appropriate bathroom. We have problems to take a bath when we sleepover here." WTH? You think it's hard for taking a bath, Mister? You have problems of it? Be grateful, you still can use clean water, you even don't have to work hard for getting it. You just open water faucet, and here they are. Think of other people, YOUR PEOPLE, who must walk miles for gaining clean water. Have you thought about them, Mister? Before you spend trillions to simplify you for bath, please think about those people.

By the way, I remember a TV program, called "Tukar Nasib". In this program, rich people should live poor people's live, and vice versa. I really hope, maybe producer of this will kindly engage some of DPR member to follow this show. Maybe, it'll open their eyes. Or not.  I don't know.

April 29, 2010

Paris van Java, I am coming!

A month ago, I went to Bandung for having a vacation. Too bad, I just have chance to share with all of you now. It really helped me to refresh my mind, you should do it too! I made no plan, just suddenly decided to go.

These are some pictures of my trip. well, notice it, i am not smart in photography, i have no idea about photos editing, so apologize if you see many shortages in them. It's just for fun!

Yummmmmy one! Actually, I doubt its taste til I smell its sweet-flavor. Hmm.. We were having this one in Istana Plaza, Bandung.

My bestie, Wulan, who just graduated from college. This trip was like celebrating her graduation. Congrats her! We went to Paris van Java, and decided to give a try with Sushi Groove.  Never been before. Actually, they didn't disappoint us, besides an accident include seasonings there. Too embarrassing if I should tell you here. So, let it be me and Wulan's secret forever! :) 

After we had enough, we went to Blitz Megaplex for watching Dear John, a movie, played by Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried. Pretty impressive, especially in Channing's role. Oh, ladies, we all love Channing, don't we? *wink*

Night was coming, and we headed toward Ngopdul, a coffee shop, which located in Dipati Ukur. Rain felt down rapidly, we were tired, so we didn't take many picture there. But, one I remember, I love its chicken wings! (oh, c'mon, to be frank, I love chicken wings, wherever they're served! :) )

I was enjoying those moments, and having some fun! And, I can't wait to do it again! How do you think, Wulan? :)
Anyway, have you had such as enjoyable vacation? Do share with me, if you have place that you think people should be going to!

April 26, 2010

Big Spender

Why do I love shopping so much? Mostly, every girls love to shop, but I feel like uncontrolled in it. I love seeing cute things, petite cardigan, colorful legging, leather bag, and shoes…. Oh, I adore shoes a lot! High heels, wedges, flats, and now I am drooling only by thinking of them.
And books… well, it sounds nerd, I know, but I can’t handle if it involved to books. I have a thousand reasons to allow myself purchasing some books.
Well, I’ve been in love with shopping since I was in college, but with limited pocket money, I should be a smart spender. I was thrifty back then, so I could save some of my money. But, when I was employed, and had my own money, I was like, “Finally, I have my money to shop! My own money!” And I became irresponsible with that. I bought all things that I could afford back then. I became bad saver.
I feel sorry for that. I supposed to save my money. Well, I reserve to have some fun, but it’s too much. I am blinded with my own world. Maybe it’s hidden desire, which have existed from my college time. I don’t know.
Girls out there, do you feel the same? Please say yes to make me better! Or, maybe you can suggest some ideas to make me become smart spender?

April 21, 2010

One of Kartini named Casseybunn

Hello, readers!
for all my friends in Indonesia, I'd like to say
Selamat Hari Kartini!
Let us struggle to be bravest women who can develop Indonesia and make it better country!

One of my project for this day is interview some young authors. I've finished one. Maybe, you've known Cassandra Niki, well-known as Casseybunn. She is a great blogger, talented photographers, and now a writer. I had an interview with her, and you can read full interview here!

April 15, 2010

Top Five of Everything!


1.     The Pillars of the Earth, Ken Follet.
2.     Alchemyst series, Michael Scott.
3.     Godfather, Mario Puzo.
4.     Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins
5.     Shopaholic series, Sophie Kinsella
(Funny to see Harry Potter and Twilight aren’t included into this list. Well, IMHO, they both are good, but not excellent enough to be five highest ranks. And, I don’t mean to be conceited by not involving Indonesian writer. If there is 6th rank, I’ll put Perahu Kertas by Dewi Lestari there.)

1.     Trilogy of Lord of the Rings, Peter Jackson.
2.     Trilogy of Godfather, Francis Ford Coppola.
3.     Green Mile, Frank Darabont.
4.     The Little Mermaid, Ron Clements & John Musker.
5.     50 First Dates, Peter Segal
(I really love trilogy, don’t I? And, yes, I love Little Mermaid. We all love Disney, who on earth doesn’t? Ariel is my favorite princess anyway. And no, I don’t like Indonesian movies. Well, some of them are great, but…well…err… too much for me, I think.)
Websites, Blogs

1.     MINDCUBE and BOOKS of DELA.
2.     thepradonos.com
5.     Sea of Shoes.
(I don’t mean to be so narcissist! I really love my own blogs; they are real description of me. And, surprisingly, four of them are Indonesian blog!)
Twitter Account
1.     @deelestari (Dewi Lestari)
2.     @AdaDiskon (Ada Diskon)
3.     @PreventionIndo (Prevention Indonesia)
4.     @anjinggombal (Anjing Gombal)
5.     @fiksimini (Fiksi Mini)
(Hooray, all of them are from Indonesia!)

1.     Toba Lake, North Sumatera.
2.     Safari Park, Cisarua West Java.
3.     Kuta Beach, Bali.
4.     Mirota Shop, Yogyakarta.
5.     Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur.
(I don’t travel a lot, though I want to. But, Alhamdulillah, I’ve given chances to visit beautiful places above. Criteria for picking up these high-fives are comfort, beauty, desirability to returning a visit.)
Foods and Drinks

1.     Ice cream!!! Whatever its brand.
2.     Strawberry.
3.     Whopper, Burger King.
4.     Elle & Vire yoghurt.
5.     Cimory Fresh Milk.
(Well, I am eating a lot, so it’s kinda hard to write this list. I love many kinds of food, I eat everything! Hope I don’t embarrass myself by confessing it.)
Figures, Idols, Persons
1.     Mommy.
2.     Wulan Indraswati
3.     Rohadi Yusuf
4.     134 people from 2004s civilian.
5.     Blogger friends!!!
(The first person is my mom, who has taught me about how hard life is. She’s most precious things on earth for me. Second, my best friend, Wulan; she has accompanied me since we were little kids. Third is my boyfie. And, forth, I can’t pick one of them! To be frank, I wasn’t that close with all of them, I’ve just befriended close with several people. But, after all, they’re special on their on way; make each other strong, different in good way. Fifth, of course all of you who are reading this post! I love you!)

April 14, 2010

Godfather + Anji + KD + Sailormoon = Absolutely Fun!

In case you are wondering, what I have done in my free time, moreover I still be unemployed, and everyday is kind of holiday for me. Well, it can be uninteresting for you, but I find these latest day are pleasurable. It will sounds excessive for you, but trust me, I never felt so much freedom as I do now. As much as I have sacrificed some precious things, but it feels doesn’t matter anyway for me now.

I am reading a lot now. I was a bookworm earlier than, but time constraint always bounds me. Now, I feel like reading all the time. Fictional ones like The Sorceress and Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland. Comics, I was re-reading all series of Sailormoon. I also love some chicklit, I read Andrei Aksana’s Janda-Janda Kosmopolitan, I actually rarely find fine Indonesian writer, but he’s one of them. Never fond of his books before, it’s a way too melancholic to me, but after he wrote Pretty Prita, I change my perspective. He’s funny, and I don’t know how, he seems to understand what every women want. Kavita Daswani, who creates The Village Bride of Beverly Hills, is excellent writer anyway. Google her, if you have any idea. And, I have addicted to The Godfather recently. I’ve read it for I don’t know, so many times, and I desire to find other Mario Puzo’s book. But, I found that they are out of order, so maybe anyone can help me to find these books? Q.E.D and C.M.B is two of excellent comics that I’ve noticed. Thank for Julian, who has introduced me to Motohiro Katou sooner than in my high school! 

This book teaches me a lot! Read for review, here!

Who says comic is time-waster? You'll learn a lot from it!

I watch a lot of movies. I hunt for old movies; last one I watch is Ten Things I Hate About You. A teen flick, but entertaining one. Maybe, it was first appearance of Heath Ledger, am I right? He’s so young there! But, absolutely charming with his long curly hair! *screaming* And, I went gaga when one day my boyfie came, and brought me trilogy of Godfather! Oh, I really want this! I spent about 9 hours to watch this movie, without pause. It’s as colossal as its book, no regret! Young Al Pacino is terrific handsome, and Marlon Brando is obvious majestically playing his Don role. Maybe, this is one of best movie I ever seen. I repeat, maybe these are THREE best movies I ever seen. 

Michael Corleone and Patrick Verona, hmm..

I am writing a lot. Some people told me that I’m talented in this field, and I was flattered. I am writing for fun, and I enjoy it. Latterly, I take pleasure in reviewing books. I love both reading and writing, so why can’t I compile it? Maybe I am not good reviewer, I haven’t. Maybe, someday I will. But, today, I have much satisfaction by interlacing friendship with other reviewers. Who says Indonesia is lack for reading interest? I find many people are deeply in love with books, and trying to spread it via blog, or twitter. I am on my way doing that. If you’d like to know better about me and my reviewer friends, visit Books of Dela. Sometimes, we arrange free book giveaway, it is good start for loving books, right?

Cera, who always accompanying me all the time, when I was writing..

Some of personal journals. Yes, I love write my diary!

I am taking physical exercise!! I remember, I was complaining a lot about time limitation for taking some sports when I still worked at project. It’s not a lie, or spoiled protest, what happened is I REALLY HAVE NO TIME. Some of my friends suggest taking exercises in the morning, but sometimes I prefer longer sleep because of my overtime works a night before. Maybe, it’s just an excuse, but the truth is I’ve got to work too on Saturday, even sometimes on Sunday. So glad, now I can do my exercise, though it’s only walking, running, or jumping around my house. LOL. I am not the one who really fond of sports, so please don’t tease me. Or, maybe you have any alternative sports for sport-hater like me?

Running shoes!

Well, I do lot things beside what I’ve told you above. I am going to take TOEFL in the end of April, so now I am re-reading my TOEFL practice book. Kind of hard in listening session, but I still work hard on it. And, oh, I watched gossips too! It’s confessing time, don’t you think? A bit low, but it’s funny how we stare at late confession of a band vocalist about his daughter from well-known actress (which is too late, in my humble opinion, please for God Sake, where have you been in previous 9 months??? And, how could you daringly mention how gentleman you are?? Well, gentleman never impregnate woman before marrying her. Oh, of course, it’s only my opinion. ). And a diva’s late statement about her relationship with married entrepreneur. It’s not even surprising me.

Ah, however, how’s your life lately? I do hope you enjoy it, we only have it once in your life! No matter if you stray from a path, anyway who decides our life path? We are! 