December 29, 2011

Pursuit of Happiness

Inspired by this and this, well, I try to make few simple things that could make me happy. Life crowds make us forgot that sometimes little things could make us smile and happy.  So, for me I am happy today because of.....

1. Tried to listening some new musics, given by a friend and found them interesting. Although never hear most of them for all of my life. :D
2. Having a clear and fast internet connection at office.
3. Receiving a beautiful wedding invitation from a friend. I can't believe he sends me one, seeing in fact we're not that close. :)

4. My pre-wedding photographer posted some behind the scenes from our session last Saturday. Happy to see them. :)
5. Laughing out loud of some unimportant conversation that I can't even remember what, with my office mates.
6. Light rain at the morning. Make today's beginning is so different.

So, when you are gloomy and having a bad day, remember what's you've been through and try to find little happiness among them. Have a nice day!

December 28, 2011

Moving On

I wanted to write so bad, but it was so bad even I hesitated to call it a writing. It was more than a rambling.
I dunno how many times people had left me in my life. People come, people leave. I even don't dare to say that true love does exist. Bad experience, I guess. So when someone come next to me, and I feel comfortable with them, I feel frightened too. What if they go away? What if they stop loving me?
Yesterday, I read a book, written by Raditya Dika, a writer from Indonesia, titled "Manusia Setengah Salmon". It told me a lot about moving on. That people have to move along their life. Kids grow up into teenagers, teenagers become mature, old, and die. We love someone, and move, and love again, and move again. We can't say exactly where we have to stop, because we don't know. We only feel that maybe it's the right time to move.
So, when someone stop loving you, when someone leave you, maybe it's time for them to move on. Whether you're ready or not, you've given chance to love them, and by the time they go, you can only make sure that you have gotten out the best from you. You can try to stop them, you can try to deny it, but the best thing you can do is keep moving on.
So, being left and disappointed is another life experience, huh? Chin up and smile. There are always good things waiting for you in new place.

December 14, 2011

Maroon, Gold, Green, and Baby Pink

A friend was throwing her wedding party on previous Sunday. Decide to go there, although it's quite far from my town, in order to meet her and my other friends. We befriended because we were on same batch when we had our training at our office.
I can't tell you a lot, let the pictures speak. Though I'd like to say that she is so beautiful, I couldn't even recognize her at first. So, pictures!!!

Had no idea what's in our mind when we decided to make similar gown to be wore to Arundina's wedding. It's kinda cute, tough, so we don't regret it. And the gift, is from our batch, we both only coordinated it.
First comes! It was sooo nice to see them all, it's been a long time since we met.
The bride and groom! They are gorgeous, aren't they??
After the couple entered the aisle, it's time to mingle and EAT!!
It's us, ladies! :)
Full team!
We had been called to the aisle to take pictures with the bride and groom. The most awaited moment! :p
Cool pose. I just realized that in second picture, the bride was having fun facial expression. Sorry, you're still the prettiest woman there, dear!
Ooooh, attitude please, guys!
Satisfied with delicious dish and few captures, we still spent more time to take pictures at the outside. Geez.
They prepared the background sheet, but when we arrived, the photographer hadn't came yet. So, we took initiative, and took pictures by ourselves. :)
The Ugly Truth.
Actually I came with my boyfriend. It's just... a friend came and brought her D-SLR cam, and because this was kinda our reunion moment, my boyfriend offered himself to be an impromptu photographer, confidently, because actually he has less skill about it. But I was impressed with his sacrifice, he went there and there taking pictures, such as hired one, and ended with less being captured. But, Eno, such as good friend, took some pictures of us, and believe it or not, they are only pictures of him for all day long.
My Man!! :D
Happy Wedding, Dela Arundina! Have a good life ahead! :-*

December 07, 2011

Going with Rambling

Feel a little bit numb lately. I walked a day without knowing what I've been passing, it's like gazing through abstract exhibition, you've finished it but have no idea what you seeing.
I was sitting, hours by hours, trying to finish some unfinished business. And the worst of that is I keep forgetting what to do, my brain is rebelling, folders  of mind keep disordered.
I've been through worst. Been through worse moments than today. Should remember how to gain some strengths, some confidence, and I am not big fan of self motivation book. Screw them to tell us how to live. I do think everyone have different life, customized one, so none could generalize your life. I believe it's okay to complain sometimes. It's not like none has ever complained about their life, or job, or lovers. Complaints reminds us how lucky we are, to feel, to have own opinion, to be free to say something.
So, I am gonna hang on as long as I can. Moreover, I read somewhere, only the dead who have no problem. Really? I am one of people who believe life after death, theory which says that we are responsible of what we are doing now, assessed by good and bad things we have done. So, the dead sure still have some businesses down there, right?
I've rambled much. It is the result when you need a distraction from your super busy meaningless life. Some of them dancing, some of them singing, some of them reading. I am writing. And rambling.
Keep trying to make your life count. Do tell me how you cope when you think that your life feels so bored lately.