July 29, 2011

Lovely Leave (part 2)

Felt a bit sorry, because I don't plan this holiday very well, but I was quite satisfied with the result. I was only hanging in Jakarta and around after going back from Tidung. My next stop is Jakarta Book Fair in Istora Senayan. For me, it's like a heaven, seeing so many books from many publishers, sold with cheap prize, and good discount! I didn't take many pictures (of course, I was busy shopping, what do you expect?), and ended with, umm, okey.. a lot of books. Feel guilty, because even now I haven't finished all those books yet. But, anyway, why's so hurry? :)
My babies! Sorry for bad quality, I am not into photography, and only took this with BB camera. I have read The Da Vinci Code, but I couldn't stand to see that they sell its special edition with good price! :D I've read some of them, and as far my favorite is Nasional.is.me by Pandji. Inspiring book with a lot of touching quotes!
Actually I didn't buy Madre at the book fair, I got it delivered a day before, so I guess  it's still counted as holiday purchasing. :p The book is awesome, quite interesting, with an unique topics, but it will be better if we discuss it in another blog. :p

Along with the book fair, there were many events held at those weekend. There are Sound Festive, which presented Boyce Avenue. I was so tempted, but it's found later that I am too tired after spending time around, so I decided to go home. Buuut, before going home, I found JakCloth, a festive which presents local brands from Indonesia, held in Plaza Tenggara GBK. So, I thought, why not put a visit? :D

I didn't buy a lot, but quite impressed with a booth named Cotton Island. It sold many beautiful shawl, cardigan, wide leg pants, all made from cotton. Its price is affordable, and when I got there, they gave big discount. Yay!!! You can visit their shop here!
Wearing one of Cotton Island's shawl
Last day on my leave, I went to my best friend's wedding in Bogor. It was beautiful, decorated with pink and gray theme, I honestly never see people using pink in wedding before, but it's really cute. Meet some college friends there, what a perfect day! Wedding always bring me an extraordinary happiness, to see my friends grow up, and ready to start a new life, new challenge in their life!

Look at the pink ornaments behind. It was pretty. And they put a lot of pink and white roses everywhere!
Happy Wedding, friend!
Well, this is it! I guess I was having some fun, refreshed from all daily activities. Hope I can take another leave soon! And at this time, I'll make sure that I've planned it well.

July 25, 2011

Evil World

From the beginning, I know life is not always running well. There should be obstacles everywhere, every time. I've also known that people are not always be good. We've learned that people can be so evil, mean in their own way. That's all I've already learned, but when it comes down on me, it just bang! Like an unexpected event, with no sign, bad thing happens to me.

I really have no idea, why people can be so evil. When you think you've already done well, and even you've tried to achieve the best from you, there comes people who try to let you down, accuse you with something that you didn't do, spread bad word about you. How come they? There we go, to every human's weakness. Money. When it comes to money, it's like they can do whatever they like. They do everything without noticing, whether people they've blamed is have feelings, have family ( who hurt by their accusation).

Feels so sad about it, but lesson learned. I do believe in God, and I am quite sure that He will protect us, and treat us equally. So, until it comes, may the innocent be patient.

July 19, 2011

Lovely Leave (part 1)

After waiting for a year (with no holiday), finally I got permission for 10 day leave. I got many plans, where to go,what to do, too bad, because it's weekday, it's a little bit hard to get a companion. Thank God, my boyfriend was permitted to take a leave for two days, and with some friends, we went to Tidung Island in Kepulauan Seribu. It was so beautiful place, and most important is you can enjoy the trip with limited budget.

Bicycling around the island

At the bridge, which connects Tidung Island and Tidung Kecil Island

Guess, sunset or sunrise??

At the west dock, when first arriving in island
I stayed for two days and a night, it was tiring day, because we had all activities packed in two days! Bicycling, snorkeling, taking a walk around the island (you can visit the whole island by taking a walk, it's a tiny pretty island!). Well, I definitely want to come back the other holiday. :)
If you are interested, you can visit Tidung Island from Muara Angke port or Marina port. It takes about 2.5 hours to reach the island by ship. There are many travel packaging to there too.

I'll continue my holiday story in next post. Hope it won't bother you! :D