August 30, 2010

Uncomfort Zone

Now I suddenly feel like life's stabbing me from the back. Time besieged from all directions, exhausting, asphyxiating. I often find myself mad at something unreal, gloomy every seconds, and sometimes it's really hard to define happiness. Have you ever wanted to exchange your life, into a totally different life? Wanted to be surrounded by someone else that you are not familiar with, and having contrast life from what you're having now? Imagine that you're someone else, with other identity, other family?

I can't imagine that I have this feeling now,when I am near with my family.  Sometimes your closest people can turn become stranger, that maybe will be your nightmare. You are supposed to be safe, comfortable, but all you want to do is get out of here. You feel that you don't belong to here. Then you start to think how to make time flies fast, how to spend more times outside home, and how can you bring your beloved one near to you, so you can bring your comforts back.

Here, supposed to be my comfort zone, but I feel the way around.