June 12, 2015

Honey, Honey, Honeymoon? The Prolog.

Before the beginning of June Madness, I took a short vacation with Mr. Hubby alone. And what I mean by alone is just the two of us. It didn't start as vacation plan, instead we planned to spend a night in our home (while Zafran was at my parent's), spent whole day by watching Game of Thrones (which I missed a lot because of business). But, about a week before the day, we started to search flight ticket randomly, and suddenly the idea to go vacating popped through our head. How about going to Bali? Or Lombok maybe? At that time, the idea was absolutely absurd, I had no idea if my boss was going to allow me to leave (because of June, of course), and we had no idea level of business my mom was handling at that time, so we stopped talking about it, and focused to what we had to do, because yes, at that time both of us was having hard time at the office.
Two days before the day, I randomly asked my mother if she could take care of Zafran while my husband and I went out of town. She immediately said yes, although I had a lot of hesitation, she assured me not to. So, yay, one step ahead. Right at the office, I asked my boss for one day leave, and she said yes! Buuut, after that, we were so busy so we couldn't book our flight and hotel right away.
Saturday morning we still at our home, and I hesitated to leave our kid at home. Hah, a feeling of mother, right? So, husband soon searched for flight and hotel, and booked it immediately. So now, we had to go. Haha, nice way.
We left home in the middle of the night, took three hours to reach airport from our home. Never had a flight from Bandung (I had actually, but it was with my office), so we lost our way. App didn't help either, sucks because we already saw the ramp in front if us but had no idea which way to go to the airport gate. So, we turned off the app, asked a bunch of strangers, and they showed us a right way. It was already near anyway, but still inside we still find the parking lot hardly, guess next time we'll take Cengkareng instead, babe? Luckily, although the parking lot has very limited space because we arrived very early we still got a space. Way to arrange overnight parking is also more complicated than Cengkareng, but after all finally we finished everything. Bye Java Island for next two days!

So, we took off, got a very nice deal for Garuda Indonesia, arrived at Bali smoothly at 9 am WITA.

And the adventure begin...