May 30, 2011

Way Too Dramatic

I love being dramatic. This is who I am, a drama queen, who like to magnify all small things happen in life. But then I grow up, then realize that I am not a center of universe anymore. People around me are different, they have priorities, duties, more important to just listen my drama whinning and complaint.

So, I try to change. Of couse, I can erase this drama thingy, it still happens, but only to CLOSEST person in my life. Image is important, when you try to work in a team, make sure you're not acting like spoiled brat. It's cute when you're 17 or something, but c'mon, how old are you now?

I remember in college, everyone is ready to assist me. My problem is also their problem, and everbody seems so nice. People unite to solve one difficult problem, and I am safe. When first I step into business world, the first thought in my mind is friends at office are not as nice as friends at college. They measure things, when people at college freely help us. I felt exhausted at the beginning.

But then, then, then.. I realize something. My friends at office, they do try to act nice, but sometimes they just don't have time. They can't help me because they have more problems than I have.

So, time to grow up, everyone! :D Be strong!

May 06, 2011

Acted like 17 while..

1. Angry with my mom. My mom has some fun when teasing on me, but sometimes I became sulky when she did it. It was childish, buuut... well, her teases always drive me crazy.

2. Hanging with my boyfriend. Well, I am the spoiled one in our relationship, but it seems like he does like it in its way, so let it be! :D

3. Watching some cheesy TV series, then talk about it with my friends. Lately, I was addicted with some TV series, like The Vampire Diaries, Glee, and House. Really great distraction for my reading hobbies (sigh). And, suddenly I become a shipper! You know, someone who really loves to pair two characters from the TV series. It's not soooo mature, I am a bit shy to admit it. Well, my favorite one is Finchel from Glee, and Forwood from TVD. Oh, such a kid's job, huh? Well, you have no idea how enthusiastic we talk (me and my friends, who are shippers too), if we had watched recent episodes of whatever then discussed it. Silly, it was like we are not 23 or 24 something (oops), but teenage girls, who screamed against their favorite movie stars. :D

May 05, 2011

Time after Time

It's funny how you realizes time passes rapidly, you are driven by crazy business, and in the middle of the night, you wonder and wish if a day could be 36 or 48 hours-long. Growing up makes me think more often than usual, work harder than usual, and spend personal time to non-personal things. Doing hobbies, socializing, dating, vacationing should be prepared before, estimated carefully, in order not to mess with other schedules. How I miss those day when I could do something without planning first, had holiday without careful estimation of time or budget. Just went.

But, again, we live in the world full of regularity. Follow the rules. Some would said, the rules are made to be broken, but c'mon, it would be one in a billion case. Even, when you say if someone really love their jobs, or do something they love for living, they would never have to work during their life, it's a big mistakes, I think. In my opinion, whether you are designer, banker, artist, web programmer, dancer, writer or whatever (pick your hobbies and add "-er" behind), someday you'll face regulations. Rules, which are made around you. Say it is deadline, or customer's taste, or whatever. You couldn't act like you want, you couldn't build full idealism around you, and say, "It's my world, it's my job, take me of what I am, or leave me". You should compromise, whether you like it or not.

Some people are able to live their live independently, free to do what they want, but I say once again it's a rare case. Compromising is the best way, you don't have to complain all day along. At the end, remember you are so blessed. Have you imagine what if God gives us 12 hours- a day, instead of 24 hours?

Have a good day, good week, and good year,everyone! :D