December 26, 2009

looking back, and found so much love


it's sat nite and i do nothing except staying at home like mommy's nice girl! (yes i am home!)
well, it's kinda boring, so i decide for blogwalking, and notice that everyone (most of them) have made writing about 2009. i have thought about it, but frankly i haven't got any idea, what i must write.

2010 is nearly coming! it's scary, you know? we get older, there will be more responsible thing we face, and hope we're ready for it!
so, what should i suppose to say about 2009?
it's damn hard year. i swear, i've never been in such complicated, curious year for whole my life. i had many changes in my life. Friends, family, love.
met new things. loss the old ones.
many things that i've never imagined before. life is not constant. it changes whether you plan it or no. but, that's what we need, right? change, to get to know that you had became yourself, found whole YOU, who maybe hide behind for all this time.

but, maybe first, i really want to remember good things. i want to start new year with positive thinking, so i thing it's better if we don't look back all the negativity behind. okay, we need to look it back sometimes, but just to make sure that it won't happen again. learn from mistakes.

so, what i love from 2009.

1. i think i become bold and tough. it doesn't mean i was a spoiled girl , but a long this year, i stand my life alone. well, it's not easy. i cried, yes. i had nightmare, yes. but, as i sure, i didn't whim to my mom. i tried my best for ensuring her that i am okay living without her help. don't be wrong, i still need her. MUCH. but, however you call it, i can be autonomous. :)

2. my job. finally, i can deal with it. i start to love it, although sometimes complaining about it. and, when i got removed, and felt depressed, i think i can handle it now. sometimes i get depressed, but with my friends and family helps, hopefully, it's gonna be okay.

3. i've been inspired by someone. here she is. Cassey Bunn. i don't know exactly, i remember read her blog in late 2008. and now, it's like i am one of her fans, or maniacs maybe. i love her blog, i adore her tweets! she's kinda ordinary girl, but she often write some emotional things that makes me wow. i just can't describe it. we live in different place, different situation, but i dunno, sometimes what she say is exactly what i feel. Cassey, you're rock! visit her, maybe you're gonna like her too, readers! :)

4. I wrote a lot! it's so pleasant, coz i never gonna stop writing! i still write in diary too, things that i've been done for years, i never wanna skip a moment in my life. i hope i can wrote more, more, and more in next year.

5. having him. i don't want to explain it more, but.. yeah, having him is one of magical things of this year.

that's it.
i hope you're having great new year, wishing you all the very best things in life!
i love you, kiss!


December 21, 2009

DVDs marathon again!!

back to long weekend (even a bit disturbed with erection of tower crane in my project), i've been sank in dvds again.

1. Hairspray (2007)
okey, me likey this movies! i've watched it like thousand times! :) i just love its sixties style, how Nikki Blonsky sing and dance! she's just drop dead gorgeous! :) i forced my bf to watch it, and he seems like a bit sleepy, but after all he gives 8.5 from 10 for this movie! yipee! :p

2. (500) Days of Summer (2009).
my bf was officially falling a sleep when i watch it. actually, i feel curios to see it, because there's so many tweets in my timeline, share how good and touchy it is. what can i say, it's not ordinary movie. it's not love story with happy ending, but you'll not regret for watching it. so, be it.

3. The Blind Side (2009)
Having a different theme from Avatar, (yeah, i've watched it, and it was incredibly genius! i'll tell you later) i could say it's best drama movie of this year. featuring life of Michael Oher, a footbal player (yes, it is. it's based on extraordinary true story), this movie teaches us how to respect each other. i was delighted by how Touhy family accepts Michael as a part of their family.

4. The Green Mile (1999)
yes, it's our champion!!! how can i missed such as good movies! geez, this movies could make me smile and cry at the same time. i felt it has similar theme as Shawshank Redemption, and found they have same director. i can't tell you more, just watch it. you will learn about affection, love, and how miracle could happen in everywhere, even in the death row.

too bad, i couldn't find 2nd season of Veronica Mars, i'll try to search again next weekend, but i watched two other movies in cinema.

1. Planet 51 is hilarious! i couldn't stop laughing, and being grateful. i looked children everywhere, and thanked God, there are still persons who want to make them movies. they laughed out loudly, i dunno whether they understand tho movies or not. :p

2. Avatar.
it's been 10 years after James Cameron creating Titanic, and he disappears. and suddenly, he's coming back with this magical, breath-taking, awesome movie! holy, my friends keep talking about this movie in facebook, twitter, and blog, i just can't wait to watch it! :)
it's wordless. i don't know words to describe it. the movie is beautiful. readers, please enter the world of Avatar! :)

and, okay, i spam. but i can't take not to write all of this. hope you're enjoying your weekend too, cause we're gonna face it again in X mas!!!

PS. you can read my late work at project at here.

December 15, 2009

sweet past.

i can tell you, it's been long time since i talked about it.but somehow, i dunno why, she texted me this morning, and suddenly remind me of these sweet moments. and bitter too, of course.

well, it's about teenage fling or you can call it a crush maybe. i remember, six or seven years ago when we were in high school, still lame and frumpish, and each had big ego and fell to (thanks God) two different cute boys.

They were special for us, i think. i still remember how we were mad in love with them, and did a lot crazy things. i am a bit embarrassed we had done all those stuffs. we shared a lot of romantic but goofy words in diary, we brought a recording tape to some special events that we might meet those guys.
we were still like a teenage ones, like to flirt with handsome guys, but i dunno, at this time, it would say that we had extra loyalties for these men. we only thought about them, cried for them, sometimes went crazy because of them.
it just, like we want to be so desperate, we want to be dying, just because of them. we didn't care whether people might say we were freak. we just adores them! It were beautiful feeling, so that i can still feel the pain. love is nothing without pain, right? it makes love more beautiful, more precious.

and, you know, readers.
that time, we even didn't consider to find another guy to hang out. the other girls just make it with guys who loved them, but we just couldn't do it. we want it with them. only them!

ridiculous, i know. we were hypnotized so well. ng, even until now, i don't make sure if THEY KNOW that we have those feelings for them. we just let it flow. with no word, no farewell, no love statement.
(well, i did, exactly, but it doesn't matter yet, i won't talk about me, here)

the things is, years have gone by, i can't remember last time we meet with them. those two guys. one day, suddenly, i heard a bad news. one of them passed away. and, he is the person whom my friend crushed on. it's like, even i am not in love, or have any feeling of him, big hole came into my heart. he was my daily life then, when we still shared happiness together, how come can he go as fast as it?
i never get used of it. until now. i will get pretty shocked, if she came and opened a conversation about it. i know, we have ran our new life here, adult life, settle with it, but it's just something that you can left behind, it will always be there.

i miss those moments. i miss sneaking up, and following them right behind their back. i miss recording some foolishness (do you still keep the tape,friend?). and, i miss coming to some parties, and ignoring all the bands while we were busy wrote into our diary. it's damn pleasant!!!

i miss them. those guys. one is on heaven, one is on earth. hello guys, do you still remember us?

December 14, 2009

it's killing me!!

Veronica Mars!!!!!

i dunno if i were too late to know this series, but, bye bye Gossip Girls. Veronica is coming! hehehe.. :)

it's already 14 on December. geez, what have i done, so this year had gone just as it? time flies by, so fast, it gets me breathless. what results do i get? 2010 is coming, and it scares me a bit.

everyone make their resolutions for next year. i must admit, i haven't thought about it already. should i make it? ow, i just remember that i had a 2009 resolution. maybe i should compare between them. plan and reality. yeah, i must do it.

or, maybe i shouldn't take this seriously.

anyone who finish their resolutions? can you share me some ideas that maybe should be done in 2010? :)

December 09, 2009


i found myself creating tumblr account.
okay, maybe it's overload.
it feels like i writing all the time.
i had three blogs (one is rarely updated, sorry), Facebook account (although now i rarely update my status), twitter, and now i am creating tumblr.

really dunno exactly what's happening.
i am feeling ideas blowing up my mind. don't you understand, when you need to express something, but you can't exactly decide where to pour it up, you have no perfect places for it.
i feel it. thousand ideas is sparkling in my head, ready to be written. it just i don't think my blog here is the perfect media. so i search, search, try to find way for placing my thoughts.

is it weird, readers?

-my tumblr page-

December 07, 2009


i just wanna say, i am becoming mad, because there are lot sales around me, but i am on my effort to minimize my expenses! i want to save more, but for god sake, it means no shopping (err..okay, a bit shopping), less hang out, and replace cinema with DVDs!
it'll be going so hard, you know, it's December, and December means YEAR END SALE!!!!

i had skipped many things. Kickfest, Kemang Festival (ergh, i've been waiting for so long, and after all! i missed it! :( ), Book Festival, and others. and now, they will celebrate local designer rule in BrightSpot Market, and i still dunno whether i can come or no ( and buy something, of course!!)

it's killing me, people!!!
wondershoe just produced two new design, and i am so salivating!!!
huff,,,inhale, exhale..

any idea, so i can out off these all shopping stuffy???

and oh guys, maybe if you have spare time, you can visit my new page here. ng, i know, this blog even haven't been good enough, but i can't stand for creating new one! Visit!! :)

December 03, 2009

New Moon

i've met Cullens yesterday night.
i was so exciting before, imagine different movie from the first. Chris Weitz is good enough at Golden Compass, so i put high expectation to this movie.
and well.
on my opinion, i didn't mean to harm anyone, especially Twihard, i am liking Twilight Saga movie also, but the movie was so-so..
nothing special, uh.. lot of cute guys in a night, of course, but beside that, i felt the plot was so slow and boring.
i wasn't blaming anyone. from all books, New Moon is most boring one. it must be hard to realize it in movie form.

anyway, chemistry between Bella and Edward is still number one.
i really love the ending when Edward proposes Bella with no romantic way.
well, best part in this movie, maybe.

still, i can't wait for Eclipse too. it will be awesome, absolutely.