June 30, 2011

Enchanted July

Finally! This June is crazily busy. Totally. Well, I am really glad it's finally over, and we're welcoming July! July is one of my favorite month, mainly because I was born in July, secondary because my boss approved my leave. Glad to know that finally I'll be having my holidays (nine days exactly), although I have no idea where to go, what to do. I've planned some, go to the beach, get complete facial treatment, buy a lot of books, learn to cook, but to be honest, after arranging my schedule, I still have a free week. My oh my, way too excited, even I almost couldn't sleep last night! :D

I am turning 23 this year, how old! I have some birthday wishes, but nothing is more important than this. Will tell you later about it, they said it's forbidden to talk about it, until you're sure that it'll happen.

About my review blog, uh-oh, I feel so guilty. The thing is when first I created this blog, I was thinking that I'm doing something that I love, and I don't want to feel pushed doing it. So, I feel sorry for you, who wait for my posts, but they don't come as fast as you hope. Life happens, and I should prioritize what most important for me. But, you should check these two, Fanda and Ana. Both of them are great reviewer, and I should confess that they inspire me a lot. :)

So, how's your life? Hope it's enchanting like ever!

June 23, 2011


This morning, I was wandering my friend's notes, and found this one *sobs* I miss them! Very much!

Barusan dapet 2 kabar gembira dari 2 temen gw. Satu dr temen KKN Ardan Afwal Maulana yg diterima di pertamina (kayaknya udah lama cm gw baru tau), satunya lagi dr temen kos lama dulu di Semarang Arfiani Lina yg diterima di ODP Mandiri. Very proud to both of you guys!! Suddenly, pikiran gw jadi ke mana2, ke temen2, sekolah, kuliah, waktu yg gw habiskan bersama semua temen2. And here we are, kalo kata dosen gw Pak Agung, sampailah kita pada titik kritis hidup kita yang kedua, menentukan arah jalan hidup mau kerja di mana atau di bidang apa( yang pertama menentukan jurusan kuliah, yg ketiga menentukan pasangan hidup). Setaun belakangan ini gw ngerasain kondisi kritis ini, dan kebanyakan dari temen2 gw, yg notabennya emang seumuran ma gw, juga mengalami hal yg sama. Dan kebanyakan dari mereka(bisa dibilang temen2 seperjuangan) dapet pekerjaan yg bagus track recordnya. Bangga gw! Selamat buat yg diterima di BUMN, Departemen, Pemda, Perusahaan Swasta dan yg meneruskan S2. Buat yg masih berjuang nyelesein TA, ato masih jadi job seeker jangan putus asa. Untuk yg masih mengabdi sama dosen ato belajar kerja, you’re the best from all, gw pernah merasakannya, n itu pengabdian dan pembelajaran yg sebenarnya. Semuanya jangan puas dengan apa yg udah dicapai (semoga gw pun bisa begitu), belajar dan belajar untuk menjadi orang2 hebat. I know u will guys!! Suatu saat nanti gw akan bilang ke anak2 gw “mentri itu kan temen kuliah mama dulu, pengusaha ini temen mama SMA, ketua anu temen maen mama dulu jaman muda, penulis buku itu temen kos mama, artis x ini dulu mama yg nyontekin ulangan, bla..bla…bla..”. Kalo kata temen kuliah gw Risang “dan kita akan berjalan sendiri2” (kurang lebih begitu). Jalankan peran kita masing2 di hidup ini sebaik mungkin. Yang terpenting mungkin bagaimana kita bisa bermanfaat buat orang lain, sederhananya bermanfaat buat orang terdekat, muluknya bermanfaat buat bangsa dan Negara! Ayo saling mengingatkan!

This post was written by Vega Fitria. 
Thank you for reminding me of those great days. :) :)

June 08, 2011

First Love

They say it lasts forever. Well, I am kinda agree about it.
Forever in maybe we'll laugh everything about it, if somehow we are reminded of it, giggle our foolishness and wonder how we could do such a silly things, like obsessed with some (called cool) boys (or girls). Forever in someday we're going to tell our story to our children, and grandchildren, and make sure that they won't repeat the same mistakes, like we did.
We fell in love, then we leave, found another leave, then leave. It's beautiful to have all the stories, because (I think I've said it before), we can forget names, places, time, but we can't forget feeling. The beautiful feeling that we had it before, it still feels beautiful right, even when we don't have it anymore.
So, it doesn't mean you're unfaithful, when you say it lasts forever. It's like we remove a file in a recycle bin, it's there, but we don't need it anymore. :D

June 05, 2011

It's All About Money!!!

As a young, who just start in independent working life (it's almost three years actually), I've tried to support myself without parents help. People may think it's easy, but it's not actually. I am not a spoiled child, my family live properly, we are not rich, but we can't feed ourselves well. :p I could buy stuffs I wanted by saving, my mother rarely buy me stuffs, except on my birthday, or some celebrations, but usually I should work to get it. In my college, I rarely bought any clothes, shoes, accessories, because I used to spend my allowance in books.

There, when I started working and get my own salary, I feel satisfied. A lot. It's a lot of money, and I've earned it by myself (well, although after now, I don't look it as a lot of money, but still I should be grateful). At that time, I thought since I never had chance to buy fancy things, why not now? So, I shopped, shopped, and shopped. Without realizing, I've spent my first year of working without having any savings.

Thanks God, I never had to ask from my parents, think I have big ego for it. But, then, one afternoon, my mother asked me jokingly, how much I have saved throughout my working period. Then, bam! Uh-oh, such an awareness was hitting me, then I think, could I put aside small amount of my payment into saving account? Yes, of course, I can. :)

Now, after almost three years, I must confess that I still struggle with this saving thing. It's still hard for me, although I've specified percentage of saving every months, but when temptations come (shoes and books! they kill me! argh!!), I still did a little cheating, and cut the percentage. Shame on me. But at least, I've tried, and I never miss a month. For saving. Not cheating. Thanks God again, I have a boyfriend, who saves diligently, and always remind me how important saving is.

PS. After learning a lot from books, friends, websites, I've tempted to do some investments, but I've reminded that I still had this short term goal. Hope I can accomplish it one by one, amin.. amin! :) :)