October 01, 2010

Should Be Happier

Life is full of grievance lately. Disappointed but sure, nothing will gonna run straightly, won't it? Now it's time to try to be happier, more positive. It's hard to recognize your fortune, be grateful of what you've achieved. But, not bad if we try. Remember, there are always people who love our existence, even we're doing nothing for them. For example, mother. How could she love us genuinely and unconditionally, where sometimes we can't reply her as much as it should? So, be grateful. Not easy, but worth to try.

Gonna share you a picture from my reunion week ago! They are my elementary schoolmates. It feels good meeting old friends, you see, no matter how far they've gone, no matter how long we've lived our own life, there's an invincible boundaries who can't be erased by time. :)

Happy October everyone!!!