September 01, 2015

So... I was drafting this post in my notebook few days ago, simply because I couldn't get it out off my head, but there was no time to start a blogpost. Really had busy week last week, maybe the busiest week ever during my work time here :p Anyway, here it is.


So itchy to write it down, and too lazy to open a blogpost, so here I am, write semi-draft. Lately, I feel many jealousy and envy towards many people. Some friends who have achieved more. People who have chosen alternative ways and be happy. Some who can exercise more. Vacate more. Feel like stuck here and doesn't improve is worst feeling a competitive person could have. Eating you inside. I know life is different and we should be grateful for our own, and blablabla... but still. I feel bad only saying this, keep finding other people to motivate me, forget that only ourselves could DO that.

And then, I cuddled with my husband and son, under our very own roof, had a good meal and good laugh, and suddenly I feel like, " I am not trading THIS LIFE for another. Like NEVER EVER".

 I know life is not perfect and I am bing very human when feel and wanted more. I don't know if I can have it all. Maybe I can. Maybe I can't. And if I couldn't had it all, I am gonna make sure which side I am gonna choose. And I've already known which side. They said, go out off your comfort zone. I said embrace your comfort zone and make the best of it. Have no idea how long I will be gere, but let's dance in it.

Found jealousy and envy had motivated me enough several times and challenged me to be better. I only have to fid a way to manage it better.

Now back to work! Ayo kerja! :D