September 30, 2010

Saya Nge-Tweet maka Saya Ada

Jadi, seharian kemarin timeline Twitter sudah berubah menjadi ajang pertempuran yang berdarah-darah. Denotatif dan konotatif. Sedari pagi, tweet tentang tragedi Tarakan bermunculan, disusul bentrokan di kawasan Ampera, Jakarta. Seolah belum cukup dengan susunan kata-kata yang membuat bulu kuduk merinding, banyak juga orang yang me-RT foto korban Ampera yang berdarah-darah.

Iya, Twitter adalah social media dimana orang BEBAS mengutarakan apapun pendapatnya. Menulis apapun masalahnya. Sarana pengekspresian diri sendiri. Sarana komunikasi dengan orang lain. Gak ada batasan dalam hal itu (kecuali kalau kita seorang public figure, dimana dengan men-tweet kata-kata yang menurut orang lain kurang pantas, hukuman penjara bisa menanti).

Tapi, seandainya Anda adalah salah satu keluarga, teman dari orang yang wajah berdarah-darahnya terpampang di tweetphoto yang Anda RT, apakah Anda akan tetap semangat menyebarkannya ke seluruh follower Anda? Belum lagi ditambah kutipan bercanda, yang menurut saya tidak pantas diungkapkan, pada seorang yang meninggal seperti itu. Bayangkan apabila Anda adalah anak, keponakan, kakak atau adik dari orang itu. Belum cukup duka yang Anda dapat, kengerian yang didapat dari foto yang disebarkan, ditambah dengan komentar-komentar yang menyudutkan.

Sore harinya salah satu menteri kita muncul dengan tweet yang (menurut saya) offensive terhadap satu pihak tertentu. Tidak salah, memang tidak salah, Twitter adalah sarana mengekspresikan pendapat kita. (lagipula Indonesia "katanya" adalah negara demokrasi, dimana kebebasan berpendapat dilindungi oleh negara). Pro kontra bermunculan kepada menteri itu, mulai dari bahasa halus, sinis, sampai ke kasar menyerang. Saya akui saya termasuk yang kontra, walau tidak sampai menyerang.

Ada yang berkata, kenapa harus diacuhkan? Kenapa tidak membiarkan orang lain nge-tweet seenak dewenya, apabila tidak setuju, ya sudah, tidak usah mencak-mencak, reply, atau malah memulai perang tweet. Saya setuju. Tapi, ada beberapa orang yang berpikir kalo Twitter adalah semacam sarana komunikasi, dimana kita bisa berkomunikasi dengan orang-orang yang sebelumnya tidak dapat kita sentuh. Artis. Penulis. Penyanyi. Menteri. Bahkan Presiden.

Jadi, orang yang setuju, menyanggah, menyangkal, atau "berperang" di Twitter itupun sebenarnya tidak bisa disalahkan. Fungsi dari Twitterlah yang membuat mereka (termasuk saya) "gatal", tidak mampu berdiam diri, me-reply si menteri, dan berharap si menteri mau membaca pendapat kami yang bertentangan dengan pendapatnya. Apakah itu berarti kami melarang si menteri berpendapat? Oh, tidak. Sekali lagi, Twitter hanyalah sarana berkomunikasi. Pendapat orang boleh berbeda kan, setiap orang berhak menyanggah atau menyetujui.

Membalas atau mengacuhkan. Dua-duanya tidak dapat dibilang salah. Setiap orang punya hak kan? Kalau misalnya Anda merasa terganggu, as simple as clicking "unfollow" button on your twitter. :)

PS. I am not following the minister. I know his tweets from someone that I've followed, and I don't feel doing any mistakes by spreading it to my followers. Lebih banyak orang tau, lebih bagus kan, karena akan lebih banyak orang yang berpendapat. Lain hal dengan foto korban Ampera. Akan lebih bagus kalo kita stop menyebarkannya, atau menyebarkan lewat media pribadi. Sedikit empati gak akan menurunkan follower segitu banyaknya, kan? :)

September 28, 2010


When should we know that it's time to stop and give up? I know we shouldn't give up as easy as that, but there must be limit, right? We're human being, anyhow. So, when we know that we don't want into this anymore? How can we differ time to stop and time of whining ourselves?

What's wrong, dude?

It drives me crazy. Nothing annoys me more than bad mood, unfinished report and task, and this crazy gadget!

So, it's my first time purchasing netbook online in No worries, although it's first time, but I've heard many good testimonial from their customer. Beside that, Bhinneka is one of leading computer webstore, so I should have no worries, right?
So, my boyfriend purchased this HP Mini Vivienne Tam edition for me. Weird, after three days, my netbook started beeping weirdly. And, after that, it freezed, and went black. I only opened two office windows, not tough application, so I had no idea what's going wrong.

It happened on and on, and at least I was so annoyed and I almost cried in office, because I should undo my job continously because of its failure.

After that, I asked my boyfriend to go to Bhinneka, and ask my notebook to be exchanged with new one. New one,of course, I didn't any services, I've just bought it for 3 days! So, there he went, and I didn't know if he checked that they really give a new one or no.

I received my "new" netbook.Strangely, when I started to browse, it had my previous history in Mozilla Firefox. Completely. It was my habit to not signing off any accounts if I open it in my personal PCor laptop, and when I tried to open twitter, it directlyopened into homepages. Without sign-in page. Weird, huh? I know, they moved all my datas and document to my "new" netbook, but I don't think it can be applied to password too. As I know, if we change our netbook, we'll receive clean history, and we should re-enter id name and password. Correct me if I am wrong.

So, was it mean that Bhinneka didn't change my netbook? I have no idea, but then my netbook started beeping again like previous "old" one, and went black again. similar like"old" one. My boyfriend tried to contact Bhinneka via phone, messenger, but he turned to be ignored and thrown one to another.

I was running out of time, there are many deadlines to be caught up,and they didn't even want to listen. I didn't know what's wrong with my netbook, one thing I am sure of that it'll be my first and last time purchasing things in Bhinneka.

September 23, 2010


This morning, like my daily habit everyday when I arrive at the office, I opened my twitter timeline (yes, I always open twitter first EVERY DAY, so? it's good chance to see what's interesting today. Example, i found very recent trailer from Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows! check it!), I read a friend's tweet which tickled my mind. The point is, is it true when we're growing up, our best friends will begin to go away from us, and we start our own life, separated, limited communication?

It makes me thinking. Am I? And I realize that it's true. When I am growing up, older, and older, there will be several things, come in life, and become new priority. Job, yes it is. Boyfriend, who will gonna be my spouse, of course I should take care of him seriously. Future planning, what I am gonna do for living, financial planning for my financial kids. Sooner or later, whether you want or no, you have to think all of them.

It doesn't mean that I forget my friends. Our togetherness. Fun. I was having good times with them. Without them, I couldn't be who I am today. It would totally be different me. But when I should arrange new priorities now, it'll be different of 5 years-ago me. Yes, it's annoying to be adult, we aren't as free as before, there are many responsibilities to be handled, but it's all life process. One day, when we have lost our capability to work, we'll face those free days again. Watching our grandchildren playing, gardening, maybe? Every human is living their own process.

And, yes, we're different to another. Maybe, I am kind of person who have this perspective, prioritize one thing above another. But, maybe there are people who can live their life with having fun while working. But I try to balance every aspects in my life. And I do hope that each friendship who have existed in my life, will last forever. Maybe we don't have good quality like it was, but, we can keep it living, right? Gloomy light will be better than darkness at all.

Everyone who has been involved in my life, of course have important role. They play their own part to bring me to this day. No matter how small they contribute, I always know that they have butterfly effect in my life.

I love my friends! Wherever they are, whatever they do, and however long we don't keep contact, I still love you!!!

September 22, 2010

Red and White

Well, when my country is having bilateral problems with nearest neighborhood country, and everyone develop their rage and nationalism, I should be honest that I don't know what's wrong in my head. I am not proud of being Indonesian. Truly. Should I say that if another country offered me its nationality, it will be very possible that I will nod and say yes.

Am I wrong? When everyone compete to perform their nationalism, hold several demonstration, attack the ambassador of our "enemy", I do think that they shouldn't do that way. People act vandalism everywhere, and fighting, as they know what it's all about. Yes, I know, many people were getting killed in order struggling our independence, but still. Never give respect to a country who isn't able to protect their own citizen. Country who doesn't have proper government, and representative parliament whose job is spend our taxes for having fun and shopping abroad. Yes, you maybe say, "Hey, never ask what your country has given to you, but think what you have given to your country", but I don't care. I live here, I work here, I work in government body, I pay taxes to country. Would it be too much, if I ask few kindness from my own country?

September 20, 2010

Anger and Impatience

Should know from beginning, that anger and impatience wouldn't bring any good to our life, but sometimes, in meantime, although we never mean it, it happens. For example, today. I am a kind of people who always complain when Monday comes, hopes that weekend could be little bit longer, and hard to move my body out off bed, because of cold weather and comfort blanket. Imagine how lazy I am today, very not in good mood, and suddenly something's going wrong with my netbook. I  don't know what happen, my netbook keeps restarting on and on. It's annoying, my boyfriend just purchased it three days ago, now, we've already faced problems? So, I start to find someone to blame, and there he is. Okay, he is the one who purchased it, but maybe, who knows? There is always one in a million chance that you are given bad product, but it's not his fault. But all I think is, Oh my God, how could he be so sloopy, and didn't check the product first? So, I become angry, and angrier when I found that I've lost the task I've done before.

He says he's worried, and will try to come back to my place to see what's wrong with my netbook. I say no, but he insists. Now, he aren't able to be contacted, and I feel so much guilty. Where are you exactly?

So, see, once again my emotion beats me. I should think logically,not release irrational rage. At least, rage only bring regret to me.

September 06, 2010

One More...

... good news. My friend from Jeddah has already told me that she's finally pregnant. Alhamdulilah ya Allah, but why do I feel, there are many lucky and happy couple around me? No, I am happy enough, living my personal life, but it feels like something should be changed...

September 02, 2010

White Wedding

Feel nice to know that I still have some spare times to update a little bit post here.

So, here it is. One of my friends is getting married. Make it two. She will get married with one of my close friend too. :)

I am glad. Relief. If only you knew how he was struggling to get her heart, maybe you're going to give him standing ovation. How come? The girl always refuse, say no, even ask him to get away from his life, but no, no, the boy kept insisting (in good way, of course), waited patiently, until now..

Hmm.. I always love happy ending, don't you?

So, when will my time come? I hope as soon as possible. Somehow, I used to think a lot, how can we afford a party, or get life after marriage. What will we do if we are separated because of our job, and do we have any choice to solve expense problem. We save, but still there are a lot things to be thought. Where are we gonna stay? When will we have a baby? Should we plan it or just let it happen?

But sometimes, I think the opposite. Why it took so many consideration? Why can we go on and let Allah do the rest? Human make efforts, but finally God will decide. At least we're trying, aren't we?

Let time answers. And when the answer comes, I do hope it'll be best answer for all of us. :)