February 23, 2017

Today started good. Planned to go to my best friend's house to pick my order (she cooks well, today's order is dendeng batokok). Turned out my mom had a day off so she offered me to babysit Zaf while I was away. Finally could have time off from mothering. Yay. Arrived early so I decided to put my car at car wash. Breakfast with cheesse croissant, glad Eno loved lemon cheese cake I brought for her. Had a good talk, good gossips (hah!). She made me a cup of nice coffee, said it was Palu Coffee. I rarely drink black, so suprised it was so good. When lunch time came, we decided to go out and suddenly went to Cipanas. Unplanned. Had a niiiiiice tasty sate kambing dan sop kambing.. geez that was the best. We went to FO after. And groceries shopping after. Basically it was good day.

Then, when I was going home, I hit a motorcycle. I am trying not to be a jerk here, but he turned without signing first. Geez. Thankfully, we were all good. Then I arrived at home. And I hit my home wall. Accidentally. What the hell. Geez.

And now I am having mood again. The good day.. poof! Gone.

So now I am going to make a toast with thick nutella spread. Screw diet. Screw today. Tomorrow I am gonna regret it. But now, chocolate please.

February 07, 2017


I've had an awful morning. Suddenly son started crying loud when we arrived at his playgroup. It's been three days and I still had no idea why, it was fine before. When I left him, he was bawling his eyes out and called my name over and over. Geez.

It changed my all day mood. So, I decided to write good things happen today instead and hope things will get better.

1. Sunshine! It's been raining and gloomy and dark most of these day.. so sunshine is very welcomed. I could finish my laundry well and run a while.

2. Had a nice coffee. Son got better when I picked him up, so I decided to take him to coffee shop when he could enjoy his spaghetti while I enjoyed mine.

3. Now.. while I am writing this, he just asleep. It means I have approximately an hour free. Let's take a rest!