April 29, 2010

Paris van Java, I am coming!

A month ago, I went to Bandung for having a vacation. Too bad, I just have chance to share with all of you now. It really helped me to refresh my mind, you should do it too! I made no plan, just suddenly decided to go.

These are some pictures of my trip. well, notice it, i am not smart in photography, i have no idea about photos editing, so apologize if you see many shortages in them. It's just for fun!

Yummmmmy one! Actually, I doubt its taste til I smell its sweet-flavor. Hmm.. We were having this one in Istana Plaza, Bandung.

My bestie, Wulan, who just graduated from college. This trip was like celebrating her graduation. Congrats her! We went to Paris van Java, and decided to give a try with Sushi Groove.  Never been before. Actually, they didn't disappoint us, besides an accident include seasonings there. Too embarrassing if I should tell you here. So, let it be me and Wulan's secret forever! :) 

After we had enough, we went to Blitz Megaplex for watching Dear John, a movie, played by Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried. Pretty impressive, especially in Channing's role. Oh, ladies, we all love Channing, don't we? *wink*

Night was coming, and we headed toward Ngopdul, a coffee shop, which located in Dipati Ukur. Rain felt down rapidly, we were tired, so we didn't take many picture there. But, one I remember, I love its chicken wings! (oh, c'mon, to be frank, I love chicken wings, wherever they're served! :) )

I was enjoying those moments, and having some fun! And, I can't wait to do it again! How do you think, Wulan? :)
Anyway, have you had such as enjoyable vacation? Do share with me, if you have place that you think people should be going to!

April 26, 2010

Big Spender

Why do I love shopping so much? Mostly, every girls love to shop, but I feel like uncontrolled in it. I love seeing cute things, petite cardigan, colorful legging, leather bag, and shoes…. Oh, I adore shoes a lot! High heels, wedges, flats, and now I am drooling only by thinking of them.
And books… well, it sounds nerd, I know, but I can’t handle if it involved to books. I have a thousand reasons to allow myself purchasing some books.
Well, I’ve been in love with shopping since I was in college, but with limited pocket money, I should be a smart spender. I was thrifty back then, so I could save some of my money. But, when I was employed, and had my own money, I was like, “Finally, I have my money to shop! My own money!” And I became irresponsible with that. I bought all things that I could afford back then. I became bad saver.
I feel sorry for that. I supposed to save my money. Well, I reserve to have some fun, but it’s too much. I am blinded with my own world. Maybe it’s hidden desire, which have existed from my college time. I don’t know.
Girls out there, do you feel the same? Please say yes to make me better! Or, maybe you can suggest some ideas to make me become smart spender?

April 21, 2010

One of Kartini named Casseybunn

Hello, readers!
for all my friends in Indonesia, I'd like to say
Selamat Hari Kartini!
Let us struggle to be bravest women who can develop Indonesia and make it better country!

One of my project for this day is interview some young authors. I've finished one. Maybe, you've known Cassandra Niki, well-known as Casseybunn. She is a great blogger, talented photographers, and now a writer. I had an interview with her, and you can read full interview here!

April 15, 2010

Top Five of Everything!


1.     The Pillars of the Earth, Ken Follet.
2.     Alchemyst series, Michael Scott.
3.     Godfather, Mario Puzo.
4.     Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins
5.     Shopaholic series, Sophie Kinsella
(Funny to see Harry Potter and Twilight aren’t included into this list. Well, IMHO, they both are good, but not excellent enough to be five highest ranks. And, I don’t mean to be conceited by not involving Indonesian writer. If there is 6th rank, I’ll put Perahu Kertas by Dewi Lestari there.)

1.     Trilogy of Lord of the Rings, Peter Jackson.
2.     Trilogy of Godfather, Francis Ford Coppola.
3.     Green Mile, Frank Darabont.
4.     The Little Mermaid, Ron Clements & John Musker.
5.     50 First Dates, Peter Segal
(I really love trilogy, don’t I? And, yes, I love Little Mermaid. We all love Disney, who on earth doesn’t? Ariel is my favorite princess anyway. And no, I don’t like Indonesian movies. Well, some of them are great, but…well…err… too much for me, I think.)
Websites, Blogs

1.     MINDCUBE and BOOKS of DELA.
2.     thepradonos.com
5.     Sea of Shoes.
(I don’t mean to be so narcissist! I really love my own blogs; they are real description of me. And, surprisingly, four of them are Indonesian blog!)
Twitter Account
1.     @deelestari (Dewi Lestari)
2.     @AdaDiskon (Ada Diskon)
3.     @PreventionIndo (Prevention Indonesia)
4.     @anjinggombal (Anjing Gombal)
5.     @fiksimini (Fiksi Mini)
(Hooray, all of them are from Indonesia!)

1.     Toba Lake, North Sumatera.
2.     Safari Park, Cisarua West Java.
3.     Kuta Beach, Bali.
4.     Mirota Shop, Yogyakarta.
5.     Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur.
(I don’t travel a lot, though I want to. But, Alhamdulillah, I’ve given chances to visit beautiful places above. Criteria for picking up these high-fives are comfort, beauty, desirability to returning a visit.)
Foods and Drinks

1.     Ice cream!!! Whatever its brand.
2.     Strawberry.
3.     Whopper, Burger King.
4.     Elle & Vire yoghurt.
5.     Cimory Fresh Milk.
(Well, I am eating a lot, so it’s kinda hard to write this list. I love many kinds of food, I eat everything! Hope I don’t embarrass myself by confessing it.)
Figures, Idols, Persons
1.     Mommy.
2.     Wulan Indraswati
3.     Rohadi Yusuf
4.     134 people from 2004s civilian.
5.     Blogger friends!!!
(The first person is my mom, who has taught me about how hard life is. She’s most precious things on earth for me. Second, my best friend, Wulan; she has accompanied me since we were little kids. Third is my boyfie. And, forth, I can’t pick one of them! To be frank, I wasn’t that close with all of them, I’ve just befriended close with several people. But, after all, they’re special on their on way; make each other strong, different in good way. Fifth, of course all of you who are reading this post! I love you!)

April 14, 2010

Godfather + Anji + KD + Sailormoon = Absolutely Fun!

In case you are wondering, what I have done in my free time, moreover I still be unemployed, and everyday is kind of holiday for me. Well, it can be uninteresting for you, but I find these latest day are pleasurable. It will sounds excessive for you, but trust me, I never felt so much freedom as I do now. As much as I have sacrificed some precious things, but it feels doesn’t matter anyway for me now.

I am reading a lot now. I was a bookworm earlier than, but time constraint always bounds me. Now, I feel like reading all the time. Fictional ones like The Sorceress and Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland. Comics, I was re-reading all series of Sailormoon. I also love some chicklit, I read Andrei Aksana’s Janda-Janda Kosmopolitan, I actually rarely find fine Indonesian writer, but he’s one of them. Never fond of his books before, it’s a way too melancholic to me, but after he wrote Pretty Prita, I change my perspective. He’s funny, and I don’t know how, he seems to understand what every women want. Kavita Daswani, who creates The Village Bride of Beverly Hills, is excellent writer anyway. Google her, if you have any idea. And, I have addicted to The Godfather recently. I’ve read it for I don’t know, so many times, and I desire to find other Mario Puzo’s book. But, I found that they are out of order, so maybe anyone can help me to find these books? Q.E.D and C.M.B is two of excellent comics that I’ve noticed. Thank for Julian, who has introduced me to Motohiro Katou sooner than in my high school! 

This book teaches me a lot! Read for review, here!

Who says comic is time-waster? You'll learn a lot from it!

I watch a lot of movies. I hunt for old movies; last one I watch is Ten Things I Hate About You. A teen flick, but entertaining one. Maybe, it was first appearance of Heath Ledger, am I right? He’s so young there! But, absolutely charming with his long curly hair! *screaming* And, I went gaga when one day my boyfie came, and brought me trilogy of Godfather! Oh, I really want this! I spent about 9 hours to watch this movie, without pause. It’s as colossal as its book, no regret! Young Al Pacino is terrific handsome, and Marlon Brando is obvious majestically playing his Don role. Maybe, this is one of best movie I ever seen. I repeat, maybe these are THREE best movies I ever seen. 

Michael Corleone and Patrick Verona, hmm..

I am writing a lot. Some people told me that I’m talented in this field, and I was flattered. I am writing for fun, and I enjoy it. Latterly, I take pleasure in reviewing books. I love both reading and writing, so why can’t I compile it? Maybe I am not good reviewer, I haven’t. Maybe, someday I will. But, today, I have much satisfaction by interlacing friendship with other reviewers. Who says Indonesia is lack for reading interest? I find many people are deeply in love with books, and trying to spread it via blog, or twitter. I am on my way doing that. If you’d like to know better about me and my reviewer friends, visit Books of Dela. Sometimes, we arrange free book giveaway, it is good start for loving books, right?

Cera, who always accompanying me all the time, when I was writing..

Some of personal journals. Yes, I love write my diary!

I am taking physical exercise!! I remember, I was complaining a lot about time limitation for taking some sports when I still worked at project. It’s not a lie, or spoiled protest, what happened is I REALLY HAVE NO TIME. Some of my friends suggest taking exercises in the morning, but sometimes I prefer longer sleep because of my overtime works a night before. Maybe, it’s just an excuse, but the truth is I’ve got to work too on Saturday, even sometimes on Sunday. So glad, now I can do my exercise, though it’s only walking, running, or jumping around my house. LOL. I am not the one who really fond of sports, so please don’t tease me. Or, maybe you have any alternative sports for sport-hater like me?

Running shoes!

Well, I do lot things beside what I’ve told you above. I am going to take TOEFL in the end of April, so now I am re-reading my TOEFL practice book. Kind of hard in listening session, but I still work hard on it. And, oh, I watched gossips too! It’s confessing time, don’t you think? A bit low, but it’s funny how we stare at late confession of a band vocalist about his daughter from well-known actress (which is too late, in my humble opinion, please for God Sake, where have you been in previous 9 months??? And, how could you daringly mention how gentleman you are?? Well, gentleman never impregnate woman before marrying her. Oh, of course, it’s only my opinion. ). And a diva’s late statement about her relationship with married entrepreneur. It’s not even surprising me.

Ah, however, how’s your life lately? I do hope you enjoy it, we only have it once in your life! No matter if you stray from a path, anyway who decides our life path? We are! 

April 08, 2010

I was less idea for this moment, but proudly I present you MAGICAL GIVEAWAY!