July 28, 2010

Reminding You..

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July 13, 2010

Night Intense

Suddenly i feel strong power encouraging me to write this night. Honestly, I have no idea what to write, and I am too busy to prepare for exam tomorrow, but the power has been so intense lately, so I give up, and start writing.

I miss Yogya. When did last time I visit there? A year ago? Two years ago? Yogyakarta will always be my favorite holiday spot. I always feel kind of eternal tranquility just with entering the town. Even when I was just sitting and enjoyed windy weather, I could smell nice and exotic-scented around me. Yogya's surroundings is calming me. Never too old. Never too crowd. Never be bored.

Mom, I miss you like crazy. My perfect fan, best friend, half of my life. Life's getting hard, mom. On and on. Being far with you is always be hardest part in my life. I always miss the time when I can lean on your shoulder, hug you, kiss you. How I miss your talkative talks, your strong thoughts. It's me mom, trying to make you proud. Always. I know, I'll never could stand up for these whole time if you weren't there for me. But, there you are. Happy and sad. Far or near. I love you, I love you, I love you, Mom. Let's fighting together, Mom.

Grandma, yesterday I was dreaming of you. It's been long time since you visited me in my last dream. How are you, Grandma? Are you happy with timeless life? Does He keep you well? I believe He does, for a sweet and nice grandma like you were. Sometimes I was remembering time we had spent together. They were beautiful, weren't they? But, sometimes I regret because you can't see me growing up. That's what you always want to do right? See your grandchildren growing up, graduating, married, and starting new life. I really, really, really hope you are able to see me passing those phases. I really wish you could see me on my wedding days. Taking care of my pregnancy. Accompanying me on my delivery date. You were so good on those things, even better than mom. :) How could I do it without you? But I believe you are happy now Grandma. See you later, I love you so much, so deep.

July 03, 2010

Different Perspective

It's nice when I am able to spare sometimes for just sitting in front of my laptop, writing something while accompanying my boyfie watching Germany vs Argentina. I am on Germany team, of course, but too nervous to watch it by myself, scared if my favorite team lose, so I order my boyfie to watch it for me, although he is on Argentina team. :)

My life is okay. Rushing, yes. But I am happy. Meet many new friends, learn new things.

I'll tell you something. Some of my friends regret my decision to start working here. Just because it's totally different from my major. Well, if I don't appreciate them, maybe I'll just go and say, "Mind your own business, please." But, they are my friends. And I love them. so here it is, from the deep of my heart.

I have no regret in my life. For choosing this job. I believe life is learning process. It's a honor for me to be given chance for learning something new. And I believe, any major we've chosen, any lesson we've studied, and wherever you applied it, it'll be good for you if you do it completely. Sincerely. There no wasted knowledge. If I were cumlaude on my major, then I decide to be a house-wife, it doesn't mean I neglect my title, right? we have our own role, different in good way. So, maybe we have own perspective to see it, but you must know it. I never regret it. :)

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