July 28, 2015

Honey, Honey, Honeymoon? Where to Go?

So, before I start, a friend of mine looked at my vacation photos and commented, "Lho La? Kok kesini sini lagi sih? Mainstream amat." Lemme tell you. I love everything mainstream. I love Ariana Grande, love Game of Thrones, love going to PVJ when I visit Bandung. I love Pantai Kuta, whatever people says. I love basically everyone else love. What's wrong with loving something mainstream? So, when we went to Bali, we basically visited everything mainstream, holiday spot, eating spot, hang out spot. Everything's hype in Instagram, we visited. Haha. It's still fun anyway although we didn't go to secret beach or whatever place you found on article titled "Mau ke Bali? Berikut tempat-tempat yang masih jarang dikunjungi".

Where We Stay
Horizon Seminyak. We decided to stay in Seminyak because last time we stayed in Kuta, and now we chose to stay somewhere calmer. Horizon Seminyak is nice place to stay, good rates, and we could reach the beach on foot. We opted to not have breakfast at hotel though, as we wanted to explore some breakfast spots nearby.

Where We Go
So, when we decided to go, we've already decided that it'll be a kind of laid back holiday. I thought we deserved it, not making itinerary (kapan juga ya gw bikin itinerary. Hah!), and just laid back watching television in hotel. Some said, "Sayang banget lo ke Bali nggak kemana-mana", but it was our main purporse, nggak kemana-mana. So, hotel, beach, eating out, hotel, beach, strolling out, beach hotel is kinda resuming our vacation itinerary.

Seminyak Beach
Located just few hundred meters from our hotel, it is lovely and quiet beach (at least less noisy than Kuta). Our hotel have a transport service so if you're too lazy to take a walk, you can use it.

Morning light. Both of us is NOT sunset/sunrise seeker, soooo we just skipped it and spent more time under the blanket :p
Leyeh-leyeh while watching some bules do their morning exercises. Alasannya, kan kita cuma tiga hari disini beb, kalo 2 minggu disini baru deh kita bawa sepatu lari :)))
What we do in the beach: Reading some books (I finished two books in three days, it was achievement since I rarely do that now), munching some snacks, and watching Game of Thrones! (tetep ya...)

Strolling out in Seminyak
Our favorite street is Oberoi, Seminyak. Full of cute stores, boutiques, cafes and restaurants.

Found the place accidentally, we even didn't enter the pura, just enjoy the beach. So silent and desolated, maybe because Petitenget Beach is part from pura.

Where We Eat

We went to Warung Made in Kuta last time we were here, impressed with the food, not with the place. So, we're amazed when we went to one in Seminyak, the place is quite large and nice. The food? Still awesome.

Good place to find seafood, wanted to taste its crab but it was sold out :( So, we opted to have shrimp bag, which actually more than enough! Banyak banget, I can't imagine what Crab Bag looked like.

Next day we're having our brunch here, because almost everyone said it's the best coffee in Bali, period. I didn't give a damn because my coffee vocabulary is limited to Kopiko 78 and McD's ice coffee jelly, but my husband loves coffee. The place was crowded, guess everyone want to have their brunch here. They served healthy juice too, that I liked. The food is good, the coffee is delicious (according to my husband)

Nice and instagrammable. Enough to meet my criteria for eating spot :p Didn't have full meal here though, because we're just having our brunch. Order some tapas and nachos, love love it.

Maybe the best meal we had in Bali (memang ya orang Indonesia ya sukanya nasi-nasian begini). Open 24 hours.

Located in Seminyak Beachside. We picked it randomly because husband wanted some apple pie after watching Masterchef on TV. Zzzz.. But it turned out having a nice pie.

So, that's it. Next time we go to Bali, maybe the itinerary will consist of zoo, marine park, because hopefully we can take Zafran with us. :)

June 12, 2015

Honey, Honey, Honeymoon? The Prolog.

Before the beginning of June Madness, I took a short vacation with Mr. Hubby alone. And what I mean by alone is just the two of us. It didn't start as vacation plan, instead we planned to spend a night in our home (while Zafran was at my parent's), spent whole day by watching Game of Thrones (which I missed a lot because of business). But, about a week before the day, we started to search flight ticket randomly, and suddenly the idea to go vacating popped through our head. How about going to Bali? Or Lombok maybe? At that time, the idea was absolutely absurd, I had no idea if my boss was going to allow me to leave (because of June, of course), and we had no idea level of business my mom was handling at that time, so we stopped talking about it, and focused to what we had to do, because yes, at that time both of us was having hard time at the office.
Two days before the day, I randomly asked my mother if she could take care of Zafran while my husband and I went out of town. She immediately said yes, although I had a lot of hesitation, she assured me not to. So, yay, one step ahead. Right at the office, I asked my boss for one day leave, and she said yes! Buuut, after that, we were so busy so we couldn't book our flight and hotel right away.
Saturday morning we still at our home, and I hesitated to leave our kid at home. Hah, a feeling of mother, right? So, husband soon searched for flight and hotel, and booked it immediately. So now, we had to go. Haha, nice way.
We left home in the middle of the night, took three hours to reach airport from our home. Never had a flight from Bandung (I had actually, but it was with my office), so we lost our way. App didn't help either, sucks because we already saw the ramp in front if us but had no idea which way to go to the airport gate. So, we turned off the app, asked a bunch of strangers, and they showed us a right way. It was already near anyway, but still inside we still find the parking lot hardly, guess next time we'll take Cengkareng instead, babe? Luckily, although the parking lot has very limited space because we arrived very early we still got a space. Way to arrange overnight parking is also more complicated than Cengkareng, but after all finally we finished everything. Bye Java Island for next two days!

So, we took off, got a very nice deal for Garuda Indonesia, arrived at Bali smoothly at 9 am WITA.

And the adventure begin...

May 05, 2015

Family Trip: Kuntum Farmfield (Lagi!)

.... see previous post to read our experience strolling through Kebun Raya Bogor!

Kenapa lagi? Karena dulu udah pernah! Asumsi Zaf udah makin gede, rasanya dia udah makin ngerti dan makin seneng dong disini. Harga tiketnya naik jadi Rp. 30.000,- per orang (anak dibawah 2 tahun masih gratis), tapi tetep worth it! Jadi dibandingkan terakhir kesini, Kuntum sudah mengalami perluasan di bagian belakangnya. Kebun untuk petik sayuran organiknya makin luaaaaas (ngga lebay, serius luas banget), dan sekarang malah ada lahan untuk naik kuda segala. I love it, love it, love it!

Zafran gimana? Seneng dooong diaaa.. liat bebek sama ayam. -___- Yang lain biasa aja ga gitu tertarik. Kambing iya sih, dikit-dikit. Waktu terakhir kali dia masih umur enam bulan juga dia sukanya sama bebek/angsa. Konsisten yaaa...

Kaaaan... maksa masuk diaaa.. :))))

Kandang ayam, favorit Zaf. :p

Ini yang saya bilang perluasan kebun ke belakang. Keren.
Difoto malah main cilukba.
Yang dibawah itu lahan buat berkuda,

Definitely will come again! Bosen ngga ya Zafran? Saya pribadi sih ga bosen, dua trip sama-sama excited. Mudah-mudahan terus istiqomah yaaa yang punya Kuntum.