March 31, 2009


i love planning. i don't believe that success comes from accident. yeah, maybe sometimes, but once again, i do believe, that everything, if you wanna get the best, just do preparation, preparation, preparation.

heck, what the worse is people sometimes change in last seconds. they forget their plan, they just change. whether if it goes to better way, and give the best result, i still hate it. i love keeping on my way, make it straight, without any differential in plan.

ok, to the point..
the thing is..
this morning was so hectic, and i was getting lost.
my boss (hopefully, he can't read this..hihi..) suddenly got some straightening to do, changed my schedule, which i've done hardly this week, darn!
i hate hectic in the morning!

for people who get mad with your boss, read this. it helps.

March 24, 2009

The Fountain Show

remember when you saw Disney's cartoon for the first time, and felt magic swinging around you, birds suddenly appear?
that's exactly what i felt last day when i saw fountain show in Grand Indonesia..
that was so amazing. . . for real. . .

i couldn't stop smiling, when lotsa bubbles dropped from the ceiling... beautiful. . . .

here the videos. .

March 23, 2009

1000 visitors..!!!!!!!!!!!


finally i got 1000 visitors!

ga nyangka aja gw, secara blog gw termasuk yang amburadul, dan hellooooow... i am not a celeblog like any other ones..

jadi inget pertama kali ngeblog,

waktu itu,

nenek gw meninggal.

beliau orang kedua yang paling deket di dunia ini sama gw. great granny, talkactive, but really nice..

dan, perasaan gw waktu dia pergi..


dari dulu gw selalu nulis. i am a diary girl. di rumah, gw punya satu kotak besar, yang isinya buku diary dari sejak gw 5 tahun. kelas 1 SD. tapi, pas nenek pergi, rasanya gw ga cukup bilang ke diary gw. sejak itu gw bikin blog.

gloomy banget ya?





March 19, 2009


yesterday was amazing and hope today is too.
the thing is...

my mood.

it swings, it jumps, it turns becoming something that i am not sure i'll recognize. i am not talking about bad mood. i am having something else. and dunno what's the name.

remember when i told you about the crisis? quarter life crisis. i hesitate, i doubt, but finally i'll start to think, maybe i am on it. i've googled it, and look what i've found.

The quarterlife crisis (QLC) is a term applied to the period of life immediately following the major changes of adolescence, usually ranging from the early twenties to the early thirties

and now i am 20.

i've search some emotional aspects that could happened, and check it out.
* feeling "not good enough" because one can't find a job that is at one's academic/intellectual level
* frustration with relationships, the working world, and finding a suitable job or career
* confusion of identity
* insecurity regarding the near future
* insecurity concerning long-term plans, life goals
* insecurity regarding present accomplishments
* re-evaluation of close interpersonal relationships
* disappointment with one's job
* nostalgia for university, college, high school or elementary school life
* tendency to hold stronger opinions
* boredom with social interactions
* loss of closeness to high school and college friends
* financially-rooted stress (overwhelming college loans, unanticipatedly high cost of living, etc.)
* loneliness
* desire to have children
* a sense that everyone is, somehow, doing better than you


look the bold ones. oh, great...

with confusion,

March 16, 2009

adelaide sky

ADELAIDE SKY lyrics Adhitia Sofyan
I need to know what's on your mind
These coffee cups are getting cold
Mind the people passing by
They don't know I'll be leaving soon

I'll fly away tomorrow
To far away
I'll admit a clich?
Things won't be the same without you

I'll be looking at my window seeing Adelaide sky
Would you be kind enough to remember
I'll be hearing my own foot steps under Adelaide sky
Would you be kind enough to remember me

I'll let you know what's on my mind
I wish they've made you portable
Then I'll carry you around and round
I bet you'll look good on me

I'll fly away tomorrow
It's been fun
I'll repeat the clich?
Things won't be the same without you

I'll be looking at my window seeing Adelaide sky
Would you be kind enough to remember
I'll be hearing my own foot steps under Adelaide sky
Would you be kind enough to remember me

I've been meaning to call you soon
But we're in different times
You might not be home now
Would you take a message
I'll try to stay awake
And fight your presence in my head

I'll be looking at my window seeing Adelaide sky
Would you be kind enough to remember
I'll be hearing my own foot steps under Adelaide sky
Would you be kind enough to remember me

LyricsBay | ADELAIDE SKY lyrics Adhitia Sofyan


March 15, 2009


great weekend!!!!

diantara revisi yang menggila.. (okey, gw berlebihan, mudah-mudahan si perevisi gak ngerti caranya blogging.. he..piss) seneng banget gw bisa kabur bentar, abisnya suasana kantor udah beneran bikin mumet. hahahaha..
pingin banget nonton Confession of a Shopaholic, tau kan..yang diangkat dari novelnya Sophie Kinsella, tapi berhubung temen gw ga suka film chick flick gitu, akhirnya gw nonton film Push deh,,
sempet pingin liat Will Smith di Seven Pounds, tapi denger2 filmnya mengharu biru..
inget terakhir gw nonton film LOVE, dan gw nagis-nangis kejer ga keruan.. huaa..maluuu.. tapi gimana lagi gw orangnya emang haruan (and so dramaaaaa queen), akhirnya gw mutusin buat cari aman aja deh, nonton Push..

abis nonton di Citos, sempet kabur dulu ke Plaza Blok M, and thanks God ada The Body Shop disana. Body Mist gw yang Pomegranate udah lama abis,,tapi ternyata pas nanya ke mbaknya, dia bilang Pomegranate Fragrance itu limited edition! aduh, bete banget, padahal gw udah seneng banget.. tapi, pas mbaknya nunjukin special edition yang paling baru (namanya Oceanus, kalo ga salah), woow,,,ternyata enak juga! jadilah gw pake Oceanus itu..

great weekend, once again.. but after all, sigh,,
udah ah gw ga mau ngeluh..

spending beautiful and warm Sunday at the office ($%^@#&$#@%&^!!!!^%$#%^@)

siangnya gw ketemu tika, dan dia kemaren malem abis nonton Confession of a Shopaholic sama mas Anwar. dia bilang baguuuuus.... gw rada sedikit nyesel.. =(
malemnya, ketemu Nina yang abis nonton Seven Pounds, dan dia bilang dia nangis! thanks God, gw ga jadi nonton film itu..

dan pas gw jalan ke PIM, di Body Shopnya ada body mist Pomegranate! yaaaah... tau gitu kan gw belinya di PIM aja..

March 12, 2009

dolphin, missing, messy

(pics taken from here)

yay.. have you ever seen another beautiful creatures like her??
i've fallen in love since the first time i look at her.. (oh..c'mon La, stop calling the dolphin with female gender.. he.. but i like it! u don't mind, do you?)

gw jadi pingin liat lumba-lumba deh..
nope, i am not addicted with dolphin, they are cute enough, i love them, but i am pretty sure that i am not mad in love with them. some of my buds are crazy in love, so that they collect everything about dolphin and fulfill their room with blue and gray dolphin thingy. ow.. i am not that kinda person.

however.. have you realized... she is pink! yup, pink, sweet, innocent dolphin. i wonder, is it real picture or have they changed it with photoshop or any other programs? no idea. but, if she is real, i really wanna meet her. for real.

okey, let's talk another thing.
gw kangen banget berdebat. tapi sama orang itu. dan harus sama orang itu. never find in my life, people who can offsets me in quarrel. ohhhh.. crap, gw kangen sama dia, and i am totally feel losing, even i post it in my blog.

gw mulai ngaco,,tulisan mulai ga jelas, dan ga tau arah. messy. that's all folks for today.

March 06, 2009

ga tau mau kasi judul apa buat postingan hari ini.

sebenernya juga gak tau mau nulis apa. the only reason for writing here is i just need some break within this madness. (i am not melancholic! i am talking about my job!)
rasanya akhir-akhir ini kerjaan gw menggila banget, tapi mungkin juga gw yang belom kebiasa sama hal revisi merevisi ini.. i need more time to adapt, hope everyone could favor their help..amiin..

alhamdulilah, masi ada waktu kosong diantara bikin metode, ngeblog dan fesbukan, jadi ga gila beneran. cuma, gw lagi kehilangan seorang temen cela-celaan ni... biasanya gw capek sendiri berdebat sama dia,,sekarang dia ilang dari dunia maya. feeling gw sih ga kebagian koneksi internet dia..hahahaha.. yah,,mudah2an dia segera diberikan kemudahan disana.

alhamdulilah juga, masi bisa hanging out sama temen-temen gw, walopun kemaren luntang-lantung ga jelas, nonton engga, dan akhirnya nyangkut di timezone. huaaaa.. wasting time banget, but anyway, i am happy.

oya, uda lama ga posting foto, boleh narsis bentar gak??
liat foto2 gw kemaren yah...

desta.. the driver. . .

the battle anis vs. budi..

heri, the narcissus

budi, the shooter

yes, we are!!!

ga ada ide banget deh mo nulis apaan..

anyway, besok long weekend!!! pingin nonton Java Jazz, tapi ga ada temen, semuanya mau mudik!!! huhuhuhuhu... Mraz, i am so sorry!!!
akhirnya gw mutusin balik deh! Gila Jakarta-Sukabumi cuma 4 jam, tapi gw uda sebulan ini ga balik rumah. Dan uda ampir 4 bulan ga ketemu Wulan! oh well.... see u Lan!

March 04, 2009


it feels strange, when everyone says that you turn becoming melancholic.
am I? Drama queen, yes. but melancholic?
the fact is i had had bad mood this whole week. mostly because my pms (who came earlier, i dunno why, maybe i was too tired), but there were any other stuffs disturbing me. i won't tell you, i am tired of people caring about me. that's kind of them, but sometimes i got mad, if they keep questioning me with same questions.
i had bad week. emotions was swinging around, killing without pardon. maybe i just need a little break.
and i need a bit privacy. privacy, hellowww, where are you? i need to hide, even from my closest friends.