January 29, 2010

TGIF (Announcement for Giveaway!!)

hi all, how're you doing?
i am still eventful anyway, but still, i can't refrain to inscribe any post here.
so here what i'd like to tell.

maybe, you have no ideas, but one of my passions is book. i love reading books! My mom bequeaths her reading hobby to me, she never gave me any dolls or toys when i was kid, she always brought me newspaper, magazine, and book.
so, now, i grow up with unlimited affection to books. i read fast! i used to spend a book in a day, paused only when i have to eat or bath, but now, when i am required to work, i have to minimize my reading quantity. sad, of course, but what am i supposed to do? :)
just be grateful, that i still can purchase several books in a month, though i can't afford imported ones. it's so expensive! maybe, you can tell me, where can you buy secondhand import books?
the matter is it must be exciting if i can share my intention of books to all of you. i made Goodreads account, but it seems like only few of us own it. so, i decide to create new blog, for contributing what i've read. yes, it's like book's reference, i can't describe better, maybe you should visit it.
so, here my new blog, it will contain references of my favorite book, or what i am currently reading. i plan to create some giveaways too, of course if you're interested.

so, feel free to visit below links.


there will be giveaways, free books for all of you soon, so always follow my blogs! thank you for all, and i wanna say, "Thanks God It's Friday", although i believe tomorrow isn't already a weekend for me. :)

January 25, 2010

I Win Giveaway!!

yay! this morning, when i opened this blog, i found that i am the one who win her January Giveaway!
i am so excited! in fact, i never ever win any giveaways or quizzes in whole my life!
do you wanna know what i win?
here it is..

cute, isn't it?
thanks a lot for Noomie! i heart it! smooch... XXX

January 18, 2010

Sat Nite Fever!!!!

Do you believe if i had to work in Saturday night?
i was on my way home from Cheese Cake Factory Tebet with my bf, we so much enjoyed time which spent there! have i told you that i really love cheese cake there? it's adorable, not too sweet, but smooth enough. :)

we chatted inside cab, and suddenly my phone was ringing, and, oh, here he was. my boss. he was a bit worried of my project condition and asked me to witness excavation's progress there. i was like, oh..well, i am on my date boss, but he insisted, and of course, it's my responsible too, so i said to my bf if he mind to accompany me there, he said yes, and there we were, continued our date in my project.
here some pics from that night.

me, actually, had created a blog to share my job, in case you are curious of what exactly am i doing for this time? so you can also visit here, if you mind. :)

funny things happened, while we're having our pizza, i asked a waitress to bring me a bottle of mineral water, and she came back with a green bottle named Equil in her tray. okay, call me hick, but i never drink such as drink all my life. So, we're debating, and bet how it's price. it's imported from Switzerland, geez, for prestige's sake, we must import "plain water" from Switzerland? okay, however, it's only worth IDR 15,000, far away from our approximation, but still, i think it's better for us, using domestic product. indeed, it is.

So, how's your Saturday night, readers? share with me, and hope you can face this Monday well, because i usually hate facing it. :)

January 16, 2010

my first time is..

it’s been a while since the first time i post my writings in this e-world. I remember, first time i was creating my blog here, is when my grandmother passed away. It was shocking, cause she didn’t get sick before, and it’s awfully tearful, i was so close with her, and i didn’t get chance to meet her for last time. that year i was in college, far away from my hometown. i was successfully disoriented, feel miserable. along time before, i always write my journal in a diary, i have a big box full of my diaries, started from i was elementary school. i wrote about her over, over, and over, but still, there’s pain which left behind. and, suddenly, i came to nearest computer, and started creating new blog account. it’s my first posting, nothing inside but my grandmother.

So, there i was, start to opening my writings to everyone, whereas i always keep my writings as secret before. my diaries was totally restricted for everybody, i was so introvert, and now, i would like to start a blog? what would i share? but, however, it’s been there for two years, and i always have idea to post. :)

one times, there were so many ideas inside my heads, like it could explode anytime. even, i didn’t know what to write first, and what will follow. i wrote in hurry, afraid that everything will be lost, if i didn’t pour them soon. it’s all in my head! so, i started to make another account, to keep them tidy, and straight. i know, my archives is messy, but still, i’ve tried my best.

first, i write for myself. no matter what people say, i don’t care. i just want to write, and here it is. my writings. why then do i blogwalk there, and there, it’s all because i want to share. it’s okay, if people don’t like my idea, but i enjoy reading what they tell about life, what they do in daily life, and every creativity they make. i like to see how varied people are, how they can describe themselves in a writings, in a picture, in a blog. it’s fascinating me. some people just want to share their minds, some people give important info, some creating funny things to be enjoyed and laughed. some of them make community, where they can meet and hang out together, though they haven’t met before. see? how many things can change, just because of a writings? i’ve befriended with some nice people, maybe i won’t recognize them in real world, but who cares? their writings always make me comfortable, and it’s enough for me. they color my day, and i always treasure new things from them.

promote myself? i never have any such ideas. i visit them for giving my minds some clues for writing, and if they visit me back, it’s just a kind of them. it’s like bonus for me. i enjoy their caring, but it doesn’t mind, if they don’t same things as i do. i give comments, cause i appreciate their post. i don’t care if they don’t comment my writings, i’ve already appreciated mine. if they do, i will smile, and send big thanks, because they add appreciation to my work.

so, here, how blogging can change my world. it would never be same again. i thank for people who always keep their mind on tracks, and keep writing whatever it takes. you don’t have to create masterpiece, a simple one would make me delighted, as long as you write from your heart. never get enough, always want the best for your life, and live your life happily.

Happy Saturday, everybody! :)

note. repost from my tumblr.

January 15, 2010

Beauty Concept

i had chat with my married girlfriend yesterday, and suddenly she told me that i am bit careless with my appearance. i rarely visit salon, never pay attention to any skin caring, or even follow any body training.
and, suddenly, this question appear in my mind, am i beautiful?
before this, i always have high confidence. i never aware what things i must do to take care my "beauty". i always live like this. simple. as long as i take shower every day, brush teeth, wash my hair, i already thought it's enough.
but, apparently this era has changed. so many things come up, and we must pay attention to things that we never realize. type of body caring is varied more than before, and i realize how late I am.
okay, my friends always tell me that I am funny. attractive. talented. but i wanna be called beautiful. i wanna be told pretty. let's we forget about inner beauty, in my humble opinion, inner beauty is a must! but, let's watch outside look. is it satisfying you?
i don't want to push any bad idea into your mind, i just keep writing what i feel. suddenly i want to be beautiful. i want to carry on it whatever it takes. i want to pay more attention with myself, something that i almost forget to care. don't get me wrong, i still emphasize "beauty comes from inside", but still.. please, understand it, you'll get best feeling, when someone tell you that you beautiful.

one thing we should remember.
beauty is relative. everyone have their own side of view about it. so, first, before starting my new mission of this beauty-changing, i want to grow more confidence in my mind. and heart. that if someone disagree of your beauty, it doesn't mean another one have similar thoughts. in our country, most of girls desire to have perfect white skin, but in different hemisphere, tanning black is one of most hip skin color. now, every teenagers compete to be skinny, but you have no idea, someday curvy will be trend again.
that's different for every people, every point of view has its propriety. and now, it's my turn to choose what steps would i like to take, to improve my beauty. i say improve, because i know, though sounds cliche, but every women must have their own beauty. it's fated. predestination.

so, how about you? have you ever felt lack of self confidence, like i feel now? how do you resist it?
or maybe, you have any idea of beauty concept? please share with me, i would be delighted.

January 13, 2010


i feel tired.
it's actually no matter what time do i go home every day, but more to how depressed I am. am i not as strong as i think?
it isn't fair to complain, cause many people feel worse way than me, work hard for living, for everyone they love. it's unavoidable, you must ready to face it, soon or later. cause, when you're growing up, you add responsible to yourself, and make sure that life is not for YOU only, it's about everybody.

but now, all i wanna do is complain. i wanna live my live in other people's way. go home at 5, crawling under the blanket, chat with friends and family, hang out when the night comes. i hope i still have power remains at the end of the day. the fact is i am too tired to do anything in the night. go home late, bath, and turn on television, just to press the "sleep" button, not to watch it. What a miserable life, huh?

i know i must be grateful. i am lucky. more than anyone. i should be happier. so why, i always feel something lost?

he's my general super intendent. 60 years old, grandpa with two grandchildren. hard worker. often work overtime, almost everyday. no holiday for him, even on Sunday. one day, when we walked together to project at afternoon, he said to me, "Mbak, liatin deh, orang-orang mah udah pada pulang kerja.." and i was like, oh, yes, they did! and we can't do it. we can't! there's a lot of thing left behind, and what do you think if we go and left it?
he's awesome. i swear to you, he's enormous. most of my team are. :)

ps. sorry for this random post. i am on my lowest position, feel depressed with my work, failed with my outer relationship. i hope you can understand. :)

January 11, 2010


it's been like forever since last time i update my song playlist. i must admit that i don't follow trends yet, i still hang to '90 music, i hear George Benson, Bad English, and Air Supply almost every day! too bad.. :(
So, i decide to get some helps from friends, who are pleased to share their favorite songs. i've already heard some of them, and fell in love.
so, consider to get these tracks.

1. Empire State of Mind (Jay Z feat Alicia Keys)
2. Trouble is A Friend (Lenka)
3. She's Like The Wind (OST (500) Days of Summer)
4. This Is Me (Demi Lovato)
5. Stay Close, Don't Go (Secondhand Serenade)
6. Try Sleeping with A Broken Heart (Alicia Keys)
7. Anna's Song (Silverchair)
8. The Man Who Can't Be Moved (The Script)
9. I See You (Leona Lewis)
10. Never Knew I Needed (Ne-Yo)
11. Two is Better Than One (Taylor Swift feat Boys Like Girls)
12. Coba Katakan (Maliq and The Essential)
13. Paparazzi (Lady Gaga)
14. Coba Bayangkan (The Dance Company)
15. Love Story (Taylor Swift)
16. Single Ladies (The Chipettes)
17. Kucinta Kau (BCL)

well, it's only some of them of course, i can't wait until i listen all of them.
and, please, if you have some favorite tracks, share with me! please, help me from this blindness! :p

PS. i love downloading some old songs that frankly i never heard before, and some cover songs. listen!
1. Jamelia - Numb (cover version from Linkin Park)
2. Evanescence - My Immortal (rock version)
3. Jesse McCartney - She's No You
4. Jackson Five - I Want You Back
5. Demi Lovato - This Is Me
6. NeYo - Miss Independent
7. Miley Cyrus - The Climb
8. Carole King feat Louise Goffin - Where You Lead
9. Steven Curtis Chapman - Remembering You

January 05, 2010


have you ever felt tired of what people expect from you?
perfection, completion.
but, after all, have you ever thought that maybe you are expecting more too from another. you hope more, you hope getting more.

i didn't make any resolution this year. should i?
all i wanna do is give more.
cause, real happiness is coming from giving, not taking.
it sounds cliche, but i bet you never think about it deeply.
what we ask, what we wish, what we get from another, it can be disappear fast, meaningless, even you haven't got time to enjoy the taste. but, if you give, it makes you richer, makes you meaningful, and you will sense it forever.
and, as my friend always say, "it's not about what you get, it's what you give"
yes, it is.
you won't get satisfied if you're trying to get some, you'll hope more, because we're human. we will always have passion, we're greedy.
so, we must give.

try to start first with yourself. try to give to YOU. your soul need you. to all hard-worker, give yourself some refreshing. take a book, sit beside your lovers. enjoy the time. turn off all gadgets, try not to think about work. or school assignment. exam. whatever.
if you feel enough with yourself, share it with everyone else. family. best friends. boyfriend. girlfriend. they need you. Don't put high expectation from them. you are the one who must be expected.
it's hard, cuz we used to be given. we used to be thirsty of attention. we used to think we deserve better. of course, you all deserve it, but however, think first, what have you done so you deserve it? have you done a thing?

so, now readers, let's give.
give more, hope you can get better. :)

January 04, 2010

happy nu year!

it's so late!! i know, i know, while everyone were busy, posting their nu year eve, tweeting happy nu year, i was on my way home to Sukabumi, which means holiday, and tried not to connect to any account. ( i checked my facebook, once! :) )
how about resolution? i didn't create any, how lazy! :)
all i hope is everything will be going well, and i can save more. i realize, in 2009, i was a big spender, so hope this year it'll change. wish me!

2010 will be a busy year for me! it's my first day work, and i've been bugged with various questions from my superintendents. great! indeed, i prefer staying at my bed, reading Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick, which i can assure, will be next hip after Twilight Saga. don't get me wrong, i still love Cullens, but Patch with his witty attitude has made me fallen. :)
read it! i've got good reference from Sitta Karina, so believe me, you'll enjoy it.

what else, what else?
gotta back to work. see you soon. i love you..smooch!