December 29, 2011

Pursuit of Happiness

Inspired by this and this, well, I try to make few simple things that could make me happy. Life crowds make us forgot that sometimes little things could make us smile and happy.  So, for me I am happy today because of.....

1. Tried to listening some new musics, given by a friend and found them interesting. Although never hear most of them for all of my life. :D
2. Having a clear and fast internet connection at office.
3. Receiving a beautiful wedding invitation from a friend. I can't believe he sends me one, seeing in fact we're not that close. :)

4. My pre-wedding photographer posted some behind the scenes from our session last Saturday. Happy to see them. :)
5. Laughing out loud of some unimportant conversation that I can't even remember what, with my office mates.
6. Light rain at the morning. Make today's beginning is so different.

So, when you are gloomy and having a bad day, remember what's you've been through and try to find little happiness among them. Have a nice day!

December 28, 2011

Moving On

I wanted to write so bad, but it was so bad even I hesitated to call it a writing. It was more than a rambling.
I dunno how many times people had left me in my life. People come, people leave. I even don't dare to say that true love does exist. Bad experience, I guess. So when someone come next to me, and I feel comfortable with them, I feel frightened too. What if they go away? What if they stop loving me?
Yesterday, I read a book, written by Raditya Dika, a writer from Indonesia, titled "Manusia Setengah Salmon". It told me a lot about moving on. That people have to move along their life. Kids grow up into teenagers, teenagers become mature, old, and die. We love someone, and move, and love again, and move again. We can't say exactly where we have to stop, because we don't know. We only feel that maybe it's the right time to move.
So, when someone stop loving you, when someone leave you, maybe it's time for them to move on. Whether you're ready or not, you've given chance to love them, and by the time they go, you can only make sure that you have gotten out the best from you. You can try to stop them, you can try to deny it, but the best thing you can do is keep moving on.
So, being left and disappointed is another life experience, huh? Chin up and smile. There are always good things waiting for you in new place.

December 14, 2011

Maroon, Gold, Green, and Baby Pink

A friend was throwing her wedding party on previous Sunday. Decide to go there, although it's quite far from my town, in order to meet her and my other friends. We befriended because we were on same batch when we had our training at our office.
I can't tell you a lot, let the pictures speak. Though I'd like to say that she is so beautiful, I couldn't even recognize her at first. So, pictures!!!

Had no idea what's in our mind when we decided to make similar gown to be wore to Arundina's wedding. It's kinda cute, tough, so we don't regret it. And the gift, is from our batch, we both only coordinated it.
First comes! It was sooo nice to see them all, it's been a long time since we met.
The bride and groom! They are gorgeous, aren't they??
After the couple entered the aisle, it's time to mingle and EAT!!
It's us, ladies! :)
Full team!
We had been called to the aisle to take pictures with the bride and groom. The most awaited moment! :p
Cool pose. I just realized that in second picture, the bride was having fun facial expression. Sorry, you're still the prettiest woman there, dear!
Ooooh, attitude please, guys!
Satisfied with delicious dish and few captures, we still spent more time to take pictures at the outside. Geez.
They prepared the background sheet, but when we arrived, the photographer hadn't came yet. So, we took initiative, and took pictures by ourselves. :)
The Ugly Truth.
Actually I came with my boyfriend. It's just... a friend came and brought her D-SLR cam, and because this was kinda our reunion moment, my boyfriend offered himself to be an impromptu photographer, confidently, because actually he has less skill about it. But I was impressed with his sacrifice, he went there and there taking pictures, such as hired one, and ended with less being captured. But, Eno, such as good friend, took some pictures of us, and believe it or not, they are only pictures of him for all day long.
My Man!! :D
Happy Wedding, Dela Arundina! Have a good life ahead! :-*

December 07, 2011

Going with Rambling

Feel a little bit numb lately. I walked a day without knowing what I've been passing, it's like gazing through abstract exhibition, you've finished it but have no idea what you seeing.
I was sitting, hours by hours, trying to finish some unfinished business. And the worst of that is I keep forgetting what to do, my brain is rebelling, folders  of mind keep disordered.
I've been through worst. Been through worse moments than today. Should remember how to gain some strengths, some confidence, and I am not big fan of self motivation book. Screw them to tell us how to live. I do think everyone have different life, customized one, so none could generalize your life. I believe it's okay to complain sometimes. It's not like none has ever complained about their life, or job, or lovers. Complaints reminds us how lucky we are, to feel, to have own opinion, to be free to say something.
So, I am gonna hang on as long as I can. Moreover, I read somewhere, only the dead who have no problem. Really? I am one of people who believe life after death, theory which says that we are responsible of what we are doing now, assessed by good and bad things we have done. So, the dead sure still have some businesses down there, right?
I've rambled much. It is the result when you need a distraction from your super busy meaningless life. Some of them dancing, some of them singing, some of them reading. I am writing. And rambling.
Keep trying to make your life count. Do tell me how you cope when you think that your life feels so bored lately.

November 18, 2011

Crafty Missy Etsy

Inspired by a friend of mine, I got a new hobby now! Etsy! I can't believe how I've been missing Etsy for this time. I've known it for long time,but I am not interested in that, until... yesterday. A friend of mine made some purchases, and I started to browse through their collection, and they are all fabulous.
Still have no intention to buy something, but looking so many cute things make me happy! So, these are some things that I've been favoring.
Bird Nest Ring Bearer

Handmade Rustic Journal
Antique Victorian Gold Emerald Cut Pink Tourmaline Ring
Harry Potter Golden Snitch Watch Necklace
Blue Vintage Clutch. I want this one!!!
Silk Clutch in Ivory
Kitchen Art Italian Pizza Chef
All pictures taken from

Ah, beautiful stuff can make us happy, can't them? Etsy makes me happy! Happy Friday, everyone!

November 08, 2011

Better than Bloodline

One thing I've learned about friendship for these years, that there are really many various friendship. You can't force what friendship you're into, instead letting it flow and be what it be.
Friendship could be suck and annoying, even involves some backstabbing. Whether some of you wonder, "how could it called friendship", but I assure you some think that it's really worth it. I have many experience of this kinda friendship, I even confuse myself why even I try to maintain this relationship while I know sometimes (s)he could speak behind me, or do an inconvenient act who disturbs me. The thing is maybe I am weighing thing. Maybe I am trying to judge whether they are still worth-friend called.
And, look Serena and Blair? Patrick and Spongebob? Even the bestest friend have their own quarrel. But, somehow they manage their personal issues, and turn it into something precious that they know they have to protect it until the end. No matter how hard it is to make up after big fighting, they surely did it, and come back into the dynamic duo.
You'll find your way to recognize what's good and bad from your friends. Don't give to keep trying and valuing your friendship. :) :)

October 28, 2011

The Old Lady

Yesterday was National Blogger Day, and yes. No posting at all. Not here, or here, or here. I guess I am the one who put writing as hobby, so I do it when I have time,and yesterday wasn't really good time (and also the day before, and the day before, and the.. oh, cut the crap)

But, here I am, start to writing, as something was bugging me this morning. I was starting this day by thinking about my late grandma. It's been three years since she passed away, and I should admit that her leaving which inspired me a lot to start this blog. That I want to legate something to my ancestries one day. The same reason why I haven't thrown away my old diaries, keep every pieces of old paper that I used to be drawn in high school, just because someday my great granddaughter will read it and laugh at me. Sounds to poetic? Maybe I read romance a lot, but I really want to do it.

So, back with grandma. Since I was baby, she (and grandpa) took care of me because my mom was full time working mother, and my dad worked out of town. Yes, I had a nanny then, but mostly they nurtured me by themselves. Grandma always said that I was grandpa's favorite grandchild, in the other hand she treated all of her grandchildren equally, and had no favorite (well, to be exact I had no idea, but she never showed it that way). Grandpa was my favorite too, but he had been sick since I was so young, and passed away when I was on eight grade, so I didn't remember him much.

Grandma is a graceful woman. She was beautiful and elegant. She was the one who taught me all the beauty tips. Don't forget to use body lotion. Apply balm on your lip. Use aloe vera in you hair. She is the opposite of my mom (grandma said to me once that mom is like grandpa a lot), while my mom is an ignorant, tomboy woman. No, I am not saying I don't love her, they both have their own character, and to be honest, I think I am more like my mother than my grandma. Bloodline, can't resist it, I guess.

With all the mess of my wedding arrangement, I perforce remember her. If she was still here, she will be the one who organize everything. She will take care everything, and maybe, maybe she won't let my mother and I interfere her. She, maybe, will annoy me with her choices, force me to agree in everything she plan, belittle my mother's opinion, and take everything under her control. But, I, in other case, is pretty sure that my mother and I will love it! We (mom and I) are the lazy one, we love handing every vocations to the third party. We don't wanna bother detailed things, and you know, it will be perfect if grandma could be here. After all, she did had a good taste, and I can use her against my mom. Ha!

Too bad, she couldn't. I remember when I was a kid, in our random conversation, I often told her that she should be with me when I graduate from college. Be there when I am jobless, and cheer when I finally get my first job. Go out and have dinner together from my first salary. Meet my fiancee, and assess him as if he is good enough for me. She had to make sure that I'll be perfect in my wedding day. She had to hold my hand when I deliver my first baby. My second baby. And the third baby. She should teach me how to change a diaper, take my child to feel the morning sun, and I even remember told her that she should make peace with mom for my children sake, and take care of them together.

I am sorry the she couldn't make it. She passed away three months before my graduation day. It was painful day, I was four hundreds and sixty three kilometers away and I had no idea what to do then. My dad notified me at 11 pm, and he said that I don't have to go home, because it will be no use. The next day bus is at 6 pm, and at the time they will have already buried her.

She didn't look sick. She looked old, of course, but for me, she was as healthy as teen. No one ever guessed, and everyone seemed surprised. My mother said, grandma was admitted to hospital a day before it because of asphyxiation, but doctor told them nothing serious. Doctor suggested one night stay to monitor her condition, and my mom agreed. Nothing happened that night, mom said grandma slept well, she could eat well, and didn't complain at all. At the morning, grandma asked mom to escort her to bathroom, and mom left her for about two minutes to take something and when she came back, grandma already passed away. I can't imagine how shocked my mom was, we even couldn't talk about that day after that. I forgot how many months had passed, when we were finally able to open up ourselves, and talked about that day.

So, I said to mom this morning, "If grandma was still here and assist us on this (my wedding preparation), I guarantee we'll have a lot of fights". Mom didn't answer,but I know she miss her too. We all do.

For my beloved grandmother, one of greatest person I've ever known. I am so blessed to know you, hope you rest in peace there.
Love, Dela

October 07, 2011

Foot Protection and Fashion

Every woman must have their heroine. Me, myself, love shoes very much. While it's so common, but I always reconsider my will to purchase some clothes or bag, and go buying a new shoes. Maybe it started from my limited allowance since high school, and then I talked to myself that someday I'll put aside a bit of my salary for having new shoes (and books, but we aren't discussing it now) every month.
Now, I am a working girl (or woman? It's so hard to decide whether I've already became a woman or not), I find some freedom of shopping. It's kinda out of limit sometimes, looking at many pretty, chic shoes around, I often unable to handle myself, and it usually ends by me, examining my saving balance devastatingly. But, with many local products and affordable products around, I am able to draw a sigh of relief. At least with Wondershoe, I am able to purchase two pairs of flat without feeling guilty. UP provide high class design and fabrics, with affordable price. Too bad,they often run out of materials, so some of their designs are discontinued. Payless Shoesources is a new girl in town. I don't know where this shop comes from (too lazy to google, sorry, you do it for me! :) ), but it supplies many good brands with various designs, and AFFORDABLE price. Again. Well, for middle class society like me, price is always been a priority for shopping consideration. :)

But, for shoes, comfort is always be a number one. For some people, having blister is a bless, but for me it's a big no. So, choose your shoes wisely, and happy shopping! Have a good Friday. :)

October 05, 2011

Find the Love in the Wild

Photo taken from here
So, I watched this dating reality show (yes and I kinda liked it. It was silly, a little bit shallow, lots of plot hole, but it entertained me) called Love in The Wild. The show was aired on NBC. Basically, it's like Bachelor or Bachelorette, but the show took place in the middle of Costa Rica jungle, which is I wasn't pretty sure that it's a real WILD JUNGLE, because there were many pretty cottages, pools, and whirlpools there, but you know, TV, we practically forced to believe everything that we saw on it.

I am not gonna discuss this show, or how it works, you go googling it! Haha.. The thing is I had rooted for this couple since the first episode, and they finally became the winner. The winner couple get to travels around the world. FOR FREE. So much for jealousy.

So, Mike and Samantha (the winner) started their world journey at September 25, and they are allowed to pick 10 itinerary, wherever they want, as long as it's still on Planet Earth. And, lucky me, they decided to blog about their journey. So, here I am, read their experience with envy, especially for Rome part. And, they just finished 3 spots!

Visit their blog to follow their travel, and feel the jealousy like I feel! :)

September 26, 2011

Another Blog?

So.. tell me this is so common, but I was influenced a lot by people wedding preparation blog. It's so fun reading them, and I start thinking, should I create one? I hesitate, because I don't have many times to write (especially now), but it must be pretty fun to have one, share with each other, or even when nobody come to read, I'll be able to come back to these moments, and remember it.

Well, I think I'll make one. I'll tell you the link later. :)



September 15, 2011

V 3 is about to come..

Do you know The Vampire Diaries show? I've been watching it since I don't know, and I have quite serious addiction to it. So, it makes me happy that season 3 is coming tomorrow!!!

Tyler Lockwood is the hottest guy in the world! Yippee!

September 14, 2011

See you next year, Ramadan!

So, although Ramadan is over, everybody should be agree with me, there were many special moments during it. Well, admit it, during Ramadan, you always feel belong to home, family and friends, not to be burdened by job, business, and tasks. How many of you created "buka bersama", gathered with family, and old friends? I was lucky that I got chance to meet my elementary school and high school friends. With time limitation, it was such a bless to be together with them all.

With high school friends. They're my classmate for two years, accelerated first class! 
With my elementary school mates! To be honest, it was the first time we had  reunion since we've graduated about  twelve years ago. It was fun, too sad not everyone was able to come, we even barely recognize each other, because we rarely meet. It was funny to remember all childhood memories and laugh it all.
These are my family. My brother, mother, aunt, and cousins. These were taken after Salat Ied in Ied Mubarak Day.
So, already feel blessed? I can't wait until next Ramadan, and hopefully it will be an enjoyable and blessed Ramadan again. :)

These pictures are not belong to me, except for Lebaran series. My two friends took them all. How lovely, isn't it? :) But editing part is all in me. Enjoy!

September 12, 2011


So, yesterday my very best friend told me that she was officially engaged! How could she hide everything behind me? And, in same funny way how I keep everything from her, because I wanna make sure everything is going well. All is well I hope, now everything we HAVE TO DO is tried not to tie a knot in SAME DATE. Help me, God.

September 09, 2011

Keeping Your Holiday Sane

Hola everyone. How's your Id Mubarak's holiday? I'd like to apologize if I've said or written some unpleasant or inappropriate things directly, or in this blog, or other social media.

Mine was pretty boring. I enjoyed first two days, but after that, things became so constant, time walked sooo slowly, until I had no idea what to do.
So, when holiday almost ended, I got this discussion with a friend. She tweeted why everyone (well, almost everyone) got mad when holiday ends, and they have to start working again. I forgot exactly what she tweeted,  she thought it's fun to have a holiday between your crowded job, but working is exactly keeping her sane. Well, the point was balancing your life.

I was responding to her by saying, that it isn't working who drive people mad when holiday's over. But, separating with your beloved one. Especially for people who have to work far away from their family, it's so hard to leave their hometown and start again in far far away land. Well, how about with some people who are able to go home every day to their family. Well, it's still separating from their family for a while. Working mom, working dad, they have to "left back" their children to the sitters. A wife should sacrifice her time for snuggling with her husband. And so on.

Yes, we should get back to the first purpose why we get working, but today's discussion is about people's grumbles when holiday ends. Not life's purpose. :D

And, I don't say that the working part take no part in this holiday end's complaints. They do take part, but in my opinion, it's much harder to leave your family than get working again.

Of course, it was just an abstract discussion in that early morning. And where it went? I believed it imaged me as a qualitative hard worker, who loves her family so much. Ha ha ha..

So, as human, I think it's quite normal that you're sad when holiday ends. But keep thinking about getting holiday forever.Will you enjoy it?

Happy Friday, have a good weekend and enjoy your holiday. :)

August 12, 2011

Written in the Past

I like to write. But there was a time, when I was addict in writing. It's not big deal, I only wrote journal. I used to brought my journal practically everywhere, so when something happened, or if there were important moments, I could write them in my journal. It's kinda like photographer and his/her camera, be ready for capturing every moments in life. That was me and my journal. At that time, there were only few people using mobile phone, no pad, no tab, no notebook. I used diary and pen.
Believe it or not, I even brought it to my high school sound festive. So, when I met someone that I liked (at that time!), I could write exactly how I felt. What he wore. Explained what surrounds us.
Re-read my past journal makes me remember how a person could take your breath away so easily. How you could break down and cry just because someone ignored you. And how happy you were, when you realized he was there, inside your viewing distance.
Re-read my past journal makes me wondering how geeky I was. Imagine, a weird girl, when her friends were busy chit chat, mingling around, she was too serious writing her journal. Creepy, huh? That explains why I didn't have many boyfriends at that time. :p
But I am not regretting it. I got a full box of my journals. I've been writing them since I was elementary school, but the most productive time in my writing life is high school. Yes, love can give you huge strength and great inspiration. Miserable love, specifically. I found that I loved to be miserable. More miserable my love life was, more creative I was. I put colorful ink, created some kind of scrapbook, attached some song lyrics.
I still write. Not so much, because of limited time. And limited inspiration. And when you can pour everything into blog or  twitter, you'll forget your classic journal soon. I still have one, half-full. And hilariously, when you look at my journal now, there are only two ink colors, black and blue. No photos, no song lyrics. I used to write a long story, but now I only write short once. My journal now is full of financial planning, monthly cash flow, how much I've spent this month, and what for. Or what I should do in a year, two years, three years later.
I am not ashamed with my journals. They are my life. They are me. Maybe some experience in it are creepy, some are laughable, some are sad, some are unbelievable. But whatever it is, it has brought me here. And I'm so grateful that I've decided to copy it into writings.

August 05, 2011

Picture Tells Thousand Words!

Lately I enjoy spending time by compiling pictures. Thought I'd like to share them here, but don't laugh at them. They're just bunch of silly pictures! :D

Mirror-Capturing Series :D

Random Narcissistic Series

Series to Toba

Training Series

Training (2) series

Birthday series

Tidung - Holiday series

Selabintana Series

Hobby Series (I try to explain that I love books, travel and food a lot! hahaha.. )
Hope you enjoy! Feel free to leave comments! :D

August 01, 2011

Bittersweet Birthday

I am about to post this one in Bahasa (well, I am gonna use mixed language, but most of them is in Bahasa). I apologize but I'll be back with English in my next post.

Jadi, Sabtu kemarin adalah ulang tahun gue yang ke 23 (sigh). This year I wasn't feeling anything. Maksud gue, tau gak sih perasaan deg-degan kalo hari ulang tahun mau datang? Do you feel it? Or is it just me? :D
Apa gara-gara udah mulai tua juga ya, jadi gak ngerasa ada special feeling? Atau karena kerjaan ya ridiculously super banyak?

Tapi ternyata hari Sabtu kemarin quite superb. Gue bingung sebenarnya, gue bahagia, tapi gue juga marah. Kesal. Sedih. So, this is the story.

Jadi pagi hari Sabtu, gue pergi sama Wulan ke Depok buat nonton Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows part 2. Yeah, poor us, in our hometown, there is no cinema. At all. But, why's so sad, when anywhere and anytime you can buy pirate dvd? :D
Perjalanan ok, macet dikit-dikit, since I thought everyone were going out welcoming Ramadhan. Singkat cerita, akhirnya gue sama Wulan sampai ke Depok, dimana Wulan's boyfriend sudah menunggu disana.

Eits, where's mine?

Hal pertama yang bikin gue kesal adalah ternyata cowok gue lagi nungguin cakes delivery yang gak dateng-dateng. Jadi, dia order birthday cakes gitu, janjian ketemuan jam 9, tapi sampe jam 11 orangnya masih di jalan. Oh my God, emang dia dari luar kota gitu?
I was so disappointed. Yeah, not my boyfriend's fault, but still... Masa gue harus ngintilin Wulan sama Teguh (cowoknya) kemana-mana sih? Yeah rite, akhirnya karena si orang kue gak dateng-dateng, gue akhirnya bilang ke cowok gue, just leave that cake and cakeperson, cause I don't give a damn about it anymore. Oh, silly, but I need him more than that stupid cake!

Akhirnya sang pacar datang, perasaan gue sudah mulai membaik, trus kita makan sambil tiup lilin! Dan buka kado. *grin*
Okay, I'll admit. I didn't blow the candle, we didn't even light it on. I just put the candle for the documentation use. :D

Stupid cake! But that's the sweet of him, bring me this!

The gift from my boyfriend. Thank you, Love!
Abis makan, nonton HPDH part 2. Been waiting this moment since... I don't know. Pertama nonton Harry Potter, adalah filmnya yang kedua, Chamber of Secret, bareng Wulan (yes, dimulai dengan Wulan,diakhiri juga dengan Wulan), waktu kelas 1 SMA, and we were 15 years old back then! Amazing right? It's been 8 years since the second movie, 10 years since the first one.

The film was good. Gue nangis di beberapa adegan, tapi sejujurnya untuk Battle of Hogwarts, imajinasi gue lebih liar pas baca bukunya. Hehe, a friend said, kalo misalnya mau nurutin imajinasi gue, filmnya mungkin baru dibuat tahun 2020! Tapi secara keseluruhan filmnya sangat menghibur, kecuali bagian akhir yang menurut gue sinetron banget. :D
Thanks buat Teguh yang mau bela-belain pulang kantor mampir dulu buat beli tiket ya!

Selesai nonton, kita makan lagi (oh my God), but this time is my treat. :D
Do you notice that my friend, Wulan, wears t-shirt with number "3" on it? It was her 3rd anniversary with her boyfriend! yeah, happy anniversary. Well, it should be my 2nd anniversary too, but I am not very sure when exactly my boyfriend and me started to date. :D He insists that it was July 30th, but I am not quite sure. :p

Selesai makan gue pisah sama Wulan, karena dia sama Teguh mau berangkat futsal (eh, am I right? Lupa gw, I didn't really pay attention), dan gue mau ke rumah cowok gue di daerah Kampung Rambutan. Nah, tibalah saat-saat menyakitkan itu dimulai.

Normalnya dari Depok ke Kampung Rambutan itu sekitar 45 menit. 1 jam kalo udah ditambah macet-macet dikit. Gue udah mulai curiga pas taksinya merayap terus gak abis-abis. Biasanya emang gak kayak gitu, malam Minggu sekalipun. Kecurigaan gue mulai bertambah saat liat ada truk bawa orang-orang berbaju putih ngibar-ngibarin bendera dengan tulisan-tulisan Arab diatasnya.
Awalnya gue mikir, oh, ini konvoi orang-orang yang mau pengajian. Biasa kan, mereka kalau konvoi mau datang ke suatu pengajian (yang habibnya dari Arab itu tuh), atau mau ada acara tabligh akbar, atau apapun, emang suka rada bikin macet. Tapi biasanya gak separah ini.

Dan jreng, jreng! Setelah dua jam macet, dan sampai ke suatu persimpangan, gue lihat apa sebenernya bikin macet. Jadi ada satu jalur jalan di daerah Tanjung Barat (dari Pasar Minggu arah ke Depok) yang orang-orang itu tutup, dan mereka ngadain pengajian disitu. Iya, di jalan raya. Literally gelar tiker di atas aspal. Nutup jalan, mengakibatkan arus yang dari Pasar Minggu gak bisa lurus langsung ke Depok, harus muter di putaran Rancho dulu. Dan, stupidly lagi mereka maksa buat bikin jalan Depok ke arah Pasar Minggu yang awalnya satu arah, jadi dua arah, padahal jalan itu dari Depok udah macet parah!

Gue gak tau yang mana yang lebih stupid, panitia acara itu apa yang ngijinin acara itu diselenggarakan disitu. I didn't take any pictures, BB gw sama pacar udah mati dari kapan tau. What the hell they are doing there? Maksud gue, apa mereka gak punya tempat lain yang lebih proper apa? Mesjid? Lapangan? Kenapa harus jalan raya yang notabene adalah milik orang banyak? Kenapa harus cari pahala dengan cara menyusahkan orang lain?

Gue sama sekali gak antipati sama pengajiannya, gw juga Muslim. Tapi kalau kayak gini caranya, jangankan mau ngambil hati yang non-Muslim, gue aja caci maki terus orang-orang itu. Mungkin gue emang gak ada keperluan ya, gw lagi gak in hurry, tapi gimana sama bapak-bapak yang abis pulang kantor pingin cepet ketemu istri anaknya? Gimana sama ibu-ibu yang capek diatas motornya? Gue mulai nangis, pas supir taksi gue ngomong (padahal sepanjang jalan dia diem lho), "saya baru keluar, setoran belum dapat sama sekali, dan ini udah hampir 3 jam..". How could they do this to us?

Tapi kan cuma sekali seminggu? Atau sekali sebulan? Yeah, right, jadi kalo misalnya cuma sekali sebulan, lo gapapa nyusahin orang gitu? Kalo cuma sekali sebulan, gapapa lo ngambil hak orang lain? Kalo gitu, ijinin aja koruptor keliaran, pencuri keliaran, dengan syarat mereka cuma boleh nyolong sekali sebulan. What's the difference, anyway?

Dan akhirnya gue sampai di Kampung Rambutan dalam waktu... 5 JAM. Itu pun dengan menyemangati bapak taksi buat ambil kanan masuk pintu tol di depan Gedung Antam. Di dalam tol, gue masih liat arah ke Pasar Rebo macet luar biasa, dan mungkin kalo gue gak masuk tol, gue bakal berakhir dengan nyampe subuh ke Kampung Rambutan.

It's silly. Gue bukannya menyesali kenapa ini semua terjadi di ulang tahun gue. Gue cuma mikir, kenapa masih ada sekelompok orang-orang bodoh yang berpikiran sempit seperti itu. Kenapa harus di jalan raya sih? Pingin dilihat orang? Trus apa bedanya sama riya? Gue benar-benar ingin melakukan sesuatu, tapi gue gak tahu harus apa. Posting ini yang cuma bisa gw tulis untuk ngasih tau ke orang-orang banyak apa yang terjadi.

So that was my birthday. Sweet beginning, bitter ending. Tapi gue masih bersyukur Allah udah menjaga gue selama 23 tahun ini, dan mudah-mudahan akan begitu terus selama tahun-tahun mendatang. Amin!
It's sign for 2 and 3, my age now. 23! I am getting old! :D

July 29, 2011

Lovely Leave (part 2)

Felt a bit sorry, because I don't plan this holiday very well, but I was quite satisfied with the result. I was only hanging in Jakarta and around after going back from Tidung. My next stop is Jakarta Book Fair in Istora Senayan. For me, it's like a heaven, seeing so many books from many publishers, sold with cheap prize, and good discount! I didn't take many pictures (of course, I was busy shopping, what do you expect?), and ended with, umm, okey.. a lot of books. Feel guilty, because even now I haven't finished all those books yet. But, anyway, why's so hurry? :)
My babies! Sorry for bad quality, I am not into photography, and only took this with BB camera. I have read The Da Vinci Code, but I couldn't stand to see that they sell its special edition with good price! :D I've read some of them, and as far my favorite is by Pandji. Inspiring book with a lot of touching quotes!
Actually I didn't buy Madre at the book fair, I got it delivered a day before, so I guess  it's still counted as holiday purchasing. :p The book is awesome, quite interesting, with an unique topics, but it will be better if we discuss it in another blog. :p

Along with the book fair, there were many events held at those weekend. There are Sound Festive, which presented Boyce Avenue. I was so tempted, but it's found later that I am too tired after spending time around, so I decided to go home. Buuut, before going home, I found JakCloth, a festive which presents local brands from Indonesia, held in Plaza Tenggara GBK. So, I thought, why not put a visit? :D

I didn't buy a lot, but quite impressed with a booth named Cotton Island. It sold many beautiful shawl, cardigan, wide leg pants, all made from cotton. Its price is affordable, and when I got there, they gave big discount. Yay!!! You can visit their shop here!
Wearing one of Cotton Island's shawl
Last day on my leave, I went to my best friend's wedding in Bogor. It was beautiful, decorated with pink and gray theme, I honestly never see people using pink in wedding before, but it's really cute. Meet some college friends there, what a perfect day! Wedding always bring me an extraordinary happiness, to see my friends grow up, and ready to start a new life, new challenge in their life!

Look at the pink ornaments behind. It was pretty. And they put a lot of pink and white roses everywhere!
Happy Wedding, friend!
Well, this is it! I guess I was having some fun, refreshed from all daily activities. Hope I can take another leave soon! And at this time, I'll make sure that I've planned it well.

July 25, 2011

Evil World

From the beginning, I know life is not always running well. There should be obstacles everywhere, every time. I've also known that people are not always be good. We've learned that people can be so evil, mean in their own way. That's all I've already learned, but when it comes down on me, it just bang! Like an unexpected event, with no sign, bad thing happens to me.

I really have no idea, why people can be so evil. When you think you've already done well, and even you've tried to achieve the best from you, there comes people who try to let you down, accuse you with something that you didn't do, spread bad word about you. How come they? There we go, to every human's weakness. Money. When it comes to money, it's like they can do whatever they like. They do everything without noticing, whether people they've blamed is have feelings, have family ( who hurt by their accusation).

Feels so sad about it, but lesson learned. I do believe in God, and I am quite sure that He will protect us, and treat us equally. So, until it comes, may the innocent be patient.

July 19, 2011

Lovely Leave (part 1)

After waiting for a year (with no holiday), finally I got permission for 10 day leave. I got many plans, where to go,what to do, too bad, because it's weekday, it's a little bit hard to get a companion. Thank God, my boyfriend was permitted to take a leave for two days, and with some friends, we went to Tidung Island in Kepulauan Seribu. It was so beautiful place, and most important is you can enjoy the trip with limited budget.

Bicycling around the island

At the bridge, which connects Tidung Island and Tidung Kecil Island

Guess, sunset or sunrise??

At the west dock, when first arriving in island
I stayed for two days and a night, it was tiring day, because we had all activities packed in two days! Bicycling, snorkeling, taking a walk around the island (you can visit the whole island by taking a walk, it's a tiny pretty island!). Well, I definitely want to come back the other holiday. :)
If you are interested, you can visit Tidung Island from Muara Angke port or Marina port. It takes about 2.5 hours to reach the island by ship. There are many travel packaging to there too.

I'll continue my holiday story in next post. Hope it won't bother you! :D