September 26, 2011

Another Blog?

So.. tell me this is so common, but I was influenced a lot by people wedding preparation blog. It's so fun reading them, and I start thinking, should I create one? I hesitate, because I don't have many times to write (especially now), but it must be pretty fun to have one, share with each other, or even when nobody come to read, I'll be able to come back to these moments, and remember it.

Well, I think I'll make one. I'll tell you the link later. :)



September 15, 2011

V 3 is about to come..

Do you know The Vampire Diaries show? I've been watching it since I don't know, and I have quite serious addiction to it. So, it makes me happy that season 3 is coming tomorrow!!!

Tyler Lockwood is the hottest guy in the world! Yippee!

September 14, 2011

See you next year, Ramadan!

So, although Ramadan is over, everybody should be agree with me, there were many special moments during it. Well, admit it, during Ramadan, you always feel belong to home, family and friends, not to be burdened by job, business, and tasks. How many of you created "buka bersama", gathered with family, and old friends? I was lucky that I got chance to meet my elementary school and high school friends. With time limitation, it was such a bless to be together with them all.

With high school friends. They're my classmate for two years, accelerated first class! 
With my elementary school mates! To be honest, it was the first time we had  reunion since we've graduated about  twelve years ago. It was fun, too sad not everyone was able to come, we even barely recognize each other, because we rarely meet. It was funny to remember all childhood memories and laugh it all.
These are my family. My brother, mother, aunt, and cousins. These were taken after Salat Ied in Ied Mubarak Day.
So, already feel blessed? I can't wait until next Ramadan, and hopefully it will be an enjoyable and blessed Ramadan again. :)

These pictures are not belong to me, except for Lebaran series. My two friends took them all. How lovely, isn't it? :) But editing part is all in me. Enjoy!

September 12, 2011


So, yesterday my very best friend told me that she was officially engaged! How could she hide everything behind me? And, in same funny way how I keep everything from her, because I wanna make sure everything is going well. All is well I hope, now everything we HAVE TO DO is tried not to tie a knot in SAME DATE. Help me, God.

September 09, 2011

Keeping Your Holiday Sane

Hola everyone. How's your Id Mubarak's holiday? I'd like to apologize if I've said or written some unpleasant or inappropriate things directly, or in this blog, or other social media.

Mine was pretty boring. I enjoyed first two days, but after that, things became so constant, time walked sooo slowly, until I had no idea what to do.
So, when holiday almost ended, I got this discussion with a friend. She tweeted why everyone (well, almost everyone) got mad when holiday ends, and they have to start working again. I forgot exactly what she tweeted,  she thought it's fun to have a holiday between your crowded job, but working is exactly keeping her sane. Well, the point was balancing your life.

I was responding to her by saying, that it isn't working who drive people mad when holiday's over. But, separating with your beloved one. Especially for people who have to work far away from their family, it's so hard to leave their hometown and start again in far far away land. Well, how about with some people who are able to go home every day to their family. Well, it's still separating from their family for a while. Working mom, working dad, they have to "left back" their children to the sitters. A wife should sacrifice her time for snuggling with her husband. And so on.

Yes, we should get back to the first purpose why we get working, but today's discussion is about people's grumbles when holiday ends. Not life's purpose. :D

And, I don't say that the working part take no part in this holiday end's complaints. They do take part, but in my opinion, it's much harder to leave your family than get working again.

Of course, it was just an abstract discussion in that early morning. And where it went? I believed it imaged me as a qualitative hard worker, who loves her family so much. Ha ha ha..

So, as human, I think it's quite normal that you're sad when holiday ends. But keep thinking about getting holiday forever.Will you enjoy it?

Happy Friday, have a good weekend and enjoy your holiday. :)