May 06, 2009


things went complicated.

life is full of choices.
it's really hard to make a right choice among lotsa choices.
thanks God if you get confuse among bad choices.
but, what should be done if you're facing many choices, which all is good??

tell me, how can we pick one from two choices, if we want to have both?
it's greedy, i know, but sometimes human's ego is too big to realize it.
we always want more, never realize that one is always enough.

and after we choose..
how do we know that we had made a right pick?


  1. Wah boso linggis...nggak ngerti aku hihi...

  2. Just follow the instinct dear..
    not the desire..

  3. that`s the woman`s things problem....
    We always be a greedy but that was so much fun when realize we have all that desire...
    The best way is just following our sense through the logic when its appropriate each other... And the solution will come up