January 06, 2011


I miss blogging a lot! It's been whole time, huh?? Sorry to make you wonder, but life happens. I've been so busy, developing my career, haha.. Studying hard, playing hard, and then I had no time to write. What an excuse! Yes, I am sorry... Even after this, I can't promise that I'll able to write as I used to be.

So, what's up with you? How's holiday? How's New Year? I have to admit that I had boring but happy New Year Eve. I never see New Year as special day, it's just an ordinary day in the beginning of the year. So I did nothing, just slept so late and watching House!! Oh, I love Gregory House, he is awesome! :)

I miss posting in my another blog too. I still read many books, but truthfully I was bit lazy to create some reviews. Hehehe.. Here's my reading list lately.

- Test Pack by Ninit Yunita. Old things, been reading it before, but still love it!
- Empat Musim Cinta, compilation by Adhitya Mulya, Okke Sepatu Merah, etc.
- The Tourist by Olen Steinhuer
- Basic Accounting by Libby/Libby/Short (hahaha... ignore it!!!!)
- Melisa 1,2,3 by S.Mara Gd

it's so late now! I have to say goodbye! see you!


  1. I'm glad you're back finally. :D
    I like reading your posts. keep blogging yah! hehehe

  2. wah ternyata sama2 pasiv ya...
    oke sekarang pakwow pindah rumah,,monggo berkunjung... ;)

  3. Whaaatttt???
    Basic accounting? Ini buat kerjaan yah? :D

    aku juga da 9 novel blum tak baca ini Del..
    SEMANGAT yaaa! ;)

  4. Hai la.. I really missed reading ur post. What's the new? Still learning the accounting I bet. Wow new thing but still u can handle it well, as usual. Succeed for ur carreer