December 07, 2011

Going with Rambling

Feel a little bit numb lately. I walked a day without knowing what I've been passing, it's like gazing through abstract exhibition, you've finished it but have no idea what you seeing.
I was sitting, hours by hours, trying to finish some unfinished business. And the worst of that is I keep forgetting what to do, my brain is rebelling, folders  of mind keep disordered.
I've been through worst. Been through worse moments than today. Should remember how to gain some strengths, some confidence, and I am not big fan of self motivation book. Screw them to tell us how to live. I do think everyone have different life, customized one, so none could generalize your life. I believe it's okay to complain sometimes. It's not like none has ever complained about their life, or job, or lovers. Complaints reminds us how lucky we are, to feel, to have own opinion, to be free to say something.
So, I am gonna hang on as long as I can. Moreover, I read somewhere, only the dead who have no problem. Really? I am one of people who believe life after death, theory which says that we are responsible of what we are doing now, assessed by good and bad things we have done. So, the dead sure still have some businesses down there, right?
I've rambled much. It is the result when you need a distraction from your super busy meaningless life. Some of them dancing, some of them singing, some of them reading. I am writing. And rambling.
Keep trying to make your life count. Do tell me how you cope when you think that your life feels so bored lately.

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