August 26, 2009

another update.

life is so much like roller coaster, right?

i mean, we'll never know what will we be someday, where we stand by, with whom, destiny, fate. it runs fast, faster, and suddenly everything seems so blur, we can't remember again any idea that we've planned before.
but i don't mind. i 've been learning that plan is not always be the first priority in life. somehow, we ruin it, we made mistake, we walk uneven, we forget the plan. just like now, i am writing here, no idea what must i am writing of, just type, type, and type, before they are exploding in mind and never had chance to be shouted out to the world.

oya, happy fasting for you, all Moslems.
suddenly, Ramadhan's coming, right?
It's my first Ramadhan in Jakarta, being alone again, adapting again, what a day. My first Ramadhan while working, i found it is fun, although some silly things can annoy me, and make me mad. and... just take a deep breath. i know i can made it, as four years ago when i had my first Ramadhan in Semarang, alone.

Nevertheless, i miss my mom already.

i miss Wulan too...
it's been long time since i met her for last time..
have i told you, this august is our 16th anniversary?
yipee.. we've befriended for 16 years! omigod,, it's a long time, huh?
i wish we can be that way forever, until her grandson call me "granny.." :)

another update.
i've been removed!!
hahaha.. seems my boss think it's better in many ways if i sit near him..hahahaha..
pssst, do not tell him, i don't think so, :)
however, i feel comfort in my new desk, but prefer my old one..

fellas,,,how're you doing?
tell me about your fasting, your new experience, and another bla..bla..bla..

PS. i lost my last cat.
she died because of sick.
hiks, home will never be the same again...


  1. Selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa ibu dela.. :-)
    Selamat juga yaa, sekarang udah naik jabatan yaa, jadi dapet new desk.. :-)

    sekalipun berpuasa di tengah pekerjaan, tapi harus tetap tersenyum yaaa.. :-)
    semoga kita semua diberi kemudahan oleh Allah... amien..

  2. hahahaha..
    selamat puasa jugaaa..

    aku ga nae jabatan ko, pindah aja.. :D

  3. Oh no! I'm so sorry about your cat, you must be devastated :(

  4. ola granny dela, :-)
    btw kalimat mu ngena buanget. hidup itu mmg spti naik roller coaster. slalu ad nego antara realita dan rencana. ndak mudah untuk slalu memenangkan rencana.

    btw turut bduka u kucingnya y bu del. cewe y? heuheu, betina ding. :-)

    slm u granny wulan. heuheu

  5. @cassey.. yes, i am!
    i love her so much! hiks.. ;(

    huaaa...kasi kucing baru dunk!
    itung2 hadiah ulang taon..hehehe..

  6. kmu pindah meja Na, aku pindah kantor...

    tp gapa ding, yang penting, "mak, aku naik pangkat"


    met puasa Na,,,