June 02, 2010

Disappointing Part of GSS Race

So, maybe some of you had heard that Diana Rikasari and Hanzky from Fashionese Daily are Indonesia's representative to participate in Great Singapore Sale Shopping Challenge in Singapore of course. I am a bit lazy to describe the mechanism, but you can read about it here and here.

What makes me so upset is when I read @fashionesedaily timeline at the race day. It mentioned about unfair play, cheating part, and incomplete solution. But, there was no more explanation, so I waited impatiently until both of Diana and Hanzky came back to Jakarta, and explain what had occurred there.

Uh-oh. It's really annoying. I won't tell full story here, but you can read it from Diana's blog and Fashionese Daily. Read it. I am suggesting you to read it. I can even feel their upset, anger, and sadness.

Well, for you, I really hope you can spread this story. You can write in blog, twitter, facebook, or other media. We have to prove that we are not weak country, whether it doesn't only related to Indonesia as one of participant, but the other participants who have followed race fairly. So, if you are person with integrity, honesty, and morality, please feel kindly to spread about the story. :)


  1. yes,,I've read it..feel bad about them too..
    but just take the positive part, they still won the 3rd place :P

  2. yeah i know about this !
    but you know, this is life.. i've experienced alot of unfair competitions in my life as well.. i always tell myself that at least i played/did the best I can ! i think its the experience not the price of winning that counts :)

  3. langsung menuju lokasi...

    happy weekend...

  4. iya ih nyebelin bgt sm panitianya n pemenangnya!!arrgghhh >__<

  5. hmmmmhhh ikutan jengkel bacanya :(

    tapi mereka udah melakukan yg terbaik ^^

    God knows who's right / wrong... :)

  6. Hemmm....
    Been a while but seems no gud news for Diana CS... :|

  7. I've read it too. GSS did unfair, yet Diana and Hanzky did their best..