June 16, 2010

Too tired, too lazy

No, I am not doing any hiatus or anything similar, but actually I am having my busiest week ever after two months of "vacation time" at home. It's been a week, and I can say that I should get my body adapting to my new condition.
First adaptation is getting busy of course. No infotainment time (but still I know what's going on between Ariel, Luna, and Farhat Abbas. And by the way, I miss watching Luna Maya on TV). No internet time (almost, I still able to steal time with my mobile). Well, I miss tweeting. I miss reading everyone's blab. I miss blogwalking. And I miss writing.

OK, I'll tell you. I am now officially employed! Hahahaha.. finally after two months of seeking. Well, this is my second company, so without underestimating my first company, I'll start making comparison. It's kinda hard, because my education background is completely different, so I have to begin all, everything from very first beginning, but it's alright. Learn something new, it's tiring, but honestly I don't even think that it'll be very interesting. Satisfied for this result, I'll try to get my best in my position now.

Can't talk much, because I have to prepare for tomorrow exam. Yes, exam, like old days, college days. But, once again, it's very interesting. Wait until I tell you more.
I'll visit your blog as soon as I have enough time. I predict that I'll be busy in next 2 weeks, so if I don't read yours, please apologize me. I promise, I'll come soon.

I miss you all. How's your life going? I wish you enjoy life. :)



  1. hai there Dela.. tetap semangatt yahh.. mine is good.. thanks for asking.. ^^

  2. Wah new template ya!
    it looks fresher.

  3. selamat menikmati posisi baru..semangatttt^^

  4. template baru..
    kerjaan baru juga..

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  6. Heeem... CONGRATS 4 d new job della ;)
    btw ru still in Jkt?
    Do swing by to CE, think u'll gonna luv my laz post :D

  7. wah jadi sepi donk blognya klo udh dpt job baru...
    ditnggu cerita selanjutnya ya...

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  9. waah udah jadi karyawan yaah :D enak deh kalo gajian traktir yah hehe

    blogwalking btw