July 03, 2010

Different Perspective

It's nice when I am able to spare sometimes for just sitting in front of my laptop, writing something while accompanying my boyfie watching Germany vs Argentina. I am on Germany team, of course, but too nervous to watch it by myself, scared if my favorite team lose, so I order my boyfie to watch it for me, although he is on Argentina team. :)

My life is okay. Rushing, yes. But I am happy. Meet many new friends, learn new things.

I'll tell you something. Some of my friends regret my decision to start working here. Just because it's totally different from my major. Well, if I don't appreciate them, maybe I'll just go and say, "Mind your own business, please." But, they are my friends. And I love them. so here it is, from the deep of my heart.

I have no regret in my life. For choosing this job. I believe life is learning process. It's a honor for me to be given chance for learning something new. And I believe, any major we've chosen, any lesson we've studied, and wherever you applied it, it'll be good for you if you do it completely. Sincerely. There no wasted knowledge. If I were cumlaude on my major, then I decide to be a house-wife, it doesn't mean I neglect my title, right? we have our own role, different in good way. So, maybe we have own perspective to see it, but you must know it. I never regret it. :)

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  1. hohohohoho,,,nonton bola kok takuut,,,
    sukses ya buat kerjaan barunya...
    aku uda ikutan giveawaynya....

  2. I'm on German team too, but never watch the whole match. I wish I had a bf to watch it for me, lol..

    I'm lucky with friends, they make my day a bit better than it is.