February 25, 2011

Time is Coming...

....whether we like it or not. There are things that couldn't be changed in life, one of them is farewell. Look at your life, how many person have you "leaved" behind, how many who have leaved their footprints, how many have you forgotten?

You can forget faces, you can forget names, but you can forget feelings. There are similar feeling shared before. Love, hate, sad, happy. When we observe what we had together at the past day, we'll smile and be grateful, how God has united all of us. 

Then we have to cope with new life, in very different places, away one from another. Then we realize how important our relationship are, how we managed it like it was ordinary things, but then turns into extraordinary one. It was our daily routine, like breathing air, something we seldom appreciate. Then we lost our oxygen, we just realize how essential it is. How our bonds are real.

....so as Sawamura says,"if separating make us stronger, then why not?"
So.. until we meet again?


  1. We don't know what we have till it's gone :)

  2. hemm...
    u broke up?
    Sorry if it sounds so direct.

    Anyhow hope this post isn't a farewel post..
    I enjoy reading here...