March 03, 2011

Simple Happiness

It's been a while since I was picnicking to somewhere else. Well, I used to be a traveler, but once again, I think I am too tired to do anything, because of full hectic weekday, and all I want to do is sleeping in my boyfriend's arm, watching some good movies at home, and having yummy meals. Am I missing going outside, traveling somewhere new, doing something extraordinary?
Yes.. but life happens.

When I first took this job, I really knew its consequences. Building career means you will be very very busy. When you are trying to reach a direction, you have to be focused. I often wonder, is it worth it? Am I sacrificing my life to be good, to be perfect in this job?

And, when I am going home early, I sleep early, I will think the way around. Am I  not good enough for this job? Have I tried hard?

For me, it's bit confusing to measure how hard you've tried to do your best. I want it work for both way. Some people say it's impossible to WOMAN, to get a good family life, and good career. Well, I'll try. I'll do my best for both way.

And friend asked, "If you're asked to choose? What will you choose? Job? Family?"

I am not going to make any judgement. Everyone should create their own happiness, decide what's matter for them. And for me, family comes first. I've thought it, even when I haven't built my own family. :) But again, it will be different for other people. For you, who choose career as your life choice, it's good for you. (and I am not being cynical). Screw them, who tell woman is created to be home, and take care family. It's a happiness for me, but you.. yeah, you, should decide and grab your own choice.

I see many happy career woman around me. I see many working mother, struggling hard to feed their family, and also are happy. And also, I see many happy housewives. So, everyone could be happy, right? :)

Well, wish the best for you all, have a happy life. Don't forget to be happy, because happiness matters!!!

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  1. You deserve a happy life, dear. Circumstance may be so mean to us, but happiness is a choice.