April 11, 2011

little worm are here again

Thanks God, finally got my reading passion back after few weeks just crawling lazily in my bed, watching some tv series ( I am addicted to The Vampire Diaries now! *blame Dela Arundina*). So, got myself few books, which will be reviewed in  my blog soon. I love, love, love Fira Basuki's work, I have read Kapitan Pedang Panjang, gonna work its review soon, and can't wait until I receive Astral Astria and Paris Pandora from Vixxio. Read some Meg Cabot's too lately, I love Mediator series! It's way cooler then Princess Diaries, I adore how great Cabot's imagination is! And Heather Wells series, who thought that Meg Cabot is an expert in writing detective story? It's not a Hitchcock's, but I bet you'll love it! :D

So, wait for some reviews soon! Visit the other blog to read them!

Have a good life!


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  1. oh buku jg selalu jd godaan buat aku, semuanya pengen dibaca :p