April 20, 2011

Not a Hate Letter

Before reading my post, I emphasize you all, that it is not hate letter. I only have deep concern to this thing.

So, everybody should know UP, a new brand of shoes, created by Diana Rikasari, focused in creating cute and lovely wedges. First I opened its website, and saw their collections, I fell in love. They were lovely, cute, versatile. UP become every girl's favorite in an instant, in a second they receive a lot of order, with the result that I always face "overload capacity" status in the website.

Well, finally, I got a chance to order one of the cute wedges, called Pandora Nude. I made payment on April 1th 2011, confirmed it, and got verified at this day. Then I wait, wait, and wait.

This morning, I opened their website, and tracked my order.
The result is..

Well, dear UP, why's my order status still IN PRODUCTION? If I calculate WORKING DAYS from April 1th ( working days is Moday-Saturday ), it's been 16 days, right?

I feel disappointed. I've already mentioned them in twitter, and emailed them, and I got very humble replies. They said sorry for order's delay, and gave me 20% discounts for next purchase. But the thing is I've planned to wear it on my cousin's wedding at April 23th, and now, I feel like I shouldn't hope that high.

Dear UP, you promise your every customer, that they will get their wedges done in 7-14 days. But I don't see it happens to me. Maybe I am only little customer, who only buy a pair, but don't you think your customers should get similar satisfaction? I am so disappointed. I know you should handle a lot of order in short time, with limited capacity, but please, please,keep your promise to your customers.

I am not trying to pull any tensions, I just share my experience. And I don't encourage people not to buy UP, they have such as beautiful wedges, and (from what I heard, because I haven't received my own UP) very comfy ones. They still can make improvement to make their services better than this.

Thank you.

Finally it's ON DELIVERY. After several explicit emails and tweets (because they weren't still able to give EXACTLY DATE when my shoes will be delivered), and finally I had to give firm threat that I would ask them my money back (usually I don't do this. As long as I shop in ONLINE SHOP, it was my first time to ask refund of money), finally when I opened their website, I found it's on delivery. Well, 21 working days, counted from my payment confirmed in April 1st. I appreciated their replies, email, humble discount offers, but still feel sorry that they have abandoned their customer like this. Now, let's wait the wedges to see if it's worth to be waited for this long.


  1. I like these types of different Letters.
    Thanks for sharing your post and it was superb.

  2. hopefully the wedges have arrived and are worth all your trouble. i've ordered some wedges from them too, it also came a week late, but i was happy with their product when it came.