May 30, 2011

Way Too Dramatic

I love being dramatic. This is who I am, a drama queen, who like to magnify all small things happen in life. But then I grow up, then realize that I am not a center of universe anymore. People around me are different, they have priorities, duties, more important to just listen my drama whinning and complaint.

So, I try to change. Of couse, I can erase this drama thingy, it still happens, but only to CLOSEST person in my life. Image is important, when you try to work in a team, make sure you're not acting like spoiled brat. It's cute when you're 17 or something, but c'mon, how old are you now?

I remember in college, everyone is ready to assist me. My problem is also their problem, and everbody seems so nice. People unite to solve one difficult problem, and I am safe. When first I step into business world, the first thought in my mind is friends at office are not as nice as friends at college. They measure things, when people at college freely help us. I felt exhausted at the beginning.

But then, then, then.. I realize something. My friends at office, they do try to act nice, but sometimes they just don't have time. They can't help me because they have more problems than I have.

So, time to grow up, everyone! :D Be strong!


  1. miss your posting,la...
    People grow up. People have to be persistance and time to decide something. Decide the best thing for their life... And sure you can do that,la.. Semangat yahh

  2. makasih gan infonya dan sangat menarik