May 06, 2011

Acted like 17 while..

1. Angry with my mom. My mom has some fun when teasing on me, but sometimes I became sulky when she did it. It was childish, buuut... well, her teases always drive me crazy.

2. Hanging with my boyfriend. Well, I am the spoiled one in our relationship, but it seems like he does like it in its way, so let it be! :D

3. Watching some cheesy TV series, then talk about it with my friends. Lately, I was addicted with some TV series, like The Vampire Diaries, Glee, and House. Really great distraction for my reading hobbies (sigh). And, suddenly I become a shipper! You know, someone who really loves to pair two characters from the TV series. It's not soooo mature, I am a bit shy to admit it. Well, my favorite one is Finchel from Glee, and Forwood from TVD. Oh, such a kid's job, huh? Well, you have no idea how enthusiastic we talk (me and my friends, who are shippers too), if we had watched recent episodes of whatever then discussed it. Silly, it was like we are not 23 or 24 something (oops), but teenage girls, who screamed against their favorite movie stars. :D


  1. wow... so you're addicted to Glee... ^_^

    Well i am with CSI ... ^_^

  2. Well.. Same here.. this TV serials really keep me away from boosk :|