August 12, 2011

Written in the Past

I like to write. But there was a time, when I was addict in writing. It's not big deal, I only wrote journal. I used to brought my journal practically everywhere, so when something happened, or if there were important moments, I could write them in my journal. It's kinda like photographer and his/her camera, be ready for capturing every moments in life. That was me and my journal. At that time, there were only few people using mobile phone, no pad, no tab, no notebook. I used diary and pen.
Believe it or not, I even brought it to my high school sound festive. So, when I met someone that I liked (at that time!), I could write exactly how I felt. What he wore. Explained what surrounds us.
Re-read my past journal makes me remember how a person could take your breath away so easily. How you could break down and cry just because someone ignored you. And how happy you were, when you realized he was there, inside your viewing distance.
Re-read my past journal makes me wondering how geeky I was. Imagine, a weird girl, when her friends were busy chit chat, mingling around, she was too serious writing her journal. Creepy, huh? That explains why I didn't have many boyfriends at that time. :p
But I am not regretting it. I got a full box of my journals. I've been writing them since I was elementary school, but the most productive time in my writing life is high school. Yes, love can give you huge strength and great inspiration. Miserable love, specifically. I found that I loved to be miserable. More miserable my love life was, more creative I was. I put colorful ink, created some kind of scrapbook, attached some song lyrics.
I still write. Not so much, because of limited time. And limited inspiration. And when you can pour everything into blog or  twitter, you'll forget your classic journal soon. I still have one, half-full. And hilariously, when you look at my journal now, there are only two ink colors, black and blue. No photos, no song lyrics. I used to write a long story, but now I only write short once. My journal now is full of financial planning, monthly cash flow, how much I've spent this month, and what for. Or what I should do in a year, two years, three years later.
I am not ashamed with my journals. They are my life. They are me. Maybe some experience in it are creepy, some are laughable, some are sad, some are unbelievable. But whatever it is, it has brought me here. And I'm so grateful that I've decided to copy it into writings.


  1. i like to write too, and i like to read them later on, to remind my how i was :D

  2. I just found my journal about 7 years ago..
    It's funny reading it again..

    Sometimes I miss those old days when I have lots of time to write..