November 18, 2011

Crafty Missy Etsy

Inspired by a friend of mine, I got a new hobby now! Etsy! I can't believe how I've been missing Etsy for this time. I've known it for long time,but I am not interested in that, until... yesterday. A friend of mine made some purchases, and I started to browse through their collection, and they are all fabulous.
Still have no intention to buy something, but looking so many cute things make me happy! So, these are some things that I've been favoring.
Bird Nest Ring Bearer

Handmade Rustic Journal
Antique Victorian Gold Emerald Cut Pink Tourmaline Ring
Harry Potter Golden Snitch Watch Necklace
Blue Vintage Clutch. I want this one!!!
Silk Clutch in Ivory
Kitchen Art Italian Pizza Chef
All pictures taken from

Ah, beautiful stuff can make us happy, can't them? Etsy makes me happy! Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. What an elegant hobby! You can be famous and get rich with artistic stuff. :D

  2. I like the silk clutch in ivory.
    Aaaah Della if I buy plenty things, it's all ur fault! :))