December 22, 2015

#YogyaSoloTrip : Where To Go (part 2)

I know when we say we don't have any time, and some other motivational people say, "then make some!". Yeah, pretty well not gonna happen. At least since a month ago, I've been at non-stop working mode. But, gonna finish my Yogyakarta post, because it was too worthy to be skipped, and I really want to have some memory to be read in the future. So, I am skipping my nap time (I have nap time, seriously I am gonna faint if I don't) and write this post.

Last post is me in Taman Pintar Yogyakarta. The hardest thing, after all the time, I only remember vaguely, details be gone. But I do remember that after that, I went to Taman Sari. It's accidental, actually. I was going to go to Prawirotaman to have some lunch, I remember they have many nice cafes and restaurants, then I walked across Jalan Taman. Never been to Taman Sari before, and it turned out very interesting experience. Ticket price is cheap, I forgot, it's about five or six thousands rupiah. When I entered the gate, a man came and asked if I was alone and whether I need a guide or not. To be truth, I was a bit intrigued because I really wanted no company. But he turned out to be a nice company and quite good photographer (ha!). Learned some things about Taman Sari from him, but I forgot most of details so you better google it. And I really had no idea there is some underground mosque beside the bathing area, so I was so grateful that I accepted his offer.

Near Keraton, when I walked through the city

Keraton was closed because Jumat prayer
I secretly love how I was able to find this kind of gate across the city.
Taman Sari
Bathing area, they had separated bathing area for princess and Sultan.

Way to underground mosque
I was very satisfied with the trip. For lunch, I went to a nice restaurant/art shop called Kedai Kebun, located in Tirtodipuran. Nice ambiance, tasty food. I really had no idea about the art, but I spent some time there.

They have various choice of healthy food and sugarless juice.

While I was walking through the city from morning to afternoon, I decided to take TransJogya for my way home to Pawon Cokelat. Spent whole afternoon in my hostel and took a little walk to Gudeg Yu Djum after night came. After all Jalan Wijilan is not that far from my hostel.

Best gudeg in town!
Love every bit of my me-time/short vacation and wondering am I able to experience it again? Hope so someday yah. :)

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