January 04, 2017

Last Vacation in 2016

We had pretty nice and laidback vacation in December. It's unprepared and sudden, we just booked our apartment via airbnb a day before. We didn't have proper itinerary and my husband doubt our rental apartment, just because we never went to bagian utara Jakarta before. I had a gut, a good one, about this place, but we had no idea it turned out to be better than we thought.

It was our first experience using Airbnb, simply because I would like to have kitchen in our vacation, so I could prepare something easy and simple for Zafran. Some hotels has kitchen in it, but we cannot afford the rate. Fortunately, our host was wonderful, the apartment was clean, nice and comfortable. You can find him in Airbnb using name Wolfry. Sorry, too lazy to find a link.

At first, we thought of Bandung. But everyone went to Bandung, we couldn't imagine how packed it would be. Then, husband should come to office in Tuesday, so Jakarta it is. We planned to go to Sea World, and Taman Mini, maybe to Ragunan or IKEA?

Turned out our apartment is located near Baywalk Mall and the ambiance is pretty good. Zaf looooved walking in their awesome park (it's so beautiful), and I loved walking inside the mall (of course). Many restaurants inside and outside the mall, so in the end, we had a laid back staycation and didn't go anywhere beside Sea World.

At the last day, we went to Kuntum Farmfield in Bogor, it was our third time so I let my husband and son went inside while I was waiting outside.

It was pretty good... hopefully we'll experience better one in 2017.

Happy New Year, you all!

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  1. Cmiiw, jadi sarapan itu teteh yg bikin?? Woow... (setelah berabad baru buka blog)