January 09, 2017

Today is.

I thought today would be hard. Zafran's back to school after two weeks holiday. Wake up early, my son was asleep, how couldn't he? Last night, we just fell asleep at 11 pm. Overstimulated weekend. And by we, I mean Zafran and my husband, while I couldn't sleep until 00.30 am.

But, it turned out to be easy morning. Yes, waking up Zaf almost seemed like a miracle, but finally he wake up at 7, took a bath without complaint and spent a bowl of oatmeal with peas and carrots! Even, it won't be this easy in an ordinary day. We took off at 7.30, said goodbye and I went on my run.

It was good run. I took two weeks hiatus during school break, because I literally had no time for myself while taking care of my son. Had a nice coffee after, downloaded second episode of Sherlock, scrolled internet, read about Golden Globes. Meryl. Viola. RYAN GOSLING AND EMMA STONE. Ryan Renolds and Andrew Garfield kiss. Hugh Laurie. Tom Hiddleston. So many feelings.

Took off from Zaf's school at 11, and he looked tired and sleepy, he didn't even have lunch and went straight to bed. I watched Sherlock while cooking chicken and string beans. That was an insane episode, geez.

So, today is good day after all. Yes, in the afternoon I was so tired, but after all it is a good day.

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