June 13, 2017


So, I've been assigning myself a reading chore. I was a heavy reader back then, but as life happened, social media happened and everything else, I rarely read anymore. Or limited myself to something light and entertain. Some metropop or chicklit.

But then, I made time. And Big Bad Wolf happened. Hah, I was quite unsure that I only joined the hype and people often said that they haven't had time to read the books they bought in Big Bad Wolf so I only purchased few. But, somehow an online shop in Instagram offered a big deal of Century Trilogy. I was baffled and hesitated. I was asking myself whether I was ready to commit myself, because reading a trilogy of nearly-1000-pages is hard chore for me, who is housewife, yes,  but I am having three years old kid!

The second point is the book is in English. I read Ken Follet's before and even in Bahasa, I found it overwhelmed and confusing, so many characters and place, old English, Welsh vocabulary. I didn't know whether Fall of Giants have been translated, and once again it was a good deal, three books for only 200k. So I braced myself.

It was a month ago, and now I am on book three! I have no regret, first book is stunning, I almost couldn't stop myself reading it. The second one is harder, there are many left wing-right wing discussion, I had to google differences between Communist and Fascist but I finished it anyway. Now, I am having third book and they already talked about Berlin Wall. Okay, way to go Ken Follet!

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