August 20, 2017

Dear God...


TOO MANY THINGS HAVE HAPPENED. I think I've been overstimulated. Oh, and coffee. Is a bitch. Not really, it was pretty good but now I am still awake.

God. How reality sucks. I mean, there are many things I should be grateful for. Healthy life. Healthy family. Good food. Premiere of The Defenders. But when you become adult, practically everything  sucks, doesn't it? Or am I becoming a cynic?

I must be rambling. Tommorow, or next month when I read this post, I am going to decide if I have to delete it because it is so embarassing. I never delete a post. EVER. Oh. That was one time I post something about a life of a friend. Didn't mention her name but still she objected it, so I removed it to draft. Still haven't deleted it, I think, I'll consider to repost it sometimes. I guess it'll be fine since she never read my blog again. I think.

So, I have to wake up at 5. Now 2.45. Sucks. I planned to go running in the morning but I have no idea whether I'll be able to. One day when my son gets older and he reads my blog, will he think that I was an incompetent mom? Struggling to get a sleep while he needs to be fed in the morning?

I have to put my phone away. Yeees, I've done it before. So many times. But still can't sleep. Let's do it again. One more time.

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