July 18, 2008


gw ga percaya..

ada yang berhasil ngegeser kedudukan Harry Potter sebagai seri fantasi nomer satu di hati gw..

first, gw lagi ngunjungin site-nya Sitta Karina (one of my most fav author) and I saw her "pick up of the month"..
It was TWILIGHT, by Stephenie Meyer..
honestly, I'd never been heard that name before, but Sitta gave review which could make other people wanted to know..
So did me..

Jadi..gw pergi ke toko buku, whether I had no idea about this book..
When I started to read it.. I was amazed..
WOW! yup, only "WOW" world could imagine what I felt..

Unique theme (vampire, I bet you wanna think, it's a kinda boring vampire, but I swear, it don't!!!!), great imagination (werewolf, oh yes, there's werewolves in the sequel..wait, have I told you twilight is series???), beautiful romance ( Bet you won't find it in Harry Potter...uhm, ok..maybe a little), lot of love, adventure, and puzzle..

Finally, Edward Cullen will make you unsleepable before you keep the book done.. (especially, for the girls, WATCH OUT!!!)

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