July 07, 2009

someone's crying

i've been issued to post at last three days, but i don't know, maybe something went wrong on this blogger, so i couldn't post anything, i even couldn't give any comments. but, however, i found it have worked again, so taraaa.. here my new post, hehehe..

nothing special in this few days, except one. i found someone cried. sounds ordinary?
it's a man.
still sounds nothing.
i told you, the man whom i'd like to tell you about is a tough man. strong enough. rigid one. i've known him for five years, and i always found him as a great man.
and one day, bum! i saw him crying.

crying with fragile. such as a boy who lost his sweets or candies, whether he has prepared to eat them. i saw him bursting into tears until i found myself get harder to breath. it's so unusual. it's unbelievable.

and the caution is..


i should guess it before.
why love can't bring happiness as it should bring, but only confusion, sadness, and any other unthinkable things that shouldn't exist on earth, for heaven sake?
i will never understand.


  1. Love is like a roller coaster !

    u saw him cried for love but i bet he must've laughed out loud for LOVE :)

  2. setuju....

  3. del, mo promosiin blog ibuny ank2 ni..mampir-mampir y


    smngt menuliiissss....

  4. yahh..namax jga manusia..psTi suaTu saat bisa nangiss...apalgi kLo daH srg dipendam perasaaNx..

  5. @eka...
    iya, aku pernah liat dia ketawa gara2 cinta juga..
    what a love!

    @ saga..
    iya.. i've visited her before.
    ibunya anak2..

    @ chie.
    makhluk yang lemah..