July 03, 2009

welcome, july!

finally july is coming.

i'd like to tell you that i am relieved. june is over, dear, and my heart beat faster, impatiently, to know what will happened in july.
this month i am turning 21 (hwaa.. 21, people? can't you imagine that? i feel sooooo old!), and there are many things that hopefully change.

have i told you that lately i've been becoming movie-freaker?
it shouldn't happen, i always be busy, no times for myself, and you must not believe. i did no shop previous month! at all! (uh, well..that body shop sale, but can we miss it? it's sale, and the thing is i didn't buy any shoes or dresses or some wardrobe thingy! i really had no time!)... but, there was always spare time to new movie. i even sacrificed my bedtime only for going to cinema! incompétents, non?
i've realized it when someday, my girlfriend asked me hanging to cinema, and i was such as "eh-what should i watch? i've already watch this, this, and this..". hellow...??? huhuhu, it's so ridiculous if you can't go to cinema just because you have no idea what to see!

after all,
Suddenly, wanna eat pizza!
ngidam, huh?

anybody? who want to deliver pizza with extra cheese for me?


  1. del, turning 21 kok ndak traktir2 ?
    lemburan DVO kan ndak kecil, kirim2 atuh pizza ke UIN. ad sy sm pak wahyu yg siap menghabiskan..

    nb. ngidam? mw puny ank tu bu.. dah USG blum? huahuahua..

  2. welcome july...
    (i'll be waiting for aug)

    Welcome august...
    (i'll be waiting for sept)

    Welcome Sept...
    (i'll be waiting for oct)

    Welcome Oct
    (finally i graduate...!!!)

  3. @risang..
    jadi ikut merasakan kebahagiaan kamu..hee..

    ulang taonnya masi lama kaleeee...