November 23, 2009


okay, everyone.
i got great and perfect weekend.
it's simple one, exactly, i just crawled and spent whole day with my bf, watched some old good movies, craved pizzas, and did nothing!
but, i think it was so enjoyable, beside i had pretty busy and hectic week before, and i felt so mad about it, so i decided movies would be good refreshment for me.

and it worked!

here the movie list i watched yesterday.

1. The Core (2003). i've already watched it almost 5 years ago, but i want my bf watch it too. the movie is infamous, less than any disaster movie, such as Deep Impact, Armageddon, or 2012, but i think, it's pretty good, and presented different plot from any other.

2. Shakespeare in Love (1998). i thought it will be boring, but surprise! we laughed almost whole time! it's funny, tragical comedy, however Joseph Fiennes is so cute! :D

3. B-13 (2004). you maybe have watched the sequel, B-13 Ultimatum.

4. Pay It Forward (2000). i remember i had read the novel when i was in high school, and i cried all day long! i was so mad about unhappy ending, but it was beautiful novel. and surprisingly, so was the movie.

5. Ghost Town (2008). it should be comedy, but i slept in half movie, so had no idea about its ending. haha...

6. Heroes Season 3 Volume 4: Fugitives, all series! it spent 8 hours to finish it! ahaha, i love these series sooooo much! it had unexpected ending, something did happen to Sylar, i don't want to spoil it all! i can't wait til i can continue with volume 5. be patient!

haha.. it's so unimportant post, i am sorry for spamming it.
i was so happy yesterday.
how about you, people?

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